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October 12th Major News Events

  1. 2000 The USS Cole a navy destroyer is attacked by two suicide terrorists
  2. 1962 Columbus Day Storm
  3. 1978 Sid Vicious Arrested For Murder
  4. 1984 England Conservative Party Conference Bombing
  5. 2002 Bali Bombing
  6. 2012 China Panda Released in the Wild

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12 Oct, 2000 Yemen USS Cole

2000 : The USS Cole a navy destroyer is attacked by two suicide terrorists believed to be part of (Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda terrorist network) using a motorized rubber dinghy loaded with explosives which blows a 40ft by 40ft hole in the port side of the USS Cole while it was harbored in the Yemeni port of Aden leaving seventeen sailors dead and 38 wounded.

12 Oct, 1978 U.S.A. Projected Incomes

1978 : Some figures this week released by the Social Security administration give some interesting figures for current and projected incomes and taxes - Average Worker earns $10,500 per year.

1990 Average Worker Projected to earn $22,700 per year (Actual was $28,960)

2000 Average Worker Projected to earn $40,000 per year (Actual was $40,344)

2010 Average Worker Projected to earn $70,000 per year

2025 Average Worker Projected to earn $162,000 per year

2050 Average Worker Projected to earn $656,000 per year

12 Oct, 1931 U.S.A. Johnny Weissmuller

1931 : Olympic gold medal swimmer Johnny Weissmuller is chosen to play Tarzan in a number of films stretching all the way to the Forties.

Johnny Weissmuller Public Domain Photo

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12 Oct, 1937 U.S.A. Brady Gang

1937 : Federal agents shoot and Kill Al Brady and members of the Brady Gang in a shootout at Bangor, Maine on Columbus Day in 1937. They surprised the gang at 8:30 a.m. on a busy street as they left a local store and a shootout between the gang and FBI Agents left a number of dead and wounded.

From 1990s TV Shows Page

Ally McBeal

Ally McBeal American television comedy series with "Ally McBeal" played by Calista Flockhart as a young lawyer. The best way to describe is the comedy was designed to be slightly offbeat. Series ran from 1997 till 2002.

The X Files

The X Files TV Series working on the assumption that the government covered up multiple cases of extraterrestrial life, with Fox Mulder played by David Duchovny and Dana Scully played by Gillian Anderson trying to uncover and prove the existence of extraterrestrial life. Series ran from 1993 till 2002.


Friends TV American situation comedy based around the lives, loves and relationships of six friends Jennifer Aniston playing Rachel Green, Courteney Cox Arquette playing Monica Geller, Lisa Kudrow playing Phoebe Buffay, Matt LeBlanc playing Joey Tribbiani, Matthew Perry playing Chandler Bing and David Schwimmer playing Ross Geller. Series ran from 1994 till 2004.

12 Oct, 1945 Germany Nazi Party Dissolved

1945 : The Nazi party is ordered to dissolve by The Allied Control Council and stated that any attempt at it's revival in any guise would be considered a criminal offense.

12 Oct, 1957 Canada Queens Visit

1957 : Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip arrive in Ottawa, Canada.

12 Oct, 1962 Columbus Day Storm

1962 : The Columbus Day Storm strikes Northern California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia with some of the strongest winds ever recorded during a cyclone and registered wind gusts in excess of 145 mph. The storm blew down many tens of thousands of trees, possibly exceeding the annual timber harvest for Oregon and Washington. Together with the strong winds all time record rain over a 12 hr period caused major flooding and mudslides. The death toll from the storm was 46 but the human cost including homes and property damaged or destroyed makes the storm one of the worst in living memory in the United States.

Columbus Day Storm Public Domain Photo

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12 Oct, 1966 Nobel Peace Prize

1966 : The Nobel Peace Prize for Medicine has been awarded to two American doctors who devoted their lives to combating the dreaded disease of Cancer, Francis Peyton Rous of Rockefeller University in New York City and Charles B Huggins of the University of Chicago.

12 Oct, 1968 Mexico Olympic Games

1968 : The 19th Summer Olympics Games of the XIX Olympiad, open in Mexico City, Mexico.

12 Oct, 1972 US Navy Ship Race Riot

October 12th, 1972 : 46 sailors are injured in a race riot involving more than 100 sailors on the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk.

12 Oct, 1978 Sid Vicious Arrested For Murder

1978 : Punk Rocker Sid Vicious arrested on suspicion of murder after the body of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen found in their New York hotel room . While on bail he overdosed on heroin and died before any trial in February 1979.

12 Oct, 1983 Japan Bribes

October 12th, 1983 : Former Japanese prime minister Kakuei Tanaka is convicted of taking $2.2 million in bribes from American manufacturer Lockheed Aircraft Corp.

12 Oct, 1983 Israel Shekel Devalued

1983 : After just 3 days in office The new Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Sharmir, has devalued the shekel by 23 percent.

