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8 Oct, 2005 - Pakistan Earthquake
2005 : A massive 7.6-magnitude earthquake strikes Azad Kashmir (Pakistan-administered Kashmir) leaving an estimated 70,000 dead and 70,000 more injured. More than 3 million were left homeless and without food and basic supplies.

8 Oct, 1983 - U.S.A. Earthquake
1983 : A moderate earthquake 5.2 on the Richter Scale hit Central New York up as far as Canada, earthquakes in the region are not common so everybody who was woken by the movement at 6:19 in the morning noticed it, effects ranged from water in a water bed making waves to things falling off shelves, the last earthquake of any size was back in 1944 which measured 5.9 on the Richter Scale.

8 Oct, 1871 - Great Chicago Fire
1871 : The Great Chicago Fire started on Sunday, October 8, and burned for three days before it finally burned itself out Tuesday, October 10, 1871.

8 Oct, 1919 - U.S.A. Air Races
1919 : The first transcontinental air race in the United States begins with 63 planes competing between California and New York.
Air Races

8 Oct, 1921 - U.S.A. Still
1921 : A 100 gallon capacity still, three barrels of mash and 50 gallons of whisky were found when prohibition agents raided a home in a fashionable neighborhood in Toledo, Ohio.
Underground Brewery During Prohibition Public Domain Photo
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8 Oct, 1929 - U.S.A. Obscene Language
1929 : A Man is charged of Speaking Offensively in Front of a Lady and found guilty for using obscene language in front of a woman in Ohio.

8 Oct, 1933 - Moratorium on Farm Foreclosures
1933 : As the nations farmers continue to struggle the National Farmers Union has asked President Roosevelt to intervene and place a moratorium on farm mortgage foreclosures and that farm prices be pegged at the cost of production.

8 Oct, 1941 - World War II Moscow
1941 : German armies have mounted an all out offensive towards Moscow in an attempt to beat the winter, they are now only 125 miles from the Russian capital itself. Hitler believes that conquering the Soviet Union early will provide a great source of supplies and that Russian armies are close to collapse and defeat.

8 Oct, 1952 - U.S.A. Drive In Movie
1952 : A woman is suing her local drive-in movie theater in Supreme Court for $13,000 in damages after she complained that the fog prevented her from watching the movie and the manager refused to refund her money, she then told the manager to do a fog check and the theater manager struck her.

8 Oct, 1952 - UK Train Crash
1952 : Three Trains crash at Harrow in North London with over 80 dead and many more injured.

8 Oct, 1965 - Post Office Tower Opens In London
1965 : London's Post Office Tower which at 581 ft tall is officially opened by the then Prime Minister, Harold Wilson as the tallest building in Britain at the time. It's main purpose was to support microwave aerials used to carry telecommunications traffic from London to the rest of the country.
Post Office Tower

8 Oct, 1966 - Canada Train Crash
1966 : A Canadian Pacific Toronto bound freight train bound crashed into a school bus carrying children to the School Dance, 18 children were killed together with the Bus driver and police are investigating the cause of the accident.

8 Oct, 1969 - U.S.A. Weather Underground
1969 : The Weather Underground (Weatherman) has the first of the Days of Rage riots in Chicago, Illinois. The Weatherman were an American radical left organization which were involved in bombings, riots, and a jailbreak including the bombing of United States Capitol, The Pentagon and the Harry S Truman Building which houses the United States Department of State.

8 Oct, 1970 - Sweden Solzhenitsyn
October 8th, 1970 : The Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wins the Nobel Prize for literature.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn  Public Domain Photo
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8 Oct, 1973 - Great Britain LBC
1973 : Britain's first commercial independent radio station begins broadcasting LBC (London Broadcasting Company) on VHF and medium wave.

8 Oct, 1973 - Middle East Arab Israeli War
October 8th, 1973 : Reports from the middle east on the third day of the Arab - Israeli war give differing news with Israel stating Syria is in full retreat from the Golan Heights back to Damascus while Syrian Radio states they repulsed the Israeli attacks and are in full control. Egypt has also stated they are in full control of the east bank of the Suez Canal. The US is meanwhile asking for a meeting of the full security council of the United Nations so they can put forward proposals to end the war.

8 Oct, 1974 - Franklin National Bank
1974 : Franklin National Bank once the United States 20th largest bank, is declared insolvent due to mismanagement and fraud by the Treasury Department making it the largest bank failure in the history of the United States at that point in time.

8 Oct, 1982 - Poland Solidarity Union Banned
October 8th, 1982 : The Polish government bans the Solidarity Trade Union in an attempt to destroy the Union.
Solidarity Trade Union Public Domain Photo

8 Oct, 1985 - England Les Misérables
1985 : Les Misérables opens in the West End and on October 8th, 2006, the show celebrated its 21st anniversary becoming the longest-running West End musical in history and is still running (though it has changed venues).

