October This Day In History

Important News Stories From Each Day In October This Day In History together with the year

October 1st :
1908 The Ford Model T introduced to the public
1910 Los Angeles Times building is bombed
1918 Lawrence of Arabia Forces capture Damascus from Turkish forces
1946 Mensa Created
1962 First Broadcast Of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
1964 Shinkansen network of high-speed railway lines opens in Japan
1971 Walt Disney World Resort Opens Orlando
1975 "Thrilla in Manilla" match Muhammad Ali beats Joe Fraser
1982 Epcot Opens Orlando , Florida
1985 Brixton Toxteth and Peckham Riots In UK
2005 Suicide Bombers Strike Bali
2009 Earthquake Sumatra

October 2nd :
1944 Warsaw Uprising Ends
2005 Ethan Allen capsizes on Lake George

October 3rd :
1955 "The Mickey Mouse Club" begins on ABC
2002 Sniper Attacks "Beltway Sniper." Washington DC

October 4th :
1927 Work Begins On Mount Rushmore
1957 The Space Race begins with Sputnik Launch
1970 Janis Joplin, is found dead
2002 John Walker Lindh is sentenced to 20 years

October 5th :
1962 Beatles Release First Single "Love Me Do"
1999 Train Crash Paddington, London

October 6th :
1926 Babe Ruth sets new record
1927 "The Jazz Singer" Premiers
1973 Yom Kippur War / Arab Israeli War Begins
1981 Anwar Sadat Assassinated

October 7th :
1919 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines of the Netherlands is founded
1959 Southend Pier Fire
1982 Musical "Cats" Opens On Broadway
1985 Achille Lauro Hihack
1985 Tottenham Riots London, England

October 8th :
1969 Days of Rage riots in Chicago
2004 Martha Stewart Found Guilty and Sentenced

October 9th :
1936 Hoover Dam Starts Producing Electricity
1967 Che Guevara Executed
2006 Google announces the purchase of YouTube

October 10th :
1913 The Panama Canal joined the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific ocean
1957 World's First Nuclear Accident Windscale

October 11th :
1921 Sleeping Sickness Deaths Increase
1968 Apollo 7, is launched from Cape Canaveral
1975 Saturday Night Live premiered
1982 The Mary Rose Raised In The Solent

October 12th :
1931 Johnny Weissmuller is chosen to play Tarzan
1962 The Columbus Day Storm strikes Northern California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia
1978 Sid Vicious Arrested For Murder
1984 Conservative Party Conference Bombing Grand Hotel in Brighton
2000 The USS Cole attacked by two suicide terrorists

October 13th :
1958 Paddington Bear Books Released
1960 Nixon - Kennedy Debate TV
1966 Strict New Apartheid Laws Take Effect In South Africa
2005 Apple introduce new iPod

October 14th :
1947 Chuck Yeager becomes the first person to fly faster than the speed of sound breaking the elusive "Sound Barrier", His X-1 rocket plane
2006 United States population reaches 300 million

October 15th :
1924 Chinese Tong Wars in New York
1928 "Graf Zeppelin" completes it's transatlantic flight from Europe to America
1940 Charlie Chaplin's satirical comedy The Great Dictator opens
1973 Iceland / Britain Cod Wars
1987 The Great Storm of 1987 Strikes UK
2003 Staten Island Ferry Accident

October 16th :
1978 Pope John Paul II Elected As New Pope
1991 Killeen, Texas Massacres
1995 Million Man March

October 17th :
1931 Scarface Al Capone found guilty of income tax evasion
1943 415-km Thailand Burma railroad ( Death Railway ) between Bangkok, Thailand and Rangoon, Burma is completed
1968 Black Power Salute Olympics
2003 Taipei 101 become the World's tallest highrise building

October 18th :
1898 The us takes formal possession of Island of Puerto Rico
1922 The British Broadcasting Company Is Formed
1954 Texas Instruments announces the Regency TR-1 Transistor radio
1968 Bob Beamon breaks the world long jump record In Mexico

October 19th :
1947 US minimum wage of 40 cents per hour

October 20th :
1955 Final Book Of The Lord Of The Rings Published
1973 Sydney Opera House Opens
1991 Oakland Firestorm

October 21st :
1879 Thomas Edison invented a commercially practical incandescent light
1944 First Japanese Kamikaze Attack
1966 Aberfan Disaster buried a junior school in Aberfan, Wales
1986 Antarctica scientists have been studying a huge hole that has appeared in the earths ozone layer over Antarctica

October 22nd :
1910 Dr. Crippen Convicted Of Murder
1914 First Income Tax Laws
1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
1983 London CND March
2002 Washington Sniper claims his last victim and Arrested

October 23rd :
1915 Suffrage Movement March In New York
1941 Dumbo is released
1963 "Doctor Who" Appears On British TV
1989 Phillips 66 Chemical Complex Explosion Houston, Texas
2002 Fifty Chechen rebels storm a Moscow Theatre taking 7,000 hostages

October 24th :
1929 Wall Street Crash ( Black Thursday )
1931 George Washington Bridge opened
1945 United Nations is formally established
2003 Concorde makes its final commercial passenger flight

October 25th :
1944 Japanese deploy kamikaze suicide bombers against American warships
1952 The Mousetrap Opens In London's West End
1970 Pacific Glory Disaster

October 26th :
1956 Hungary October Revolution

October 27th :
1904 The New York subway opens
1970 Controlled Substance Act Becomes Law Outlawing Cannabis, marijuana, heroin and LSD amongst many others