12 Oct, 1984 England Conservative Party Conference Bombing

October 12th, 1984 : IRA Terrorists carry out a bomb attack on the British Government at the Conservative party conference at Grand Hotel Brighton

Grand Hotel Bombing 1984 Public Domain Photo

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From Sports History Section

Sporting Changes In The 1980s


Players go on strike again in 1981 they win but lose fans for the game through their actions for striking and from drugs or alcohol used by the players.


During the eighties new stars emerge Larry Bird, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Hakeem Olajuwon and Michael Jordan drawing fans back to the games .

Association Football (Soccer)

24 teams fight for the World Cup in 1982

Soccer Hooliganism and the Heysel Stadium Disaster give English Football a bad name the Hooliganism continues through to the mid 90's

American Football

Miami Hurricanes win college national championships

California Teams The Raiders and San Francisco 49ers Dominate The NFL

The 80's was the decade of the quarterback and the best of them was Joe Montana

The 1985 Chicago Bears with running back Walter Payton considered by many to be one of the greatest teams of all time.

Ice Hockey

New York Islanders Dominate The First Half Of The Decade

The Great One Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier Help Edmonton Oilers Dominate The Second Half Of The Decade

12 Oct, 1986 Reykjavik Disarmament Talks Fail

1986 : Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev have fail to reach agreement at disarmament talks in Reykjavik.

12 Oct, 1991 Iraq Atomic Program

October 12th, 1991 : The United Nations Security Council has banned Iraq's Atomic Program altogether to prevent it being used as a cover for secret weapons laboratories.

12 Oct, 1999 Pakistan Military Coup

1999 : A military coup d'état led by General Pervez Musharraf deposes the elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and dismisses the national and provincial legislative assemblies, assumed the title of Chief Executive and becomes Pakistan's de facto head of government which he continued until he was forced to resign in 2008.

12 Oct, 1999 World Population

October 12th, 1999 : The United Nations Population Fund designate today in history as the approximate day on which world population reached six billion.

12 Oct, 2002 Bali Bombing

2002 : 202 are killed including local Balinese and young tourists during three terrorist bomb attacks targeting clubs and bars on the small island, the terrorists were believed to be members of a militant Islamist group Jemaah Islamiah, which is believed to have links to al-Qaeda.

12 Oct, 2005 China Space Program

October 12th, 2005 : China continues it's space program with it's second manned flight Shenzhou 6 carrying two men into orbit who spent five days in low Earth orbit. The first manned Chinese space flight was Shenzhou 5 carrying astronaut Yang Liwei which was launched on October 15, 2003 and stayed in orbit for 21 hours before a successful reentry and safe landing.

12 Oct, 2006 New York Yankees Pitcher Dies In Plane Crash

2006 : New York Yankees’ pitcher, Cory Lidle, and a flying instructor died as the small plane they were flying crashed into an apartment building in New York City.

12 Oct, 2007 China 4 Million Relocated

October 12th, 2007 : Chinese state media has announced 4 million people living from the area around China's Three Gorges Dam are to be relocated to Chongqing because of concerns for the ecology of the reservoir area.

12 Oct, 2008 Euro Members Agree To Bank Bailout

2008 : Europe has followed the United States with a plan to stabilize the European Banking Industry by offering guarantee loans between banks until the end of 2009, and putting money into troubled banks by buying preference shares.

12 Oct, 2011 India Has Successful Satellite Launch

October 12th, 2011 : India has successfully launched a satellite into space that would exclusively study monsoon patterns. The Megha-Tropiques satellite was made with the help of France and would share its data with organizations in Europe and the United States.

12 Oct, 2012 China Panda Released in the Wild

2012 : China has released a second panda into the wild after it received survival training. The panda is a two year old named Taotao and came from a nature reserve in the Sichuan province.

12 Oct, 2013 United States Some Landmarks Reopened

October 12th, 2013 : Some of the tourist attractions that were closed due to the US government shut down reopened after the states of New York and Arizona made deals with the federal government. New York and Arizona had agreed to run the sites out of their own budgets, meaning popular attractions like the Statue of Liberty and Grand Canyon would no longer be closed to tourists.

Born This Day In History October 12

Celebrating Birthdays Today

Luciano Pavarotti

Born: 12th October 1935, Modena, Italy

Died: 6th September 2007, Modena, Italy

Known For : Italian opera tenor and a member of "The Three Tenors" (Plácido Domingo, José Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti) who popularized Classical Music and have the best selling classical album of all time. With his success as a world wide popular artist he still performed in many operas which continued to be his first love in music.

Celebrating Birthdays Today

Rick Parfitt

Born: 12th October 1948, Woking, Surrey, England

Known For :Member of the Hard rock group Status Quo who have a number of number 1 hits in the UK including "Rockin' All Over The World," "Pictures of Matchstick Men" and "Whatever You Want."

From Comparison of prices over the last 90yrs Page

Average Cost Loaf of Bread

1930 9 cents

1940 10 cents

1950 12 cents

1960 22 cents

1970 25 cents

1980 50 cents

1990 70 cents

2000 $1.26

2008 $2.79

2013 $3.80

2018 $1.98

2021 $2.12