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The Year 1922 Major News Events in History

  1. May 30th -- Lincoln Memorial Dedicated
  2. February 5th -- Reader's Digest Created
  3. October 18th -- British Broadcasting Company (BBC) is formed
  4. January 11th -- First successful insulin treatment
  5. June 26th -- King George V Opens Center Court at Wimbledon

More Detailed Information on each Event and those not included can be found below

What Happened in 1922 Important News and Events, Key Technology and Popular Culture

1922 Year In History including Major World Events include Formation of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Prohibition Laws Strengthened, Wimbledon Championships begin, Tomb of Tutankhamen is discovered, The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) is formed and Gandhi who wanted to end British Rule by Peaceful means is put in Prison by the British. .

Formation of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is created USSR

More Information and Timeline For Creation of the USSR

1. The Russian Revolution against the ruling class starts in Russia in 1917.

2. Bolsheviks win the Russian Civil War and murder Tsar Nicholas II and members of his family and force fellow Royals who are left To Flee the Country.

3. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is created on on December 30 News Events with a a single-party political system (Communist Party) .

4. The Cold War between the USSR Block of Countries and the Western World Including The United States consisted of political conflict, military tension, proxy wars, and economic competition from 1946 to 1991.

5. The Soviet Union USSR breaks up finally in 1991 mostly due to internal and external economic pressure.

6. Russia (Russian Federation) is still the largest country in the world by land mass.

Part of 1922 Fashions

Khaki Riding Suit

Khaki Riding Suit 1922 Khaki Riding Suit
Price: $7.75

Splendid quality two-piece riding habit, made of a very excellent grade of cotton khaki cloth. Outfit consists of attractive tailored coat in smart semi-fitted belted style, and separate breeches. Breeches fasten at both sides and hips. Legs are finished at bottom with eyelets and fasten with laces.

USA -- Lincoln Memorial Dedicated

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. was dedicated during May. The dedication ceremony was officiated by former U.S. President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court William Howard Taft. Special guests at the ceremony including Robert Todd Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln’s son), Robert Morton (the President of the Tuskegee Institute), President Warren G. Harding, and Vice President Calvin Coolidge. The memorial was designed by Henry Bacon to resemble a Grecian-style temple complete with columns and a 19-foot-tall marble statue of Lincoln that was sculpted by Daniel Chester French.

UK --- Center Court Wimbledon

King George V Opens new concrete tennis stadium Center Court at Wimbledon.

1. Located at: Church Road, Wimbledon, London, England

2. Wimbledon Center Court is completed .

3. Wimbledon Center Court is home to the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

4. First Wimbledon Championship is held on New Center Court.

5. Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam Tennis event still played on grass courts.

6. The only regular use is for the two weeks a year that the Wimbledon Championships take place.

7. A retractable roof structure is added in 2009.

8. After multiple additions and changes the seating has increased from less than 2,000 to 15,000 over the last 80 + years.

Ireland -- Civil War Begins

The Irish Civil War began during June. The conflict was fought between the Irish Nationalists and the Irish Republicans. The war erupted over the Anglo-Irish Treaty which established the Irish Free State. Pro-Treaty nationalists were backed by the United Kingdom who wanted Northern Ireland to remain linked to the United Kingdom. The civil war continued for 11 months with the Pro-Treaty forces claiming victory in the end. More about the Irish Free State

United States -- Reader's Digest Created

The first issue of Reader’s Digest magazine was published during February . The magazine was created by DeWitt Wallace and his wife Lila in New York. The initial run of the magazine was just 1,500 but it soon grew into one of the best-selling magazines in the United States. The purpose of Reader’s Digest was to publish shortened versions of articles on various topics of interest. By the 1930's they began to publish original articles and by the end of the century they had a circulation in the millions and were distributed in over 15 languages around the world.

Germany -- Nosferatu Premieres

The German film “Nosferatu,” an unauthorized re-telling of Bram Stoker’s original tale of the vampire “Dracula,” premiered in Berlin during March. The classic silent horror film memorably starred Max Schreck as the titular ghoul and it was directed by F.W. Murnau. Controversy surrounding the film centered on plagiarism claims made by Stoker’s widow who sued the film’s producers. Stoker’s widow won her claims and wanted all copies of the film destroyed. Some versions of the film survived and it was released in the United States in 1929.

Part of 1920s Cars

1923 Maxwell Club Sedan 1923 Maxwell Club Sedan
Price: $1,045

1923 Maxwell Club Sedan includes many features found in autos at twice the price including windscreen cleaner and visor, disc wheels and non skid cord tires, rear vision mirror, heaters and rear passengers foot rail,


By This Year, over 500 commercial radio stations are in operation in the United States.

The first public radio broadcasts in Britain and France.

The first US Aircraft Carrier The USS Langley commissioned.

The Austin Seven produced by the Austin Motor Company Popularizes Motoring in England.

Part of 1922 Fashions

Tricorn Striped Hat 1922 Tricorn Striped Hat
Price: $5.98

Something very different and expressly smart, slightly tricorn in shape. Made of high grade quality silk Lyons velvet, with alternative inserts across front of gros de londre silk (a high grade taffeta). Smart bow of velvet faced also in gros de londre. A snug fitting turban, yet, because of its wider sides, will become the larger featured type as well. Gorgeous satin lining in color to match.

Part of 1920s Furniture

High Speed Hand Operated 1920s Washing Machine

Hand Operated Washing Machine

Price: $19.25

The High Speed Wizard a High Speed Hand Operated 1920s Washing Machine

UK --- British Broadcasting Company

The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) is formed on October 18 and financed by a Post Office license fee of 10 shillings, payable by anyone owning a radio receiver.

