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List of October 5th Major News Events

  1. 1969 Monty Python's Flying Circus
  2. 1962 East German guards shot a man with Tommy gun blasts on the eastern side of the Berlin Wall
  3. 1962 UK Beatles First Single
  4. 1974 UK Guildford Bombing
  5. 2001 U.S.A. Anthrax Attacks
  6. 2011 Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs Dies

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5 Oct, 1969 Monty Python's Flying Circus

1969 : Monty Python's Flying Circus makes its debut on BBC Television, there were only 45 episodes aired over four seasons featuring the zany comedy sketches with John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Graham Chapman, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Eric Idle. Some of the sketches are still considered to be some of the greatest comedy skits.

5 Oct, 1910 Portugal Republic

1910 : Portugal established a republic after the Portuguese monarchy is ousted by revolutionaries.

5 Oct, 1925 Grand Ole Opry

1925 : The Grand Ole Opry a weekly country music radio program broadcast live on WSM radio in Nashville, Tennessee launches on the WSM Radio Station.

5 Oct, 1928 China Fossils

1928 : The American Museum of Natural History has returned to Peking with a wealth of fossils from animals never seen before from outer Mongolia, they had been in constant battles with Chinese outlaws trying to get the food, supplies and cars that the expedition had but they managed to out wit and outrun the outlaws using brain work and the much faster cars than the outlaws horses.

5 Oct, 1930 Great Britain Airship

1930 : Great Britons largest dirigible the R-101 Airship crashes in Beauvais, France, killing all on board.

R101 Airship  Public Domain Photo

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  • Musical Bluebird From The 1950s Musical Bluebird
    Price: $5.49
    A sure sign of happiness. Made with two-tone cotton-backed rayon plush, it has a blue head and back and a yellow breast and underbody. It is made with a genuine Swiss music box.

  • Outer Space Ray Gun From The 1950s Outer Space Ray Gun
    Price: $1.89
    Attention all space cadets! Amaze your friends with this sonic ray gun. Satellite-barrel ray chamber has 3-color revolving lens to shoot realistic "alpha, beta, and gamma rays." Complete instructions for sending secret code teach you how to send and receive messages used in outer space play. Can also be used as a flashlight.

5 Oct, 1933 Machine Gun Kelly

1933 : Machine Gun Kelly has pleaded not guilty to charges of a being a co-conspirator in the Urschel kidnapping.

Machine Gun Kelly Public Domain Photo

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5 Oct, 1947 President Harry Truman

1947 : President Harry Truman delivered the first televised presidential address from the White House.

5 Oct, 1948 Turkmenistan Ashgabat Earthquake

1948 : An earthquake measuring magnitude 7.3 strikes Ashgabat and surrounding villages flattening all buildings leaving more than 100,000 people dead. This is one of the strongest and most deadly earthquakes on record.

5 Oct, 1954 Yugoslavia Trieste

1954 : Yugoslavia and Italy have ended their 9 year bitter dispute over the Trieste free territory and have agreed to split it between them with Italy getting control of the Adriatic port of Trieste and Yugoslavia retaining the zone she has occupied since the end of the last World War.

5 Oct, 1962 Germany Berlin Wall

October 5th, 1962 : East German guards shot a man with Tommy gun blasts on the eastern side of the Berlin Wall and would not allow ambulances from the red cross on the western side to approach even though the man was screaming in pain, the incident took place about 3 miles from checkpoint Charlie.

Berlin Wall  Public Domain Photo

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5 Oct, 1962 UK Beatles First Single

1962 : The Beatles release their first single in the UK "Love Me Do" (released on a 45RPM Single Format on Parlophone Label) which gets to number seventeen. It was later released in the US on April 27th, 1964 and goes to Number 1.

The Beatles 1968 Public Domain Photo

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5 Oct, 1974 UK Guildford Bombing

1974 : IRA plant bombs in two pubs in Guildford in southern England, The pubs are mostly frequented by soldiers back from duty in Northern Ireland. At least four people were killed and more than 50 injured in in the two terrorist attacks.

