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>What happened in 1995 Major News Stories include Windows 95 released, Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing, Nerve Gas attack Tokyo Subway, Barings Bank collapses, A Car Bomb devastates Oklahoma City Federal Building on 19th April , after a NATO bombing campaign against Serb artillery the Balkans War comes to an end and a cease fire is agreed. In technology Javascript is seen and used for the first time ( only 10 years later very few web sites do not have some form of Javascript running ).

What Events Happened in 1995

United States --- Oklahoma City bombing

Domestic terrorist bomb attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City killing 168 and injuring more than 680 others

More Information and Timeline for the Oklahoma City bombing

1. 1988 Timothy McVeigh meets Terry Nichols at Fort Benning during basic training for the U.S. Army

2. 1993 McVeigh goes to Waco during Waco Siege and decides to bomb a federal building as a response to the raids and planned for attack on April 19, 1995, to coincide with the anniversary of the Waco siege

3. April 14th McVeigh rents a 1993 Ford F-700 truck from Ryder under the name Robert D. Kling,

4. April 17–18 McVeigh and Nichols turn the rented truck into a giant bomb with 4,800 pounds of explosives

5. April 19th 8:50 AM Timothy McVeigh drives the truck filled with explosives setting 2 timers to set bomb off and parked the Ryder truck in a drop-off zone situated under the building's day-care center,

6. At 9:02 am the truck, containing ammonium nitrate fertilizer, nitromethane, and diesel fuel mixture, detonated in front of the north side of the nine-story Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Hundreds of people were killed or injured. One third of the building was destroyed by the explosion,

7. The FBI spent some time following the bombing trying to decide if it was international terrorists or Domestic Terrorism

8. Timothy McVeigh was arrested within 90 minutes of the explosion by Oklahoma State Trooper Charlie Hanger for driving his yellow 1977 Mercury Marquis without a license plate, and arrested him for having a concealed weapon

9. April 21st Federal agents take McVeigh custody as they continued their investigation into the bombing

10. June 1997 Timothy McVeigh is found guilty and sentenced to death

11. June 11th 2001 Timothy McVeigh was executed by lethal injection at the Federal Correctional Complex, Terre Haute in Terre Haute, Indiana

12. May 26, 2004 Terry Nichols is found guilty of 161 counts of first-degree murder and sentenced to 161 consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole

United States - Galileo Spacecraft

1. NASA’s Galileo spacecraft arrives at Jupiter during December.

2. Upon its arrival, it released a probe into Jupiter’s atmosphere which was able to transmit about an hour of data before it stopped functioning.

3. The mission was launched in October 18, 1989.

4. It became the first spacecraft to observe asteroids up close during a flyby in 1990 with Gaspra and in 1992 with Ida.

5. It spent several years observing the atmosphere of Jupiter and the planet’s major moons.

6. The main mission was completed in 1997 .

7. In September of 2003 the Galileo spacecraft plunged into the atmosphere of Jupiter.

United States --- Michael Jordan returns to the NBA

Michael Jordan returns to the NBA, ending his retirement.

More Information for Jordan returns to NBA

Record-breaking basketball player Michael Jordan announced that he was coming out of retirement during March of 1995. Jordan rejoined the Chicago Bulls, who he had been playing with since being drafted in 1984. He had previously won three championship games with the Bulls in 1991. 1992, and 1993, before announcing his sudden retirement in late 1993. During 1994 he played Minor League Baseball before deciding to return to basketball in March of 1995. After restarting his career he went on to win three more NBA Finals with the Bulls in 1996, 1997, and 1998. Jordan permanently retired in 2003.

Canada - Quebec Referendum

In a Referendum in Quebec the vote to become independent from Canada is narrowly defeated.

More Information for the Quebec Referendum

Quebec held a referendum on whether or not the Canadian province should declare its independence during October of 1995. The referendum had the condition that prior to separating there should be an economic and political offer made to Canada which many believed made the question unclear and created confusion. The vote on independence had an extremely high turnout with about 93 percent of registered voters participating and the results were very close. The “No” vote won with 50.58 percent with 2,363,648 votes. The “Yes” vote had 49.42 percent with 2,308,360 votes, a difference of just 54,288.

Cost of Living 1995

Yearly Inflation Rate USA 2.81%

Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 5117

Interest Rates Year End Federal Reserve 8.50%

Average Cost of new house $113,150.00

Average Income per year $35,900.00

Average Monthly Rent $550.00

Cost of a gallon of Gas $1.09

US Postage Stamp 32 cents

Average cost of new car $15,500.00

Loaf of Bread $2.02

Ground Coffee per IB$4.07

Loaf of Bread $1.15

Dozen Eggs 87 cents

Below are some Prices for UK guides in Pounds Sterling

Average House Price 68,183

Gallon of Petrol 2.70

Yearly Inflation Rate UK 3.5%

Interest Rates Year End Bank of England 6.38%

FTSE 100 Average 3350

2 examples from Childrens Toys From The 1995 Page

Teacher Barbie From The 1990s Teacher Barbie
Manufacturer: Barbie
Price: $27.99
Description The Teacher Barbie set comes with two students, a chalkboard, two desks, and Teacher Barbie herself.

Nikko Barracuda Boat From The 1990s Barracuda Boat
Manufacturer: Nikko
Price: $59.99
Description This radio-controlled toy boat can race through pools or ponds and is capable of moving forward, reversing, turning left or right, and stopping. It comes with an automatic bilge pump and display stand.

Other Major Events From 1995

United States --- Space Shuttle Atlantis

The Space Shuttle Atlantis docks with the Russian Mir Space Station.

More Information and Timeline for STS-71 Mission.

