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October 6th Major News Events

  1. 1961 President John F. Kennedy advises American families to build bomb shelters
  2. 1926 Babe Ruth sets new record in World Series
  3. 1927 The Jazz Singer premiered in New York
  4. 1949 East Germany Created
  5. 1973 Israel Yom Kippur War
  6. 1981 Egypt Anwar Sadat Assassinated
  7. 2008 Finance Meltdown Effects Around The World

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6 Oct, 1961 U.S.A. Build Bomb Shelters

1961 : President John F. Kennedy advises American families to build bomb shelters to protect them from atomic fallout in the event of a nuclear war. Many Americans did prepare for nuclear war by buying up canned goods and building backyard bomb shelters. Also at the time many home builders offered a bomb shelter as part of new home packages.

6 Oct, 1926 U.S.A. Babe Ruth

1926 : Babe Ruth sets new record in World Series with three home runs and a 10-5 win over the Cardinals.

Babe Ruth  Public Domain Photo

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6 Oct, 1927 U.S.A. "The Jazz Singer"

1927 : The Jazz Singer premiered in New York bringing to a close the era of silent movies and the sound and music era begins.

The Jazz Singer Public Domain Photo

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6 Oct, 1933 Yugoslavia Balkans

1933 : In a meeting that would have been considered historic before changes, the Kings of Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Romania are to meet to discuss problems in the Balkans.

6 Oct, 1949 East Germany Created

1949 : The Soviet Union creates the Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany) within the Soviet occupation zone.

From 1970's memories Page

Buying a Calculator in 1973 U.S.A.

Memory Posted By: Laura

I went to college at the transition point between sliderules and calculators. What I remember most was the cost of the Texas Instrument 10 (maybe a TI-11?) I took with me to college. It cost $150 and couldn't do anything more than a basic $3 kids calculator can do today. The scientific calculators that the engineers at my university used cost $495. I just bought my 9th grade daughter a non-graphing scientific calculator for high school (That says something, too!) It cost $15.95 at Staples

6 Oct, 1953 British Guiana Uprising

1953 : Naval and military forces are on their way to British Guiana in response to a threat to the administration of the British colony after the left-wing People's Progressive Party victory. British Guiana was granted independence in May 1966, when it changed the countries name to Guiana.

6 Oct, 1955 U.S.A. Plane Crash

1955 : A United Airlines DC-4 crashed into a Wyoming mountain peak, killing all 66 people on board.

6 Oct, 1966 U.S.A. Price Fixing

1966 : 15 manufacturers of bathroom fixtures are indicted for price fixing by violating the restraint-of-trade section of the Sherman Antitrust Act.

6 Oct, 1966 U.S.A. LSD

1966 : The hallucinogenic drug LSD is declared illegal in the United States. LSD is a Schedule I drug making it illegal to manufacture, buy, possess, process or distribute LSD without a DEA license.

6 Oct, 1968 Czechoslovakia Soviet Pull Out

1968 : The Czechoslovakia defense minister has announced after meeting the Soviet Union defense minister that most of the Soviet led occupation force in Czechoslovakia will be pulled out by the end of October .

6 Oct, 1973 Israel Yom Kippur War

1973 : Egyptian and Syrian forces launch a coordinated attack against Israel on Yom Kippur, beginning the Yom Kippur War. They were hoping to gain back territory lost during the earlier Arab Israeli war in 1967.

6 Oct, 1976 Thailand Rioting

October 6th, 1976 : The Thailand defense minister seized power today after fighting between leftist and rightist forces following the return of Thailand former military dictator caused mass rioting on the streets with a number of public hangings by rioters, in a press statement he said he took power to stop communist agitators from continuing the unrest, and marshal law will now be instituted to bring back law and order to the streets signalling the return to military rule.

6 Oct, 1979 U.S.A. Pope John Paul II

1979 : Pope John Paul II visits the White House meeting the US President Carter and his family.

6 Oct, 1981 Egypt Anwar Sadat Assassinated

1981 : President Anwar Sadat was assassinated while viewing a military parade in a Cairo suburb.

Muhammad Anwar al Sadat Public Domain Photo

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6 Oct, 1985 UK Rioting Broadwater Farm

1985 : Rioting continues at the Broadwater Farm housing estate in Tottenham, North London after the death of a local resident Cynthia Jarrett who died of heart failure after four policemen burst into her home during a raid. For the first time in the UK shots have been fired during a riot. The violence continued throughout the night between hundreds of black and white youths and 500 police with riot shields, helmets and truncheons. One Policeman was killed during a knifing incident and one officer has been shot and is seriously wounded.