8 Oct, 1987 - Scotland Nessie
October 8th, 1987 : A group of scientists armed with the latest in boats and underwater technology will carry out a full survey of Loch Ness hoping to find proof that Nessie exists. This has proved a great draw to Loch Ness in Scotland as hundreds of journalists from all over the world will watch and report anything and everything to do with this legendary sea monster that has attracted media attention since the 1930's when an English surgeon, R.K. Wilson, claimed to have taken a photo of Nessie.

8 Oct, 1990 - Palestine Shot and Killed
1990 : Seventeen Palestinians are shot and killed, and over 100 are wounded, by Israeli police at the Al Aksa Mosque on Jerusalem's Temple Mount, a site sacred to Jews and Muslims.

8 Oct, 1990 - Europe ERM
October 8th, 1990 : Britain Joins the European (ERM Exchange Rate Mechanism) where member states agreed to keep their currency value tied to within 6% of the German Mark and requiring them to adopt German anti-inflation policies. Britain crashed out of the ERM in September 1992 when recession and massive currency speculation saw the pound go outside of the 6% figure.

8 Oct, 1991 - U.S.A. Banking Rules
1991 : President Bush is nearing a decision on easing the federal banking rules to help soften the problems with the nations tight credit conditions.

8 Oct, 1998 - U.S.A. Impeachment Proceedings
October 8th, 1998 : The U.S. House of Representatives votes to proceed toward impeaching President Bill Clinton on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice in cases concerning Arkansas real estate deals.
President Bill Clinton Public Domain Photo
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8 Oct, 2001 - Italy Plane Crash Milan Airport
2001 : Two aircraft have crashed while on the runway at Linate airport. The accident between a Scandinavian airline, SAS and a small private aircraft while on the runway causing the Scandinavian Jet to swerve and crash into an airport building causing the aircraft to burst into flames. The final death toll for the tragedy was 118 including passengers, crew and airport ground staff. The accident has been blamed on the lack of working ground radar which has been out of commission for 2 years.

8 Oct, 2001 - Florida Anthrax Attacks
October 8th, 2001 : Following the death of Robert Stevens on 5th October a photo editor at the supermarket tabloid The Sun who had worked from the offices of The Sun newspaper in the American Media building in Boca Raton, Florida. On Oct. 8, 1,000 American Media employees or other long-term visitors to the building undergo nasal swab tests and begin taking antibiotics from the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile.

8 Oct, 2004 - USA Martha Stewart
2004 : Martha Stewart is sentenced to five months in prison and five months of home confinement in addition to a $30,000 fine and was sent to the minimum-security facility in West Virginia—known as “Camp Cupcake.”
Martha Stewart Public Domain Photo
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8 Oct, 2004 - 2nd Presidential Debate
October 8th, 2004 : US President George W. Bush and John Kerry meet for the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis moderated by Charles Gibson of ABC, during the debate they discussed the terror threat, Iraq and the economy. The first debate was on September 30th at the University of Miami and the final debate will be at Arizona State University on October 30th.

8 Oct, 2005 - Robot Vehicles Cross Mojave Desert
2005 : A race organized by US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) ends with four robotic vehicles completing the 240 km course across Nevada's Mojave desert. The vehicles which are modified cars, SUV's and dune buggies are controlled and guided by sophisticated software and use GPS (global positioning satellite), cameras, infrared sensors, computers, and lasers to guide them across the tough terrain, the rules do not allow any control by humans including via remote access.

8 Oct, 2008 - U.S.A. National Debt Clock
October 8th, 2008 : The National Debt Clock in New York has run out of digits to record the spiraling number and two new digits will be added. the photo below shows the clock with it's two extra numbers added which allow it to display the current figure. In 1989 the clock was created to show the U.S. debt which exceeded 3 trillion dollars, when it exceeded 10 trillion dollars the clock failed to show the new figure, currently the National Debt (September 30th 2010) is estimated at 13 1/2 trillion dollars.
National Debt Clock

8 Oct, 2012 - Switzerland Two Die In Accident
2012 : Two women died in an accident in the Fallenbach canyon in St. Gallen. One woman was a Belgian guide, the other a German tourist who had been a part of a larger group that had been canyoneering there. There was a sudden rise in the water that caught them.

8 Oct, 2013 - India Viral Encephalitis Outbreak
October 8th, 2013 : A new viral encephalitis outbreak has hit the Uttar Pradesh state in India. Over two hundred people were being treated for it in hospitals and another fifteen children recently died from the affliction.

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Johnny Ramone
Born: 8th October 1948 John William Cummings, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.
Died: 15th September 2004 Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Known For : The lead guitarist for the punk rock group The Ramones.

Chevy Chase
Born: 8th October 1943 New York City, New York, USA
Known For : American television and film actor, comedian, writer. Chevy Chase was part of the inaugural season of Saturday Night Live and best known as Clark Griswold in the National Lampoon Vacation Movies, National Lampoon's Vacation, European Vacation, Christmas Vacation and Vegas Vacation.