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October 13th Major News Events

  1. 1960 Nixon - Kennedy Debate TV
  2. 1943 Italy Declares War On Germany
  3. 1958 UK Paddington Bear
  4. 1983 U.S.A. Mobile Phone Service
  5. 2008 Iceland Markets Stay Closed
  6. 1966 South Africa Strict New Apartheid Laws

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13 Oct, 1960 Nixon - Kennedy Debate TV

1960 : Television sets across the United States showed a split screen with Republican presidential nominee Richard M. Nixon on one side and Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kennedy on the other during their third televised debate. They were actually thousands of miles apart and not in the same studio.

13 Oct, 1972 Uruguay Cannibalism

1972 : Plane crash survivors resort to cannibalism after being lost in the Andes for two months have admitted they ate the flesh of dead companions to stay alive, 16 of the original 45 passengers survived the ordeal and defended their cannibalism.

13 Oct, 1921 World Series

1921 : New York Giants beat the Yankees in the World series in New York today.

13 Oct, 1938 Chinese Japanese Fighting

1938 : Heavy Chinese reinforcements are being rushed to Watchow to engage the new large Japanese expeditionary force numbering over 35,000. Fighting is intensifying as the Japanese proceed further inland trying to gain control over major transport routes including railway lines.

13 Oct, 1941 World War II Soviets in Trouble

1941 : The Soviet Union has lost two more army divisions and are demanding British army aid to help stop the Germans from reaching Moscow, Hitler in the meantime continues to make overtures to Britain and the British people that he wants peace between Germany and England and the only reason Germany and England are at war is because of Churchill.

13 Oct, 1943 Italy Declares War On Germany

1943 : Italy declared war on Germany, its one-time ally, and was granted the status of a co-belligerent by the United Nations.

13 Oct, 1952 U.S.A. Public Debt

1952 : Concerns are growing over the mounting public debt which is predicted to reach 268 billion dollars by the end of the financial year.

From 1960s Food Prices Page

  • Banquet Frozen Dinners 39 cents Wisconsin 1963
  • Cambells Soup 89 cents for 6 cans Massachusetts 1965
  • Cheerios 25 cents per pk California 1961
  • Cheerios Cereal 28 cents per pk New Jersey 1966
  • Del Monte Peaches 29 cents per can      1960
  • Egg Nog 69 cents per quart Massachusetts 1965
  • Frozen Chicken Pies 29 cents California 1966

13 Oct, 1958 UK Paddington Bear

1958 : The first of a series of books featuring Paddington Bear is published "A Bear Called Paddington," the first story is about a bear who is found at Paddington railway station in London by the Brown family. The books are written by Michael Bond and illustrated by Peggy Fortnum. The much loved stuffed Paddington Bear toy with his Wellington boots did not appear until 1972 / 1973.

13 Oct, 1966 South Africa Strict New Apartheid Laws

October 13th, 1966 : New laws passed in white controlled South Africa allow for detention without trial or warrant by a Police Lieutenant Colonel or other high ranking Police Officer anywhere, any person he suspects of security offences without trial or charge for 28 days.

13 Oct, 1971 Northern Ireland Border Security

1971 : British Army engineers are blowing up several minor roads crossing from the Republic of Ireland into Northern Ireland, currently the Terrorists are using these roads to hop across the border undetected as most are just small tracks on farmland.

13 Oct, 1976 Bolivia Plane Crash

October 13th, 1976 : A chartered Boeing 707 crashed into a busy street in Santa Cruz, a city in the west of Bolivia, plowing into buildings in the city's main avenue and people leaving over 100 dead.

13 Oct, 1977 Germany Airliner Hijack

1977 : Four Palestinian hijackers hijack a Lufthansa airliner demanding the release of 11 imprisoned members of Germany's Baader-Meinhof terrorist group, also known as the Red Army Faction.

13 Oct, 1983 U.S.A. Mobile Phone Service

October 13th, 1983 : Ameritech Mobile Communications, LLC provides cellular mobile phone service to the general public in Chicago. This was the first mobile phone service for public use in the United States.

Example of 1983 Mobile Phone Public Domain Photo

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From 1970s Homes Page

1972 Fresno California
Mountain Home On 5 acres with 3 bedroom 2 bath and horse fence with barns and stabling, with magnificent views over countryside and horse trails

1972 Iowa City Iowa
Split Level on Hill Top living room , dining room , 3 bedrooms , cathedral ceilings , 3 baths central air and double garage

1974 Great Bend Kansas
2 bedroom frame house Dining room garage

13 Oct, 1988 England Spycatcher Book

1988 : The British Government has lost its battle to stop the publication of the controversial book Spycatcher, written by a former secret service agent.

