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7 Sept, 1986 - Bishop Desmond Tutu
1986 : Bishop Desmond Tutu becomes the first black man to become archbishop of Cape Town, two years after winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent opposition to apartheid in South Africa.

7 Sept, 1907 - Lusitania Sets Record
1907 : The RMS Lusitania sets sail on her maiden voyage from Liverpool, England and arrived in New York City, New York just over five days later, setting a transatlantic record.
RMS Lusitania Public Domain Photo
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7 Sept, 1921 - Mining Industry Unrest
1921 : The continued unrest in the mining industry due to the problems between the United Mine Workers Union and the mine owners continue to worsen as the Union is accused of using bullying tactics to force non-members to join and the mine owners are accused of bringing in detectives and armed guards to protect mines and non-union members.

7 Sept, 1934 - World Submarine Price Fixing
1934 : The alleged price fixing of submarines for the defense industry is spreading further and wider than anyone realized with many companies from around the world involved. Some of those named so far are the Electric Boat Company (USA) and Vickers Shipbuilders (Great Britain). It also appears that major ship builders in Holland, Belgium, Norway, France, Spain and Italy are also involved.
USS Greeneville Submarine Public Domain Photo
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7 Sept, 1940 - UK London Blitz
1940 : Germany starts it's Blitz on London with 300 German bombers in the first of 57 consecutive nights of bombing. The Blitz caused the deaths of over 40,000 men women and children and left a million homes destroyed in the city.
London Blitz St Pauls Cathedral Public Domain Photo
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7 Sept, 1940 - Battle of Britain
1940 : The battle in the skies over England continues as Germany continues to send large numbers of Bombers laden with bombs targeting Liverpool, North East, North West, Bristol and London, and each night British fighters go out trying to stop the destruction to towns and cities around the country. During last nights raids some 40 + German bombers were downed by British fighter pilots. The Battle of Britain is the name given to efforts by the Luftwaffe during the Summer and Autumn of 1940 to gain air superiority over the RAF's Fighter Command which would have allowed the German planned amphibious and airborne landings in Britain of Operation Sealion to succeed.
Spitfire Public Domain Photo
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7 Sept, 1942 - Russia Stalingrad
1942 : The city of Stalingrad has been turned into a fortress city by defending Soviet troops and the German advance has been halted. In other areas of the Soviet Union Soviet troops are now starting to gather momentum and are now on the offensive in many areas taking back large areas previously controlled by German Forces.

7 Sept, 1955 - U.S.A. Hurricane Season
1955 : With Hurricane Season now in full swing Hurricane Gladys has pounded the Texas coastline and Hurricane Flora is now gathering strength far out to sea.

7 Sept, 1977 - Panama Canal to be Handed Over
September 7th, 1977 : President Jimmy Carter and Panamanian dictator Omar Torrijos sign the Panama Canal treaties agreeing to transfer control of the Panama Canal from the United States to Panama at the end of the 20th century.
Panama Canal  GNU Free Documentation License
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7 Sept, 1978 - Kennedy Assassination Investigation
1978 : Following the continued speculation on who was responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22nd 1963, the house assassinations committee has promised to all the evidence about speculations and rumors surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy 15 years ago.
Public Domain Kennedy
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7 Sept, 1979 - U.S.A. Chrysler Bail Out
September 7th, 1979 : Chrysler has asked for Federal assistance to help with a rescue plan to the tune of 1 billion dollars following losses including a pre-tax loss in excess of $700 million dollars.

7 Sept, 1979 - ESPN Debuts on Cable
1979 : ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) founded by Scott Rasmussen and his father Bill Rasmussen makes its cable TV debut.

7 Sept, 1984 - UK Salmonella Outbreak
September 7th, 1984 : Salmonella outbreak at hospitals in Yorkshire has left 19 dead from food poisoning and a further 400 people infected.

7 Sept, 1985 - U.S.A. Debt Ridden Farmers
1985 : The Country Singer Willie Nelson and the Governor James R. Thompson have organized a 12 hour concert to highlight the problems facing the nations debt-ridden farmers on September 22nd. Close to 40 rock and country and western singers have agreed to perform including Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Kenny Rogers, The Beech Boys and The Charles Daniels Band at the University of Illinois Memorial Stadium.

7 Sept, 1992 - South Africa Soldiers Fire on Demonstrators
September 7th, 1992 : Soldiers fire indiscriminately into African National Congress (ANC) demonstrators on the border of Ciskei in South Africa, killing 24 and injuring 150 more. The demonstration had attracted 50,000 people.

7 Sept, 1993 - Jamaica Crime Increase
1993 : The continuing increase in crime, power cut offs and water shortages in Jamaica is causing more and more Jamaicans to question the policies of the currently elected government, many are blaming the group well known for much of the violence who are known to traffic illegal drugs to the US and UK "The Yardies" and question why the Police Force and Government have not dealt with the issue.

7 Sept, 1996 - Rapper Tupac Shakur Shot
September 7th, 1996 : The controversial rapper Tupac Shakur (2Pac) who had been involved with gang violence between rival gangs and had spent time in prison, was shot on the Las Vegas Strip (Identity of Gunmen Unknown) he died six days later at age 25.