The STS-71 Space Shuttle mission launches on June 27th of 1995. The mission of STS-71 was to dock the Space Shuttle Atlantis at the Russian Mir Space Station. This was the first time that a space shuttle attempted to dock with the Mir space Station and it marked an important accomplishment and moment in space travel. It was also symbolically important in recognizing the cooperation between Russia and the United States only a few years after the end of the Cold War. The mission conducted the first space shuttle exchange of a Mir crew and took U.S. astronaut Norm Thagard back to earth after a 4 month long, record-setting stay aboard Mir.

United States --- Steve Fossett

Steve Fossett Becomes the first person to make a solo flight across the Pacific Ocean in a hot air balloon.

More Information for the first Solo Trans-Pacific Balloon Flight.

During the month of February in 1995, balloonist Steve Fossett completed the very first solo transpacific balloon flight. Fossett took off from South Korea and landed in Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada. His balloon was named the “Solo Challenger.” Fossett continued to pursue ballooning and other world records during his career as an adventurer until his disappearance in 2007. Fossett’s plane vanished over Nevada during a scouting mission and he was officially declared dead in 2008.

Syria Peace talks

Syria has Peace talks with Israel


US Imposes economic sanctions against Iran


US pulls out of Somalia


Ken Saro-Wiwa writer and human rights activist is executed in Nigeria despite worldwide pleas for clemency

Nigeria Expelled

Nigeria Expelled from Commonwealth due to Human Rights Abuses


United Nations intervenes in Bosnian Civil War and cease fire after peace agreement War ends

Japan earthquake

A magnitude 7.3 earthquake occurs near Kobe, Japan, killing 6,433 people

Sarin nerve Gas

Terrorists release Sarin nerve Gas at Kasumigaseki station killing 12 and sending over 5,000 to hospital

Barings Bank collapses

The United Kingdom's oldest investment banking firm, Barings Bank collapses after a securities broker Nick Leeson has lost $1.4 billion by speculating on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

UK Riots Brixton

Riots break out in Brixton, London

Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty

In New York City, more than 170 countries decide to extend the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty indefinitely and without conditions


The (WTO) World Trade Organization starts as a replacement for GATT

Russia earthquake

Russia is hit by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake killing at least 2000 people

U.S. heat wave

An unprecedented heat wave strikes the Midwestern United States Temperatures exceed 104°F in the afternoon for 5 straight days. At least 3000 people die, 750 in Chicago, Illinois alone.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Dayton accord

The Dayton accord is signed by leaders of Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia bringing peace to the baltic area.

U.S. Unibomber

The New York times and Washington Post publish the Unibombers 35,000 word manifesto.

Montserrat Volcanic eruption

Volcanic eruption in the island of Montserrat

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnian Serbs Take control of the City Srebrenica from Peacekeeping forces and perform the worst case of Ethnic Cleansing since the second World War killing 7,000 Muslim men and raping hundreds of Muslim Women.

NATO bombing campaign

NATO bombing campaign against Serb artillery positions in Bosnia Leads to a Peace agreement

Congo Ebola virus

The Ebola virus kills 244 Africans in Kikwit, Zaire in Central Africa.

Israel Yitzhak Rabin

Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin is mortally wounded by a right-wing Israeli gunman.

Canada Referendum

In a Referendum in Quebec the vote to become independent from Canada is narrowly defeated

U.S. OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson is found innocent

U.S. budget deadlock

Federal workers were sent home when there is no Money to Pay Federal Workers during budget deadlock

U.S. Dow Jones

Dow Jones closes above 5,000 for the first time

U.S. 55 MPH limit

The 55 MPH limit imposed during the Middle East Crisis in 1973 / 1974 is ended

Japan Nerve Gas

Nerve Gas put in Tokyo Subway injures thousands

U.S. MLB Strike ends

Major League Baseball players end a 232-day strike

Megan's Law

42 U.S.C. § 13701, entitled Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act is passed ( informal name Megan's Law ) which helps to make parents aware of the presence of convicted sex offenders in their neighborhood.

Technology 1995

Windows 95 released by Microsoft

JavaScript was first introduced and deployed

Ebay started the online auction and shopping website, where people buy and sell goods and services worldwide.

Cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov returns after setting a record for 438 days in space.

The US Space Shuttle Atlantis docks with the Russian Mir space stationon June 29 News Events for the first time

The unmanned Galileo spacecraft arrives at the planet Jupiter

DVD, optical disc storage media format, is announced.

In southern France a network of caves are discovered that contain paintings and engravings that are 17,000 to 20,000 years old.

Popular Culture 1995

American rock band Grateful Dead announce break up

Popular Films

Toy Story first ever wholly computer generated film

Batman Forever

Apollo 13


Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls




Die Hard With a Vengeance


Popular Musicians


Deep Blue Something


Smashing Pumpkins

Rage Against The Machine

Van Halen

Whitney Houston

Mariah Carey

Alanis Morissette


Garth Brooks

Blues Traveler

Janet Jackson

1995 Calendar

Major World Political Leaders 1995

Australia Prime Minister Paul Keating

Brazil President Itamar Franco Till 1 January

Brazil President Fernando Henrique Cardoso From 1 January

Canada Prime Minister Jean Chrétien

China Chairman of the People's Republic of China Jiang Zemin

France President François Mitterrand Till 17 May

France President Jacques Chirac From 17 May

Germany Chancellor Helmut Kohl

India Prime Minister P. V. Narasimha Rao

Italy Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Till 17 January

Italy Prime Minister Lamberto Dini From 17 January

Japan Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama

Mexico President Ernesto Zedillo

Russia / Soviet Union

General Secretary of the CPSU Boris Yeltsin

South Africa State President Nelson Mandela

United States President Bill Clinton

United Kingdom Prime Minister John Major