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February 26th Major News Events

  1. 1993 Car Bomb World Trade Center
  2. 1919 Congress established Grand Canyon National Park which includes the Grand Canyon
  3. 1938 Crude oil was found in Abilene, Texas.
  4. 1952 Prime Minister Winston Churchill announces Great Britain has developed its own atomic bomb.
  5. 1972 A dam In West Virginia’s Buffalo Creek Valley collapses flooding Buffalo Creek Valley and killing 118 people
  6. 1991 Kuwait City is liberated by Gulf War Allies
  7. 1995 Barings PLC, Britain's oldest investment banking firm, collapsed
  8. 2009 Simpsons Set to Become US Longest Running TV Show
  9. 2011 Space Shuttle Discovery Docks for Last Time

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1993 U.S.A. Car Bomb World Trade Center

1993 : A car bomb which exploded in an underground garage at the World Trade Center shook the 110 story towers causing the collapse of several floors in the underground garage and tearing a hole in the ceiling of an adjoining subway leaving six people dead and injuring a further 100. It is thought Islamic extremists are responsible. In May 1994, four men - Mohammed Salameh, Nidal Ayyad, Mahmud Abouhalima and Ahmad Ajaj - were sentenced to life for bombing the World Trade Center, which killed six people and injured 100.

2001 Netherlands War Crimes

2001 : A U.N. tribunal in The Hague in the Netherlands convicts Bosnian Croat political leader Dario Kordic of war crimes for ordering the systematic murder and persecution of Muslim civilians during the Bosnian war.

1919 U.S.A. Grand Canyon National Park

1919 : Congress established Grand Canyon National Park which includes the Grand Canyon, a gorge of the Colorado River, considered to be one of the major natural wonders of the world in Arizona. This is considered by many to be one of the earliest successes the environmental conservation movement.

1920 Mexico Kidnapping

1920 : An American was kidnapped in Durango, a state in Mexico. This captive, whose name is Berry Hogarty, was being held for ransom. This man worked at the American Metals Company, which is located in Matimi, which is located within Durango. This was not the first American who was captured in this way. Others have been reported in earlier-dated publications.

1920 U.S.A. Farming

1920 : A crop summary report of Oklahoma farming was made on this day. It had revealed that the average farm in the state of Oklahoma had yielded about $3.65 more per acre than the rest of the Nation. This figure was based on a national average of 21 major crops.

1935 Germany Luftwaffe Established

1935 : Nazi leader Adolf Hitler signs a secret decree authorizing the founding of the Reich Luftwaffe as a third German military service to join the Reich army and navy.

1938 U.S.A. Crude Oil Found In Abilene

1938 : Crude oil was found in Abilene, Texas. This discovery was actually made on the day before. The report that was made on this day, however, had depicted the excitement that was felt by the people of the town of Opin, located approximately south of Abilene.

1952 Great Britain Atomic Bomb

1952 : Prime Minister Winston Churchill announces Great Britain has developed its own atomic bomb.

From 90 Years of Price Changes Page

Average Cost Of New Home

1930 $3,845.00

1940 $3,920.00

1950 $8,450.00

1960 $12,700.00

1970 $23,450.00

1980 $68,700.00

1990 $123,000.00

2000 $119,600

2008 $238,880

2013 $289,500

2018 $385,880

2021 Forcast increase 8%

Born This Day In History February 26th

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Johnny Cash

Born: 26th February 1932, Kingsland, Arkansas, U.S.

Died: September 12th 2003, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.

Known For : Johnny Cash was an American country music, singer-songwriter . Although he is known as a country singer his music spanned other styles including rockabilly, rock and roll, blues, folk, and gospel. He had a distinct style both in music and life and partly due to his always wearing dark clothes, but also because of melancholy music was known as "The Man in Black", his signature line on opening a concert consisted of "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash". He was known as a heavy drinker and addicted to amphetamines and barbiturates but in 1968 he quit and soon after married his long time sweetheart June Carter who had always refused to marry him till he was clean. His hits during his career included "Folsom Prison Blues", "I Walk the Line", "A Boy Named Sue", "Man in Black", "Don't Take Your Guns to Town", "Ring of Fire" and "Jackson" ( with June Carter ) which won a Grammy Award in 1968. Although he never did Prison time he felt great compassion for prisoners and made two of his most popular albums in front of Prison audiences, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison (1968) and Johnny Cash at San Quentin (1969).