7 Sept, 1998 - U.S.A. Mark McGwire
1998 : Mark McGwire the St. Louis Cardinals slugger has beaten the most revered record in baseball by hitting his 62nd home run of the season in a game against the Chicago Cubs.

7 Sept, 1998 - Dow Record One Day Gains
September 7th, 1998 : The Dow Jones Industrial Average gains 380 points a gain of nearly 5% in one day to finish at over 8,000 , the gains are in response to remarks by the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank Alan Greenspan on Saturday that he was inclined to cut interest rates to prevent an economic slowdown.

7 Sept, 1999 - Greece Earthquake
1999 : A 5.9 magnitude earthquake lasting for approximately 15 seconds near Athens, Greece leaves 140 dead and widespread structural damage in the towns of Ano Liossia, Acharnes, Fyli and Thrakomakedones.

7 Sept, 2000 - France Fuel Price Protests
September 7th, 2000 : French farmers join the protest against high fuel prices by using tractors to block the channel tunnel entrance. Taxi drivers and ambulance drivers have also blocked the Paris Calais motorway, the A16. Meanwhile road hauliers are still blocking most of the country's oil depots and refineries leading to 3/4 of the countries petrol stations with no fuel. The protesters want the French government to significantly reduce the amount of fuel tax to ease the increases of oil prices.

7 Sept, 2004 - Grenada Hurricane Ivan
2004 : Hurricane Ivan (Category 4 hurricane) makes landfall on the small island of Grenada often called 'The Spice Isle' part of the Windward Islands causing 90% percent of the Island homes to be damaged or destroyed. Hurricane Ivan continued its deadly path over the next few days affecting Aruba, Jamaica, Cuba and the US and and becoming a Category 5 hurricane at one point making it one of the strongest hurricanes on record although not the deadliest (92 recorded deaths).
Hurricane Ivan Public Domain Photo
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7 Sept, 2006 - India Terrorist Attacks
September 7th, 2006 : Terrorists have targeted a Muslim Graveyard in Malegaon, western India, with multiple bombs during the Shab-e-Barat the day Muslims pray for their dead, Reports indicate a total of 37 dead and more than 125 others injured during the attacks.

7 Sept, 2006 - Russia Mining Disaster
2006 : Twenty-one miners die after a fire breaks out in the Darasun gold mine in Chita, Siberia.

7 Sept, 2007 - India Truck Crash
September 7th, 2007 : A truck carrying 150 people on a Hindu pilgrimage lost control and fell down a gorge in the state of Rajasthan. At least eighty-five people died.

7 Sept, 2008 - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
2008 : Following the collapse of the Mortgage market due in part to the ongoing subprime mortgage crisis the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) takes the countries two largest mortgage provides Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into government conservatorship which means they will assume the power of the Board and management.

7 Sept, 2011 - Plane carrying KHL team crashes
September 7th, 2011 : A private chartered Yak-42 jet carrying the KHL Russian professional hockey team to its first game of the season crashed shortly after takeoff killing 43 people including many international stars including Two former Chicago Blackhawks, Alexander Karpovtsev and Igor Korolev, Former New Jersey Devils forward Alexander Vasyunov and Dallas Stars defenseman Karlis Skrastins.

7 Sept, 2011 - Major Flooding US East Coast
2011 : Heavy rain from remnants of Tropical Storm Lee cause Flooding in the northeastern United States affecting Pennsylvania, New York, Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland with many rivers on the east coast overflowing banks with hundreds of thousands forced to evacuate over the next few days, causing loss of life and damage estimates predicted to run into hundreds of millions.

7 Sept, 2012 - Canada Closes Iranian Embassy
September 7th, 2012 : Canada closed its Iranian embassies and expelled Iranian diplomats from the country. Canada's government stated that Iran's failure to comply with UN inspections and its support for the Syrian president were the reasons for the diplomatic break.

7 Sept, 2013 - Protesters at Brazil Independence Day Celebrations
2013 : Around two-hundred protesters disrupted Brazil's September 7th military parade. The protesters yelled anti-government sentiments and clashed with police. Several people were arrested.

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Buddy Holly
Born: Charles Hardin Holley 7th September 1936 Lubbock, Texas, U.S.
Died: February 3rd 1959 Clear Lake, Iowa, U.S.
Known For : Buddy Holly best known as one of the pioneers of rock and roll with his group The Comets. In just a short time of success before the tragic loss due to an aircraft accident just 18 months after he achieved stardom. During his lifetime he recorded hundreds of songs but only a few were released while he was alive including the singles "That'll Be the Day" (Number 1) and "Peggy Sue" (Number 3) but following his death many others were released by his record label. Buddy Holly's life inspired the biographical film, The Buddy Holly Story and Don McLean's popular 1971 ballad "American Pie."

Gloria Gaynor
Born: Gloria Fowles 7th September 1949 Newark, New Jersey United States
Known For : Gloria Gaynor American pop, R&B and disco music Singer songwriter, actress who achieved her best success in the mid 70s to early 80s although she still a loyal following today. Her biggest hits included "Never Can Say Goodbye," "I Will Survive," and "I Am What I Am."