October 28th :
1929 Wall Street crash ( Black Monday ) Through The Next Week
1942 Alaska Highway (Alcan Highway) Completed
1965 The Gateway Arch St. Louis, Missouri is completed

October 29th :
1927 Italian Liner Mafalda Sinks
1948 Donora Pennsylvania Deadly Smog Cloud
1956 Israel Invades Egypt
1969 The first host-to-host connection over the ARPANET ( predecessor of the Internet ) is made when the first message is sent between two computers at University of California, Los Angeles
1986 M25 Completed In UK

October 30th :
1938 War of the Worlds Radio Play Causes Mass hysteria
1974 "Rumble In The Jungle" Muhammad Ali Vs George Foreman

October 31st :
1941 The Mt. Rushmore sculpture is completed
1956 Suez Canal Crisis
1984 Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was gunned down outside of her home by Sikh extremists
These are only a few of the stories included this day in history pages for each day in October ,

Public Domain Photos

The year is not always the year of the photogaph but the year where you will find it on that day in history page

1st October Public Domain Photos :
Lawrence of Arabia 1918 General Francisco Franco 1936 Dr J Robert Oppenheimer 1954 President Abdel Nasser 1970 CN Tower 1976 Ross Perot 1992 2nd October Public Domain Photos :
Thurgood Marshall 1967 Rock Hudson 1985 4th October Public Domain Photos :
Marilyn Monroe 1954 Indira Gandhi 1977 Sputnik 1957 5th October Public Domain Photos :
R101 Airship 1930 Machine Gun Kelly 1933 Berlin Wall 1962 Tom Delay 2005 6th October Public Domain Photos :
Babe Ruth 1926 The Jazz Singer 1927 Muhammad Anwar al Sadat 1981 Bette Davis 1989 Slobodan Milosevic 2000 7th October Public Domain Photos :
Learjet 1963 The Jazz Singer 1927 Muhammad Anwar al Sadat 1981 Bette Davis 1989 Slobodan Milosevic 2000 8th October Public Domain Photos :
Martha Stewart 2004 President Bill Clinton 1998 Solidarity Trade Union 1982 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 1970 prohibition agents 1921 8th October Public Domain Photos :
Achille Lauro 1985 Che Guevara 1967 St. Paul's Cathedral 1940 Hoover Dam 1936 Neville Chamberlain 1932 10th October Public Domain Photos :
London Eye 1999 Susan B. Anthony Dollar 1978 Spiro Agnew 1973 London Bridge1971 Auschwitz 1944 Panama Canal 1913 11th October Public Domain Photos :
Mary Rose 1982 Harold Wilson 1974 12th October Public Domain Photos :
Grand Hotel Brighton Bomb1984 Columbus Day Storm 1962 Johnny Weissmuller 1931 13th October Public Domain Photos :
1983 Mobile Phone 1983 14th October Public Domain Photos :
Joan Baez 1967 Martin Luther King, Jr 1964 U2 Spy Plane 1963 General Erwin Rommel or "the Desert Fox,"1944 15th October Public Domain Photos :
Basic Iraq Constitution 2005 Staten Island Ferry 2003 The Flying Fortress 1937 Mata Hari 1917 The Great Storm of 1987 Nikita Khrushchev1964 17th October Public Domain Photos :
Taipei 101 2003 Mother Teresa 1979 Black Power Salute Olympics 1968 New York Worlds Fair 1964 to 1965 1965 Dr. Albert Einstein 1933 Al Capone 1931 18th October Public Domain Photos :
Regency TR-1 Transistor radio 1954 Benazir Bhutto 2007 19th October Public Domain Photos :
Saddam Hussein 2005 The Return of the King 1955 21st October Public Domain Photos :
Mike Tyson 1998 President Ferdinand Marcos 1988 22nd October Public Domain Photos :
Pretty Boy Floyd 1934 CND Logo 1983 French TGV Train 1981 23rd October Public Domain Photos :
Space Shuttle Discovery 2007 Dr Who Tardis 1963 Marshall Tito 1950 24th October Public Domain Photos :
George Washington Bridge 1931 Niagara Falls 1901 Nazi Star Of David 1939 Rosa Parks 2005 25th October Public Domain Photos :
Statue Of Liberty 1977 Airbus 380 2007 26th October Public Domain Photos :
Mad Cow Disease 2000 John McCain 1967 The Beatles 1965 Winston Churchill 1951 28th October Public Domain Photos :
Wall Street crash 1929 Gateway Arch 1965 Scooter Libby 2005 29th October Public Domain Photos :
Cruise Missile 1983 30th October Public Domain Photos :
War Of The Worlds 1938 31st October Public Domain Photos :
Harry Houdini 1926 Mount Rushmore 1941 Lee Harvey Oswald 1959 Joseph Stalin 1961 President Lyndon Johnson 1966

October This Day In History

Famine in Soviet Union 1921
Germany tells the world the conquest of the Soviet Union is complete only mopping up operation needed 1941
The Space Race begins with the SPUTNIK 1957
Student Unrest in Mexico 1968
Yom Kippur middle East War starts 1973
Students and Residents of South African Townships Battle with Police over Apartheid 1985
Rioting in UK Cities by Gangs 1985
First Leaks about Iran Contra scandal 1986
East and West Germany Unify 1990

Major Holidays In October

Columbus Day U.S.A. Second Monday of October
National Day China October 1
German Unity Day Germany October 3

Thanksgiving Canada Second Monday of October

Halloween October 31

United Nations Day October 24