More Information and Timeline For the British Broadcasting Company (BBC)

1. The Original British Broadcasting Company Ltd was a private company formed by Marconi, Radio Communication Company, Metropolitan-Vickers (MetroVick), General Electric, Western Electric, and British Thomson-Houston to broadcast experimental radio services.

2. A Radio License is introduced to pay for Radio Reception and costs 10 shillings (50 p).

2. On January 1st, 1927 the British Broadcasting Company was closed down.

3. A Royal Charter created new non-commercial entity called the British Broadcasting Corporation.

4. First live radio sports broadcast is the rugby union international England v Wales (1927).

5. First transmissions of John Logie Baird's experimental 30-line television system August 20, 1929

6. BBC opens the world's first regular high-definition television service, from Alexandra Palace November 2nd, 1936.

7. The original cost of a TV license when introduced June 1st , 1946 was £2.

8. The Radio License merged with the TV License and cost £12 in 1971.

9. Current cost for a TV License which funds the BBC is £145.50 in 2010.

10. The BBC is the largest broadcaster in the world, with about 23,000 staff.

India --- Gandhi Imprisoned

British Authorities sentence Gandhi in India to Prison.

More Information and Timeline For Gandhi ideals of ahimsa or non-violence

1. Gandhi Full Name: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

2. Gandhi preached for mass civil disobedience, non-violence and peaceful resistance against British Rule in India.

2. "Non-cooperation" enjoyed widespread appeal and success with 100,000's joining the Movement.

3. A violent clash in the town of Chauri Chaura, Uttar Pradesh forced Gandhi to call off the protests.

4. Gandhi was arrested on March 10th, tried for sedition, and sentenced to six years' imprisonment.

5. Gandhi continued his fight against British rule including leading the Salt March in 1930.

6. Gandhi did see his beloved country gain Independence from Britain in 1947 when India was split into two new independent dominions of India and Pakistan.

6. Gandhi was assassinated On January 30th, 1948 while walking to a platform from which he was to address a prayer meeting.

United States --- Fordney-McCumber Tariff Act

President Harding signs the Fordney-McCumber Tariff Act into law.

United States President Warren G. Harding signed the Fordney-McCumber Tariff Act into law during September . The Fordney-McCumber Tariff Act placed a high tax on goods from foreign countries that were imported into the U.S. and was a prime example of "Protectionism" as an economic policy between the two World Wars. The tariff was the highest in U.S. history and was upsetting to the European countries who were struggling to recover from the first World War. The tax initially helped U.S. businesses during the decade as it made their goods the least expensive option but it would not last long. Foreign countries soon raised tariffs on American imports and in 1930 the tariff would be changed as the world economy entered the Great Depression.

United States - Railway Strike

The Railway Shopmen's Strike of 1922 begins.

The Great Railroad Strike , also known as the Railway Shopmen's Strike, begins in July. Seven of the sixteen major railway unions at the time joined together to protest wage cuts for railway maintenance workers. At the start of the strike about 400,000 workers walked off the job and while the strike had some economic effects across the country, the running of the railroads was largely unaffected as many of the workers who operated the trains did not join. During the month many strikers clashed with security, undermining their efforts. Eventually many of the workers made local deals with railroads effectively ending the strike after about two months.

Canada --- First successful insulin treatment

First successful insulin treatment of diabetes in Canada.

The first use of insulin as a diabetes treatment takes place during January in Toronto. The treatment was given to 14 year old diabetic Leonard Thompson who had been near death but had rapidly recovered after receiving the insulin shots, proving the treatment to be successful. The use of insulin to treat diabetes had been discovered during 1921 by Frederick Banting and Charles Best and had been administered in its first human trial with the help of John Macleod and Bertram Collip. In More about History of Insulin, Banting and Macleod were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Calendar For The Year 1922

1922 Calendar

United States Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial is dedicated by Former US President William Howard Taft.

Egypt - Tomb of Tutankhamen

The Tomb of Tutankhamen is discovered on November 4th in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

U.S.- Prohibition

Under new additional Prohibition Laws home brewing is illegal.

Italy -- Mussolini

Mussolini and the Fascist party come to power in Italy.

Born This Year in 1922

Ava Gardner - - December 24th - -

Yitzhak Rabin - - March 1st - -

Judy Garland - - June 10th - -

Kingsley Amis - - July 18th - -

Major World Political Leaders

Australia - - Prime Minister - - Billy Hughes - -

Brazil - - President - - Epitácio Pessoa - - until November 15th

Brazil - - President - - Artur Bernardes - - From 15 November

Canada - - Prime Minister - - William Lyon Mackenzie King - -

Italy - - Prime Minister Of Italy - - Ivanoe Bonomi - - until February 26th

Italy - - Prime Minister Of Italy - - Luigi Facta - - From 26 February

Italy - - Prime Minister Of Italy - - Luigi Facta - - until 31 October

Italy - - Prime Minister - - Benito Mussolini - - From 31 October

Japan - - Prime Minister - - Korekiyo Takahashi - - until June 12th

Japan - - Prime Minister - - Tomosaburo Kato - - From 12 June

Mexico - - President - - Álvaro Obregón - -

Russia / Soviet Union - - Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars - - Vladimir Lenin - -

South Africa - - Prime Minister - - Field Marshal Jan Christiaan Smuts - -

United States - - President - - Warren G. Harding - -

United Kingdom - - Prime Minister - - David Lloyd George - - until 19 October

United Kingdom - - Prime Minister - - Andrew Bonar Law - - From 23 October