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17 Sept, 1976 - First Space Shuttle the Enterprise
1976 : NASA publicly unveils its first space shuttle, the Enterprise.

17 Sept, 1928 - Puerto Rico Famine Problem
1928 : After the devastation of the latest hurricane on Puerto Rico leaving over 1000 dead famine is now a major problem with over 300,000 suffering from severe hunger due to the destruction of local crops by the hurricane and because of low defenses due to malnutrition disease is spreading quickly. Over half of the Islands population are now thought to be homeless and martial law is in place to stop looting, and allow the government to requisition food and to ration.

17 Sept, 1933 - U.S.A. Wages By Employment
1933 : New figures published for the New York area show the current average weekly wages for a number of employment types.
Physician $55.32 per week
Engineer $40.68 per week
Clerks $22.15 per week
Salesman $25.020 per week
Laborer $20.00 per week
Typists $15.09 per week


17 Sept, 1939 - Soviet Union Invades Poland
1939 : Soviet Union invades eastern Poland while Germany has invaded Western Poland earlier in the month.


17 Sept, 1944 - Holland Airborne Invasion By Allies
1944 : Thousands of allied troops parachute behind enemy lines in Holland at the beginning of the largest airborne invasion ever undertaken with over 1,000 aircraft involved and tens of thousands of paratroopers. The invasion by included the First Airborne Allied Army included British, US and Polish airborne troops.

17 Sept, 1956 - Egypt Suez Crisis
1956 : Egypt has celebrated it's first day running the Suez Canal by Egyptian Technicians, meanwhile the rest of the world are deciding ways to deal with Egypt and the US is calling for a boycott of the Canal by other nations at the same time offering US aid for the additional cost of going round rather than through the canal.
Suez Canal Public Domain Photo
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17 Sept, 1956 - World Water Speed Record Broken
1956 : Norman Buckley has smashed the World Water Speed Record in his motorboat, Miss Windermere III at an average speed of over 79 mph on Lake Windermere.

17 Sept, 1961 - UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold
1961 : The UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold (Swedish) has died in an air crash outside the Northern Rhodesian town of Ndola.
UN General Assembly  Public Domain Photo
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17 Sept, 1966 - U.S.A. Racial Attacks
1966 : FBI Agents today arrested 13 white men in Grenada, Mississippi on charges of savage attacks on young African-American school children using sticks, fists and a club earlier this week. The National Guard was also encamped in this city where racial tensions are running high on both sides.

17 Sept, 1975 - United Kingdom 26% Inflation
September 17th, 1975 : Inflation was running at 26% in Great Britain (US inflation was 9.2%) and the only thing certain is that times will become harder as the number of people out of work increases and the government setting a ceiling on pay rises of an annual increase of 12 pound per year, with many increases on prices still to come life will become much harder for the British worker. British governments have allowed the spiral to go out of control so now the medicine to fix the problem is much harder to take especially when it comes from a Labour government which is funded by trade union donations, but unless inflation is fixed quickly British goods will become even more un-competitive than they are currently.

17 Sept, 1978 - U.S.A. Camp David
1978 : Egyptian President Anwar el-Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin sign the Camp David Accords.
Camp David Public Domain Photo
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17 Sept, 1982 - Palestinian Refugees Massacred
September 17th, 1982 : Over 1,000 Palestinian Refugees have been massacred in refugee camps in West Beirut by Lebanese militia, many are blaming Israeli troops who are believed to have stood by and watched the massacre of men, women and children in the camps.

17 Sept, 1985 - South Africa Invades Angola
1985 : South African troops have invaded the neighboring country of Angola to track down rebels fighting the Apartheid regime, they are also using rubber bullets,guns and tear gas on stone throwing student protesters as the number of protests increase across the country.

17 Sept, 1995 - U.S.A. Wheat Prices Increase 25%
September 17th, 1995 : US Wheat prices have risen by 25% this year, the reasons have been identified as the increased amount China now imports and poor weather conditions affecting the crop.

17 Sept, 2001 - Wall Street Re-Opens
2001 : After 6 days following the 9-11 terrorist bombing in New York City, Wall Street opens for business and resumes trading, ending the longest shut down since the great depression. At the end of the day the Dow Jones had lost a record 684.81 points, its worst-ever one-day drop.
Wall Street In The 1860's Public Domain Photo
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17 Sept, 2006 - Sweden Social Democrats Lose After 12 Years In Power
September 17th, 2006 : The Social Democrats lose the election after having governed Sweden since 1994, in a close fought election. They had been led by the party leader Goran Persson since 1996. They are beaten by Fredrik Reinfeldt from the moderate unity Party and backed by the Liberals, Centre Party and Christian Democrats.

17 Sept, 2006 - E.coli outbreak From Spinach
2006 : An E.coli outbreak occurs in the United States. The outbreak is blamed on spinach and all spinach is recalled from stores. A total three deaths were attributed to the outbreak.

17 Sept, 2007 - Blackwater Banned From Iraq
September 17th, 2007 : The Iraq government has revoked the license of the private security firm employed by the US Government "Blackwater USA" to operate in Iraq and is the company is now banned from operating in Iraq. This is directly related to an incident that occurred during which seventeen Iraqis were killed. The employees of Blackwater will be held in the country pending a criminal trial.

17 Sept, 2011 - "Occupy Wall Street" Protest Begin in New York City
2011 : Protesters begin their "Occupation" of Wall Street in New York City, a movement for reform and acknowledgement of the social problems that have helped to cause the economic downturn in the country. The protesters state that they represent the majority of Americans and are demonstrating against the wealthiest Americans who they believe control the majority of wealth and political power in the country, among other reasons. The protests spread across the country to other cities, as well as gaining attention worldwide as protesters in other countries joined in for solidarity. Protests continued throughout October, and effectively ended when occupiers were removed from Zuccotti Park on November 15th.

17 Sept, 2012 - Secret Video of Mitt Romney Released
September 17th, 2012 : A secret video taken of Mitt Romney during a private donors dinner revealed his views on Obama voters. Romney stated that he believed that forty-seven percent of Americans who supported Obama did so because they did not pay any income tax and would never vote for Romney. .He also made comments indicating that he believed that percentage of people do not take "personal responsibility" for their own lives. Despite his comments on the situation, a large percentage of people who did not pay income tax still paid payroll tax or were elderly and retired people living on benefits.

17 Sept, 2013 - Parliamentary Elections in Rwanda
2013 : The Rwandan Patriotic Front Party of Rwanda wins with an overwhelming majority in the country's recent parliamentary elections. The RPF party won about seventy-six percent of the vote and won forty of the fifty-three parliament seats.

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Born: September 17th, 1975, El Cajon, California
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John Ritter
Born: September 17th, 1948, Burbank, California
Died: September 11th, 2003, Burbank, California,
Known For : Actor and comedian perhaps best known for playing Jack Tripper in the sitcom Three's Company. He was also an Emmy and Golden Globe winner.