1965 Vietnam Troop Movement

1965 : On this date, the first set of South Korean troops was sent to Saigon. At first, they were assigned to non-fighting assignments. However, as of April 3rd they became active combatants during the Vietnam War. This initiative was started as a result of a proposal made by Lyndon Johnson. This was part of an effort to provide more allied support for both the United States and South Vietnam.

1968 United Kingdom Hospital Fire

1968 : A hospital fire in the Shelton Mental Hospital near Shrewsbury in Shropshire, England has killed 21 patients.

1972 U.S.A. Buffalo Creek Valley Flooding

1972 : A dam In West Virginia’s Buffalo Creek Valley collapses flooding Buffalo Creek Valley and killing 118 people. Another 4,000 people were left homeless.

1989 Lebanon US Withdraws

1989 : Effort was made by the United States to encourage peace in Beirut, Lebanon. However, after 18 months, the U.S. had begun withdrawing their troops from this location. This was the day that the last of the United States troops were sent back home.

1990 Nicaragua Free Elections

1990 : On this day, the effect of allowing people to vote in free elections had been very well demonstrated. Anyone running under the Sandinistas ticket had lost. This happened after a year of opposition by the U.S., as well as Nicaragua’s own people. The Sandinista party was a form of communist rule established shortly after Daniel Ortega became president. He was the one who had eventually agreed to allow free elections in the country, after some serious conflict had occurred. He was the one that had succeeded Antastacio Somoza, who was overthrown.

1991 Kuwait City Liberated

1991 : Kuwait City is liberated by Gulf War Allies when Iraq President Saddam Hussein orders withdrawal by Iraq Troops from the city.

1995 England Barings Bank Collapse

1995 : Barings PLC, Britain's oldest investment banking firm, collapsed after Nick Leeson a securities dealer lost more than $1.4 billion by gambling on Tokyo stock prices over a period of three years . The collapse was caused by his losses but also by the bank's own deficient internal auditing and risk management practices which should have picked up the losses much earlier.

2000 United Kingdom David Shayler

2000 : A former British spy David Shayler is sued by the British government for breach of confidence over secret service files. The case dates back to 1997 when he made a series of claims about the activities of MI5, in a British tabloid newspaper.

From 1960s Music and Hits Page

1960 - The Twist - Chubby Checker (-) It’s Now or Never - Elvis Presley (-) Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles (-)

1961 - Stand By Me - Ben E. King (-) Blue Moon - The Marcels (-) At Last - Etta James (-)

1962 - Love Me Do - The Beatles (-) Sherry - The Four Seasons (-) Surfin’ Safari - The Beach Boys (-)

1963 - Louie Louie - The Kingsmen (-) It’s My Party - Lesley Gore (-) Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash (-)

1964 - Twist and Shout - Chubby Checker (-) Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison (-) You Really Got Me - The Kinks (-) House of the Rising Sun - The Animals

1965 - Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones (-) My Generation - The Who (-) Sounds of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel (-)

1966 - Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys (-) Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles (-) Wild Thing - The Troggs (-)

1967 - Happy Together - The Turtles (-) For What It’s Worth - Buffalo Springfield (-) Light My Fire - The Doors (-)

1968 - The Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding (-) Piece of My Heart - Janis Joplin (-) Hey Jude - The Beatles (-)

1969 - Sugar Sugar - The Archies (-) Aquarius - The Fifth Dimension (-) My Way - Frank Sinatra (-) Space Oddity - David Bowie

2008 U.S.A. Chumby

2008 : The latest in Electronic / Internet Gadgets is released. Chumby a tiny computer enclosed in a stuffed leather pillow the size of two fists with a 6-inch LCD touch-sensitive screen which shows pictures, news headlines, games, incoming e-mail from the Internet.

