September This Day In History

Important News Stories From Each Day In September This Day In History together with the year

September 1st :
1914 St. Petersburg Changes Name To Petrograd
1923 Great Kanto Earthquake and Great Tokyo Fire Japan
1939 Germany Invades Poland
1954 Hurricane Carol Strikes Long Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island
2004 Chechen Rebels Take 1,000 Children Hostage

September 2nd :
1935 Labor Day Hurricane strikes Florida Keys
1945 Japan formally surrenders to the Allies

September 3rd :
1929 Dow Reaches Peak of 381.17 Before Stock Market Crash
1939 Britain and France Declare War On Germany
1984 Typhoon Ike Strikes Philippines

September 4th :
1959 Labor Reform Act Passed US
1972 Mark Spitz wins a record seventh gold medal

September 5th :
1972 Black September Attack Israel Athletes During Olympics
2007 Apple Launches Itouch

September 6th :
1901 President McKinley Assasinated
1941 Jews Ordered To Wear Yellow Star Of David Germany

September 7th :
1940 Battle Of Britain To Protect British Cities
1979 ESPN Debuts On Cable
2008 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into government control

September 8th :
1944 First V2 rocket Lands on London

September 9th :
1950 Truman Fireside Chat To Explain new Controls
1956 Elvis Presley appears on Ed Sullivan's show
1965 Hurricane Betsy Makes Landfall
1971 Attica Prison Riot New York

September 10th :
1942 Gas Rationing US
1973 King's Cross and Euston station Bombings

September 11th :
1978 Georgi Markov Killed Using Poison Umbrella
2001 9/11 Attacks On World Trade Center and Pentagon
2004 Hurricane Ivan Causes Massive Destruction

September 12th :
1940 Lascaux Prehistoric Cave Paintings Discovered In France
1953 John Fitzgerald Kennedy marries Jacqueline Lee Bouvier
1953 Nikita Khrushchev Takes Over In Soviet Union
1960 Hurricane Donna Strikes Long Island
1977 Steve Biko Killed In South Africa
1988 Hurricane Gilbert Strikes Jamaica

September 13th :

September 14th :
1959 First Man Made Object ( Luna 2 )Reaches The Moon
1960 OPEC Created
1966 Minimum Wage Raised To $1.40 in US
1982 Princess Grace of Monaco Dies
2001 Osama bin Laden Named As Prime Suspect
2006 E. Coli Breakout U.S.

September 15th :

September 16th :
1920 Wall Street Bombing
1928 Okeechobee Hurricane Strikes Florida
1932 Mahatma Gandhi begins his hunger strike
1997 Steve Jobs Returns to Apple

September 17th :
1975 Inflation Hits 26% in the UK

September 18th :
1970 Jimi Hendrix Dies From Overdose

September 19th :
1960 Chubby Checker has a number 1 record with The Twist
1978 Carl Bridgewater Murder UK
1995 Unabombers 35,000 word manifesto New York Times

September 20th :
1946 First Cannes Film Festival
1973 Battle of the sexes in Tennis Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs

September 21st :
1937 J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit," published
1989 Colin Powell appointed as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

September 22nd :
1938 New England hurricane
1961 Peace Corps Established

September 23rd :
1952 Rocky Marciano Becomes world heavyweight champion
1957 Little Rock Nine School Children Issue Arkansas
2004 Hurricane Jeanne slams into Haiti

September 24th :
1908 First factory-built Ford Model T completed
1988 Ben Johnson wins the 100m gold at the Seoul Olympics and then fails drug test

September 25th :

September 26th :
1962 "Beverly Hillbillies" HIT TV Show Starts
1969 "Chicago Seven" Trial Begins
1969 The Beatles release the "Abbey Road Album " in the UK
2002 The ferry Joola from Senegal capsizes off the coast of Gambia
2007 "Saffron Revolution" Burma / Union of Myanmar
2009 Roman Polanski Detained In Switzerland

September 27th :
1959 Typhoon Vera Strikes Honshu , Japan
1964 The Warren commission publishes official verdict for assassination of President John F. Kennedy

September 28th :
1928 Alexander Fleming Discovers Penicillin
1975 Spaghetti House Siege In London
1994 Car and Passenger Ferry the Estonia sinks