5 Oct, 1986 Iran Contra Scandal

1986 : The first leak concerning the Iran Contra scandal occurs when Eugene Hasenfus is captured by troops of the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua where he confesses that he was shipping military supplies into Nicaragua for use by the Contras, that had been created and funded by the United States and run by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). After long persistent investigations by journalists and Congress it was found it involved the secret sale of U.S. weapons to Iran and the proceeds from these sales used to covertly fund the Contra war in Nicaragua.

5 Oct, 1986 Israel Secret Nuclear Weapons

October 5th, 1986 : The British newspaper The Sunday Times ran an Israeli former nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu's story reavealing the secrets of Israel's nuclear arsenal, possibly which included as many as 100 nuclear warheads. Mordechai Vanunu is later kidnapped in Rome by Israeli agents and smuggled to Israel, where he was tried for treason and espionage and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

5 Oct, 1989 Tibet Dalai Lama

1989 : The Dalai Lama, exiled spiritual and political leader of Tibet, won the Nobel Peace Prize for shunning violence and seeking liberation from China for his Himalayan nation through peaceful means.

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  • 1963 Needle Toe Western Boot Needle Toe Western Boot
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    Description Needle toe. Dogger heel with rubber lift. Colorfully stitched grain leather uppers are good looking, long wearing. Full leather lining... durable split-leather counter pocket. Pegged cottage shank for arch support. Tough leather outsoles. Twelve inch height. Choose from all black or all chocolate brown.
  • 1963 Peaked Slip On Peaked Slip On
    Price: $3.77
    Description Step into the new season with this peaked slip-on. It has a tapered toe and peak-a-boo cutouts. Brushed split leather upper with smooth imitation leather strip; or textured leather upper. Colors are brown and rust brushed finish or black textured finish.

  • From 1930s Electrical goods and appliances Page

    Kelvinator Washer Wringer

     1930's Kelvinator Washer Wringer

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    5 Oct, 1994 Switzerland Solar Tradition Cult

    October 5th, 1994 : Forty Eight members of the Order of the Solar Tradition Cult committed suicide to escape the hypocrisies and oppression of this world.

    5 Oct, 1999 Paddington Train Crash

    1999 : Two trains collide near Paddington Station in west London at the height of the morning rush hour. There are so far 8 confirmed dead, 40 seriously injured and 200 with minor injuries. It was later confirmed that 31 died in the accident which was caused by one of the trains going through a red stop light.

    5 Oct, 1999 Village of Teziutlan Buried In Mudslide

    1999 : The small Mexican village of Teziutlan is buried by mud and rocks caused by torrential rains, rescuers on the scene have estimated that between 60 and 80 homes are completely buried. Teziutlan is one of many villages in the area affected over the next 3 weeks by mudslides and the full extent of the worst floods Mexico has seen in 40 years will not be known for some time due to the difficulty in reaching outlying areas. In November after the mud was cleared and buried homes checked the final death toll from the October floods was more than 400. The worst affected village was Acalama where 170 were killed after the defrosted side of a mountain collapsed on the village.

    5 Oct, 2000 Vojislav Kostunica Yugoslavia President

    2000 : Opposition supporters have stormed the Yugoslav parliament in Belgrade proclaiming Vojislav Kostunica as the new Yugoslav president. The anger and demonstrations were over Milošević's rejection of a first-round opposition victory in elections for the Federal parliament and presidency in September which led to mass demonstrations in Belgrade culminating in the storming of the Parliament building.

    5 Oct, 2001 U.S.A. Anthrax

    October 5th, 2001 : Concerns over the threat of an increase in biological attack by terrorists increased when a Florida man died after opening a letter containing anthrax bacteria sent through the US Postal Service.

    5 Oct, 2005 U.S.A. Tom DeLay

    2005 : Former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is indicted by a grand jury on two new charges of money laundering following his indictment by a separate grand jury on criminal conspiracy charges last week.