2008 Starbucks Coffee Shops Close For Training

2008 : The Starbucks coffee chain will be shutting all of its U.S. branches for three-and-a-half hours of staff training. This is seen as a blow to millions of Americans' daily routines, and the move has triggered a flurry of competition from rival coffee shops. Starbucks serves fifty million Americans a week and has become part of its urban landscape. All seven thousand branches across the U.S. will be closing at 17.30 local time to train the chain's 135,000 staff.

2008 A.I.G. Executives Convicted of Fraud

2008 : Five of American International Group's (A.I.G's) former insurance executives are convicted of fraud for their part in its accounting scandal. Ronald Ferguson, the former boss of reinsurance firm General Re, was among those found guilty by the jury, and could face fines and years in jail. The five were convicted in connection with a deal that A.I.G. made with General Re in 2000.

2009 American Combat Troops Will Leave Iraq by Summer 2010

2009 : President Obama has told congressional leaders that he's planning to pull all combat troops out of Iraq by August 2010. Under this scenario, all combat troops will have been withdrawn within nineteen months of Obama's January inauguration, and three months longer than the promises he made on the campaign trail. In a meeting at the White House, Obama told lawmakers that he plans to keep a range of 35,000 to 50,000 support troops on the ground in Iraq after combat operations are over. All U.S. troops will have to be out of Iraq by December 31st, 2011, under the agreement that the Bush administration had signed with the Iraqi government.

2009 US Media Can Photograph Military Coffins Arriving from War Zones

2009 : The Defense Department has lifted the ban on news organisations showing pictures of the coffins of soldiers being returned to the United States. Robert Gates has said that photographs of the flag-draped caskets of U.S. war dead being returned home will be allowed if their families agree to it. The move overturns a ban put in place by President George Bush Snr. in 1991.

2009 Simpsons Set to Become US Longest Running TV Show

2009 : Fox has said that it has renewed The Simpsons for two more years, which confirms that the animated series will become the longest-running prime time TV series. That record had been held for more than three decades by Gunsmoke, the TV Western that ended in 1975. The current season of The Simpsons has tied with Gunsmoke, and its 21st season will surpass it. In testament to the long-lasting appeal of the fictional people of Springfield, Homer Simpson is still inventing new catch- phrases throughout 2017, when the 28th season is due to end.

2011 Space Shuttle Discovery Docks for Last Time

2011 : The United States’ space shuttle Discovery docked at the International Space Station for the last time. After the last trip, the Discovery is set to become a museum attraction, as well as the other shuttles in its fleet.

2013 Dennis Rodman Visits North Korea

2013 : Retired American basketball player Dennis Rodman visited North Korea along with three members of the Harlem Globetrotters. The visit was filmed as apart of a tv show being produced by a US media company. The visit also came a midst rising tensions between the US and North Korea and was seen as many by unusual.

2014 Turtles Found Dead in India

2014 : Over nine-hundred olive ridley turtles were found dead in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Conservationists accused fishermen of not using the proper devices to stop the turtles from getting caught in nets. Officials stated that there had not been that many turtles found dead in the coastal area in about ten years. This breed of turtle is considered endangered in India.

From 1950s Food Prices Page

  • Eggs 79 cents for a dozen
    New Jersey 1956
  • Family Style Loaf of bread 12 cents
    Florida 1952
  • grapefruit 25 cents for 6
    Florida 1952
  • Hamburger meat 89 cents for 3 pounds
    Ohio 1957
  • Juicy Oranges 69 cents for 2 dozen
    New Hampshire 1950
  • Potatoes 10 lb bag 35 cents
    Kansas 1953
  • Porterhouse Steak 95 cents lb
    Maine 1950
  • Lamb Chops 49 Cents per pound
    New Hampshire 1950
  • large Eggs 49 cents per dozen
    New Hampshire 1950