September 29th :
1982 Tylenol Capsule Laced with Cyanide poison Chicago, Illinois

September 30th :
1949 Berlin Airlift Ends After agreement reached
1955 James Dean Dies In Car Crash
1981 Sandra Day O'Connor becomes first female U.S. Supreme Court justice in history
2009 Earthquake Sumatra
These are only a few of the stories included this day in history pages for each day in September ,

Public Domain Photos

The year is not always the year of the photogaph but the year where you will find it on that day in history page

1st September Public Domain Photos :
Great Kanto Earthquake 1923 Lincoln Highway 1928 Mayor James Walker 1932 Germany Invades Poland 1939 Hurricane Carol 1954 Bobby Fischer 1972 Princess Diana 1997 Alan Greenspan Chairman of the Federal Reserve 1987
Beanie Baby 1999 Camp Delta Guantanamo Bay prison camp 2005 2nd September Public Domain Photos :
Great Tokyo Fire And Earthquake 1923 Labor Day Hurricane 1935 Ho Chi Minh 1945 Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe 1979 Hurricane Katrina 2005
3rd September Public Domain Photos :
Sir Malcolm Campbell Bluebird 1935 Camels 1937 Birth Control Pill 1968
North Vietnam POW Camp Hanoi Hilton 1972 Mars Viking 2 1976 Basra Iraq 2007 4th September Public Domain Photos :
Little Rock Nine 1957 Forth Road Bridge 1964 Dutch Elm Disease 1968
Americas Cup 1983 Africanized Bees 1991 Ford Thunderbird 1997 5th September Public Domain Photos :
Lloyd George 1921 British Red Telephone Box 1959 Right And Left Hand Drive 1967
Principality Of Sealand 1978 Pan Am 747 1986 Tongass National Forest 2004 6th September Public Domain Photos :
President McKinley 1901 Ku Klux Klan 1921 Yellow Star Of David 1941
Volkswagen Beetle 1949 De Havilland 110 1952 European Currency ( Euro ) 2000 7th September Public Domain Photos :
RMS Lusitania 1907 Submarine 1934 London Blitz 1940
Spitfire 1940 Panama Canal 1977 Kennedy Assasination 1978 Hurricane Ivan 2004 8th September Public Domain Photos :
Zeppelin 1915 Huey P. Long 1935 Siege of Leningrad 1941
General Dwight Eisenhower 1943 V2 Rocket 1944 President Gerald Ford 1974 Nissan Car Factory Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom 1986 Typhoon Songda 2004 9th September Public Domain Photos :
China Japanese War 1945 First Computer Bug 1945
President Harry S Truman 1950
First Computer Bug 1945
Hurricane Donna 1960
Hurricane Betsy 1965 Chairman Mao Zedong 1976
Alan Greenspan Chairman of the Federal Reserve 1987 Bush Gorbachev Malta Summit 1990 Camp Delta Guantanamo Bay prison camp 2005 10th September Public Domain Photos :
Early Biplane1927 Scar Face Al Capone 1930
Lining Up For ration cards World War II 1942
Rock Of Gibraltar 1967
Kings Cross Bombing Emergency Services 1973
Guillotine 1977 Orca Whales Jumping 1998
Space shuttle Atlantis docks with International Space Station MIR 2000 UN General Assembly 2002 11th September Public Domain Photos :
Quebec Bridge 1911 underground brewery Still during prohibition 1930
Charles A. Lindbergh 1941
Old Interest Rates 1970
Umbrella Gun Used For Poison 1978
911 Attacks twin Towers 2002 Gaza Strip 2005
12th September Public Domain Photos :
Rudyard Kipling 1922 Child With Polio 1948
Jacqueline Lee Bouvier / Kennedy Wedding 1953
Hurricane Donna Storm Path 1960
President John F. Kennedy 1962
Haile Selassie I 1974 Steve Biko 1977
Hurricane Gibert 1988
Bungee Jumping 1990
The Spice Girls 1998
President George W. Bush 2001
Alan Greenspan chairman of the US Federal Reserve 2002
13th September Public Domain Photos :
Siege of Constantinople 1922 Mussolini 1940
Nuclear weapons underground test site Nevada 1961
New York Marathon Runners 1970
Grizzly Bear 1978
Osama Bin Laden 2002 Steve Biko 1977
Hurricane Gibert 1988
Bungee Jumping 1990
Bill Clinton, Yitzhak Rabin, and Yasser Arafat 1993
The Spice Girls 1998
President George W. Bush 2001
Alan Greenspan chairman of the US Federal Reserve 2002
14th September Public Domain Photos :
Yangtze River 1926 Nazi Swastika 1935
Luna 2 Space Module 1959
Escherichia coli (E. coli) 2006
15th September Public Domain Photos :
Battle Of The Somme 1916 Dalai Lama 1951
Nikita Khrushchev 1959
Camp David 1978
Hurricane Floyd 1999
16th September Public Domain Photos :
Okeechobee Hurricane 1928 Great Depression 1931
President Franklin D. Roosevelt 1940
US Population 1949
King George VI 1951
Diablo Canyon Nuclear Reactor 1981
17th September Public Domain Photos :
Suez Canal 1956
Wall Street 2001
18th September Public Domain Photos :
President Jimmy Carter 1973
Strategic Defense Weapons ( SDI ) 1985
Giant Mine Yellowknife 1992
Hurricane Isabel Damage To Hatteras Island 2003
19th September Public Domain Photos :
Battle For Stalingrad 1942
Charlie Chaplin 1952
Aldo Moro captive Red Brigade 1978
Mexico City Earthquake 1985
Operation Uphold Democracy 1994
Unabomber Theodore John Kaczynski 1995
Southall Rail Crash 1997
London Bombings Appeal Poster 2005
20th September Public Domain Photos :
Great Miami Hurricane 1926
RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 QE2 1967
21st September Public Domain Photos :
New England Hurricane 1938
Cod Wars 1958
Harrier Jump Jet 1979
Colin Powell Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff 1989
Hurricane Jeanne Flooding Haiti 2004
22nd September Public Domain Photos :
German U Boat 1914
Gene Tunney Stamp 1927
Berlin Blockade 1948
Mig 15 1953
Prince Charles 1986
President Pervez Musharraf 2006
23rd September Public Domain Photos :
Theodore Roosevelt Jr 1924
Varney Speed Lines Lockheed L-9 Orion 1925
President Nixon 1952
Concord 1977
Mars Climate Orbiter 1999