    Tom DeLay  Public Domain Photo

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    5 Oct, 2006 Germany Mass Graves Found

    2006 : Fifty-one skeletons, twenty-nine adults and twenty-two children, were found in a mass grave in a cemetery at a Catholic church in Menden-Barge, Germany. The remains are believed to be from victims of the Nazi-era euthanasia program, “Action T4,” and one witness stated that during World War II, he saw bodies being brought to the site by a horse-drawn cart.

    5 Oct, 2007 China Product Recalls

    2007 : China Exports especially Children's Toys continue to be subject to recall both in the United States and Europe due to potential risks due to excessive lead paint content, toys recalled include keychains, Halloween tumblers, toy blocks, wooden toys, baby rattles, bookmarks and bracelets. Over the last few months over 21 million Chinese goods have been recalled from major US companies including Toys R Us, KB Toys, Target and Mattel, prompting calls in the US for much tougher scrutiny of Chinese imports.

    5 Oct, 2011 Sarah Palin Announces She Will Not Run For President

    October 5th, 2011 : Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, formally announced that she would not run for president in the 2012 election. The announcement ended months of speculation by media and other politicians that she might run for the highest office.

    5 Oct, 2011 Unions Show Support for Occupy Wall Street

    2011 : Unions including CWA and the ATU Show Support for Occupy Wall Street protestors by joining the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York City.

    5 Oct, 2011 Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs Dies

    2011 : Visionary co-founder of Apple Computers, Steve Jobs, died after battling pancreatic cancer for several years. The 56-year-old former CEO had resigned prior to his death leading to speculation that his health had made a turn for the worse. Fans of him and his company immediately set up memorials and tributes at Apple stores and on the internet upon hearing the news.

    5 Oct, 2011 India Launches $35 Tablet Computer

    2011 : India launches the Aakash tablet computer for just $35. The tablet was made to provide greater access to the internet and technology for poor students in rural communities.

    5 Oct, 2012 Orlando Cruz Comes Out as Gay

    October 5th, 2012 : Puerto Rican boxer Orlando Cruz became the first active boxer to publicly come out as gay. Cruz made his announcement just weeks before his Featherweight title fight against Jorge Pazos.

    5 Oct, 2013 Morocco Teens Arrested for Kissing Photo

    2013 : Two teenagers in Morocco were arrested for posting a picture of themselves kissing on Facebook. The teens, a fifteen year old and fourteen year old, were taken into custody for violating public decency after a newspaper printed the photo.

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    Celebrating Birthdays Today

    Bob Geldof

    Born: 5th October 1951 Dún Laoghaire, Ireland

    Known For : Bob Geldof known for a string of number 1 hits with the Boom Town Rats in the 70s and 80s including "Rat Trap" and "I Don't Like Mondays". Possibly even better known for his work mobilizing the pop world to do something about the news reports about starving children in Ethiopia by getting pop artists to provide time and talent to create 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' as Band Aid (1984) and give the proceeds to help the starving in Africa. In 1985 he was also the driving force to create the Live Aid Concerts at Wembley Stadium in London and John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia, and to continue to apply pressure on the worlds politicians The Live 8 concerts in 2005.

    Celebrating Birthdays Today

    Steve Miller

    Born: 5th October 1943 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.

    Known For : Steve Miller of the Steve Miller Band who recorded a number of hit singles and successful albums from the mid-1970's through the early 1980's including the hits The Joker (73), Rock'n Me (76), Fly Like An Eagle (76), Abracadabra (82).

    Celebrating Birthdays Today

    Chester Alan Arthur

    Born: October 5, 1829, Fairfield, Vermont

    Died: November 18, 1886, New York, New York

    Known For : Chester Arthur assumed the US Presidency following the assassination of James Garfield. He was in office from 1881 to 1885. Prior to his presidency he was a major participant in New York state politics.