6 Oct, 1985 French Polynesia Greenpeace

October 6th, 1985 : Greenpeace are to take their new flagship which replaces the Rainbow Warrior blown up by French agents on July 10th in New Zealand to lead a number of other protesters to Mururoa Atoll, protesting against the French Nuclear testing in the South Pacific, a number of French warships are also patrolling the area.

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  • 1989 Videotape Storage Cabinet

    1989 Videotape Storage Cabinet

    Price: $79.99

    This custom-crafted oak-grained cabinet opens to reveal storage for up to 120 video tapes. With inserts included, holds 92 video tapes, 18 CD's and 14 audio cassettes. Doors lock for complete security.

  • 1985 Bean Bag Lounger

    1985 Bean Bag Lounger

    Price: $39.99

    The bean bag lounger is great for sleeping or just relaxing. Comes in dark brown or autumn spice. Bean bags are double-stitched at stress points and are filled with expanded polystyrene beads.

  • 6 Oct, 1989 France Bette Davis

    1989 : The Academy Award winning Actress Bette Davis died in Paris of Cancer.

    Bette Davis  Public Domain Photo

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    6 Oct, 2000 Yugoslavia Milosevic

    October 6th, 2000 : Slobodan Milosevic, President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has resigned, following mounting pressure to quit over allegations of vote-rigging.

    Slobodan Milosevic Public Domain Photo

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    6 Oct, 2002 Ivory Coast Rebel Fighting

    2002 : Rebel forces in the Ivory Coast are gaining additional ground from the Ivory Coast troops and now have control of much of the North. The rebels are calling for the overthrow of President Gbagbo. Like many of the rebel uprisings in Africa child fighters as young as 11 and 12 are being found among rebel troops. The fighting continued on and off for the next 5 years but a peace deal between the rebels and the countries government seems to by holding from 2007.

    6 Oct, 2003 United Nations Report The Challenge Of Slums

    October 6th, 2003 : A new report by UN-Habitat provides startling numbers of the number of Slum Dwellers around the world with 3.5 billion (31.6%) of the worlds population living in slum conditions. The highest percentage of those living in squalor in slums with no fresh water or sanitation are in Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Slum Dwellings Public Domain Image

    6 Oct, 2007 Around the World in 13 Years

    2007 : Jason Lewis completes the self-powered trip to circumnavigate the globe which he had begun from Greenwich, London in July, 1994.

    6 Oct, 2008 Finance Meltdown Effects Around The World

    October 6th, 2008 : Following the bailout by the US of the American Finance Industry other countries around the world are facing similar problems From Iceland to Germany as governments around the world have to decide if they should let large and small finance companies go bust or provide bailouts. Stock Markets around the world also suffer massive losses ranging from the United States to Russia as concerns over the economy give the markets concern.

    6 Oct, 2012 Ex-President of Algeria Dies

    2012 : Former president of Algeria, Chadli Bendjedid died at the age of eighty-three after suffering from cancer.

    6 Oct, 2013 Iran Nuclear Plotters Arrested

    October 6th, 2013 : Four people accused of plotting to sabotage a nuclear site were arrested in Iran. The arrests came just after moves by Iran and the United States to come to terms with the country's nuclear program.

    Born This Day In History October 6

    Celebrating Birthdays Today

    Thor Heyerdahl

    Born: 6th October 1914 Larvik, Norway

    Died: April 18th 2002 Colla Micheri, Italy

    Known For : Norwegian adventurer with a scientific background in geography, best known for organising the Kon-Tiki expedition sailing by balsa wood raft more than 4,000 miles from Peru in South America to the Tuamotu Islands part of the Polynesian Islands.

    Celebrating Birthdays Today

    Steve Miller

    Born: 6th October 1908 Jane Alice Peters, Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Died: January 16th 1942 Mount Potosi, Nevada

    Known For : An American actress who starred alongside some of the most well known male screen legends including in movies like "It Happened One Night," "Hands Across the Table," and "My Man Godfrey." Her co-stars included John Barrymore, James Stewart, Cary Grant. Her first husband was William Powell with second husband none other than the legendary actor Clark Gable.

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  • Crimp N' Curl Cabbage Patch Kid

    Crimp N' Curl Cabbage Patch Kid

    Crimp N' Curl Cabbage Patch Kid
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    Description The Crimp N' Curl Cabbage Patch Kid has incredible hair that kids can shape. Includes a no-heat curling iron, hair pick, and hair ties.

  • Funtime Polly Pocket Clock

    Funtime Polly Pocket Clock

    Funtime Polly Pocket Clock
    Manufacturer: Mattel
    Price: $22.99

    Funtime Clock is a real clock that keeps perfect time as Polly Pocket and her friends play on a swing and merry-go-round. Folds easily to go everywhere you go. Comes with four Polly Pocket characters.