Spycatcher Book Cover

13 Oct, 1992 England Coal Mines Close

October 13th, 1992 : The government is planning to close a 31 out of 50 of Britain's deep coal mines, with the loss of 31,000 jobs. In the mid-40's coal mining in Britain employed one million miners working in 958 mines.

13 Oct, 1997 U.S.A. Thrust Record

1997 : British fighter pilot Andy Green set a new land speed record of 764.168 mph in the Thrust Supersonic vehicle, going through the sound barrier along a one-mile course in Nevada's Black Rock Desert.

13 Oct, 1999 U.S.A. Rejects Nuclear Test Ban

October 13th, 1999 : America became the first country to reject the 154 nation Nuclear test ban treaty with a vote of 51-48 in the US Senate. It should be remembered that most of the countries who signed the agreement do not have Nuclear capabilities so have nothing to lose and everything to gain by banning nuclear testing.

13 Oct, 2005 U.S.A. iPod

2005 : Apple introduce new iPod capable of playing video at a resolution of 320x240 starting at $299.00.

13 Oct, 2006 U.S.A. Snow Storm

October 13th, 2006 : A State of Emergency is issued in Buffalo, New York following nearly 2 feet of snow falling during the afternoon and last night. 400,000 are without power and most schools in the area are closed, in the worst hit areas of Tonawanda, New York, Buffalo and Amherst a driving ban has also been issued as up to 80% of roads are impassable including parts of I-90.

13 Oct, 2006 DR Congo Pneumonic Plague

2006 : The Democratic Republic of Congo faced an outbreak of the pneumonic plague, killing over one hundred people and infecting hundreds of others.

13 Oct, 2008 U.S.A. Dow Jones

October 13th, 2008 : After suffering a meltdown in the markets in the preceding weeks with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling below 7900 markets rally with a gain of 936 points, its highest ever one day gain.

13 Oct, 2008 Iceland Markets Stay Closed

2008 : Iceland's stock exchange will remain suspended because of continuing "unusual market conditions."

13 Oct, 2011 Bali Hit by Strong Earthquake

October 13th, 2011 : An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 struck the Indonesian island of Bali. The earthquake caused damage to some buildings and falling debris injured around fifty people.

13 Oct, 2011 King of Bhutan Marries a Commoner

2011 : King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk, of Bhutan, married a common twenty-one year old student Jetsun Pema during a lavish Buddhist ceremony. The ceremony was broadcast on state television within the country.

13 Oct, 2012 Pakistan Tourist Bus Fire in China

October 13th, 2012 : A car bomb in a market in Darra Adam Khel, Pakistan killed fifteen people and injured another thirty people. The attack had not been claimed officially by any group but the Taliban was being blamed for the blast.

13 Oct, 2013 Cyclone Phailin Hits India

2013 : Cyclone Phailin strikes parts of India in the Andhra Pradesh and Orissa states. Eighteen people were reported dead and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage was done to homes, fields, and infrastructure in the areas.

Born This Day In History October 13

Celebrating Birthdays Today

Margaret Thatcher

Born: October 13th, 1925, Grantham, Lincolnshire, England

Died: April 8th, 2013, Westminster, London, England

Known For : The British Prime Minister from May 4,1979 to November 28,1990 and the first and still only Female British Prime Minister. She was elected on a mandate to reverse the UK's economic decline, although many disagreed with her political philosophy she was admired by most for her strength of leadership and nicknamed the "Iron Lady." She was a member of the Conservative party with strong views.

Celebrating Birthdays Today

Paul Simon

Born: October 13th, 1941, Newark, New Jersey, United States

Known For : Paul Simon American songwriter, musician, and member of the famous Simon and Garfunkel duo who had a string of top selling singles and albums. They broke into the charts with the first single "The Sounds of Silence" in 1965. Paul Simon also had a series of successful solo albums and singles including "Loves Me Like a Rock," "Kodachrome," and "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover."

From 1980s Computers Page

In 1984, the Apple MacIntosh made its appearance in the personal computer market. For $2500, computer users could own an Apple MacIntosh that had several added features than the computers from the previous decade. Introduced in a commercial during the 1984 Super Bowl, the Apple MacIntosh quickly became popular with its 128 Kb of Ram and its already installed 3.5” floppy disk drive. Users were delighted to use unique MacIntosh programs, including MacWrite (for word processing), Aldus PageMaker (for desktop publishing) and the MacPaint program (ideal for editing images). The MacPaint program also showed users the importance of using a mouse with a personal computer. In addition to these capabilities, the Apple Laser Printer quickly became the preferred printer of choice for computer owners of all brands.