24th September Public Domain Photos :
Ford Model T 1908
USS Enterprise (CVN-65) 1926
Hurricane Rita Flooding Galveston 2005

25th September Public Domain Photos :
Flying Boat 1936
Bikini Atoll Atomic Bomb Test 1946
Constellation Aircraft 1962
Locust 2004

26th September Public Domain Photos :
The Beatles 1965
Assisi's Medieval Basilica 1997
27th September Public Domain Photos :
RMS Queen Elizabeth 1 1938
Tripartite Pact 1940
Hurricane Gloria Flooding 1985
28th September Public Domain Photos :
Chicago First Plane To Fly Round World 1924
Alexander Fleming 1928
Early Polio Vaccine Clinic 1963
Muhammad Ali 1976
Pope John Paul I 1978
29th September Public Domain Photos :
US Sixth Fleet 1970
30th September Public Domain Photos :
RMS Queen Mary 1946
Sandra Day O'Connor 1981
President Bill Clinton 1998

September This Day In History

September is the month we see more Hurricanes and Typhoons with the associated loss of life and damage to property than any most other months of the year, and The This day in History Articles confirm this
Other Notable Events from September include a number of terrorist attacks
The 911 attacks carried out on September 11, 2001
The Attack on Israeli Athletes in Munich during the 1972 Olympic Games
It also provided a time in history when the world came close to a second world war over who would control Germany Post War with the Russians blockading Berlin.
It was also the month that turned the tables in The Battle Of Britain as British fighters and fighter pilots managed to destroy more Luftwaffe aircraft in the skies over England
There also appear to be a large number of Strikes by Workers on this month in countries around the world and a few military coup's

Major Holidays In September

Labor Day U.S.A. First Monday in September
Labour Day Canada First Monday in September
Independence Day Mexico September 16