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1922 Establishment of the USSR
Saturday, 1922 : Vladimir Lenin the Russian revolutionary who created Leninism, an extension of Marxist theory proclaims the establishment of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Find More What happened in 1922

1903 - U.S.A. -- Theater Fire in Chicago
The Iroquois Theater Fire in Chicago, Illinois, claims 602 lives, the theater had only been open for just over a month. This is still the worst single-building fire in U.S. history for the number of lives lost.

1986 - England -- Canaries made redundant
Canaries have been made redundant from British Coal Mines and are being replaced by modern carbon monoxide detectors.
Canaries have been used in British mines to detect carbon monoxide fumes for over 70 years because they are particularly sensitive to toxic gases such as carbon monoxide which is colourless, odourless and tasteless.

1905 - U.S.A. -- African American baby
The body of a two week old African American baby was found after searching the Potomac River. Its mother, Lottie Hawkins was held by police and was to be charged with infanticide.

1927 - Jamaica -- Turkey For Xmas
Although Jamaicans continue to drink the rum that they produce there has been a change at the Christmas dinner table. Turkeys and chickens have taken the place of the traditional beef in Kingston and other parts of the country. Eating poultry is a novelty to many Jamaicans.

1934 - Switzerland -- US Refuses To Join League of Nations
In Geneva the League of Nations had hoped that the U.S. would cooperate and become a member. However, President Roosevelt and Secretary of State Cordell Hull refused to get involved.

1936 - U.S.A. -- Car Workers Strikes
Strikes by members of the United Automobile Workers closed seven General Motors (GM) factories in Flint, Michigan


1944 - Bulgaria -- Radio Moscow
According to Radio Moscow, Russia, the U.S., and Britain gave three previous regents of Bulgaria to the Bulgarian government because they were the "main culprits committing Bulgaria to the war against the United Nations."

1957 - East Germany -- Visas Required
In an attempt to push the West to recognize them, East Germany ruled that travellers to their territory had to possess East German visas instead of Soviet ones. This law was imposed on diplomats and travellers from Allied countries.

1958 - Cuba -- Fidel Castro
Rebel guerrillas, led by Fidel Castro, are involved in heavy fighting around the town of Santa Clara, the capital of the province of Las Villas.
Two days later, Castro and his guerrillas had taken control and President Batista fled the country to the Dominican Republic

1965 - Philippines -- Ferdinand Marcos
1965 : Ferdinand Marcos is inaugurated president of the Philippines

1968 - Canada -- GNP
Canada had a mixture of prosperity mixed with high unemployment and rising inflation. The Gross National Product was 67 billion dollars.

1969 - U.S.A. -- Tax Reduction Nixon
President Richard Nixon signed off on one of the most far-reaching tax reform bill in U.S. history, relieving nine million low-income citizens of the burden of paying taxes and cutting tax rates for all individuals by 5 percent.

1971 - Iraq -- Iranians Deported
60,000 Iranian men, women and children are deported from Iraq following relations between Iraq and Iran ending.

1972 - Vietnam -- US Stops Bombing
President Nixon orders a halt to the bombing of North Vietnam above the 20th Parallel to help with peace negotiations scheduled between Henry A. Kissinger and Le Duc Tho in Paris on Jan 8

1978 - Guyana -- Radio Demerere
1978 : Radio Demerere was bought from the British to give the government of Guyana full control over broadcasting in their own country.

1984 - Mexico -- World's Deepest Cave
Speleologists in Mexico had discovered what might be the world's deepest cave after going through a maze of underground tunnels in the jungle. The explorations took place in the state of Oaxeca.

1993 - Israel -- Recognized Vatican
Israel and the Vatican agreed to recognize one another as countries.

1994 - U.S.A. -- Abortion Clinics
1994 : Two women are shot dead and several others injured after a gunman opened fire at two abortion clinics in a suburb of Boston.

1994 - Japan -- Earthquake
A huge 7.5 earthquake shook northern Japan and workmen tried feverishly to repair the wreckage. Two hundred and eighty-five aftershocks occurred and the quake originated in the Pacific Ocean 300 miles northeast of Tokyo.

2003 - U.S.A. -- Ephedra
The federal government announced it would proceed with the ban on the sale of Ephedra, an herbal stimulant that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for 5,000 years due to it's link to 155 deaths and dozens of heart attacks and strokes when used as a dietary supplement .

2006 - North Korea -- Nuclear Bomb Test
North Korea tested a nuclear bomb in October in spite of the threat of sanctions being placed on it. The country also planned to open a nuclear power plant in 2007.

2006 - Iraq -- Saddam Hussein hanged
2006 : Saddam Hussein has been hanged in northern Baghdad for crimes against humanity. Iraqi state TV showed images of him going to the gallows before dawn in a building that his intelligence services once used for executions. The moment of his execution was not shown, although pictures of his body wrapped in a shroud were later broadcast on TV.

2008 - U.S.A -- Blagojevich names Roland Burris for the President-elect's vacant Senate seat
Govenor Blagojevich has shocked everyone by naming one of Illinois' most well known black political figures to fill Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat. The embattled Governor's appointment of former state comptroller and attorney general Roland Burris drew rebukes from Senate Democratic leaders in Washington and the Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, who said he would not sign Burris' appointment papers.

2009 - Afghanistan -- Seven C.I.A. agents (including two contractors) are killed in Afghanistan
Leon Panetta, the C.I.A. Director, has confirmed that seven C.I.A. agents have been killed in a bomb attack in Afghanistan. The dead include a mother of three who was the head of the C.I.A's base in Khost Province, near Pakistan. The Taleban have said that one of their members was wearing an explosive vest and an army uniform when he carried out the attack. Two of the seven killed by the Jordanian double agent were contractors for Blackwater Worldwide, and it is likely that they have been included in press reports as actual C.I.A. staff.

2011 - United States -- Celebrities Russell Brand and Katy Perry File for Divorce
30th December, 2011 : British Comedian, Russell Brand, announced that he had filed for divorce from US Pop Star Katy Perry after only fourteen months of marriage citing irreconcilable differences. The couple had met in 2008 and were married in 2010 in India.

2013 - Russia -- Second Suicide Bomb Attack Hits Volgograd
At least fourteen people died after a suicide bomber attacked a bus in the Russian city of Volgograd. The attack came only a day after another suicide bombing killed seventeen people at a railway station in the city.


Born This Day In History 30th December

Celebrating Birthday's Today
Ben Johnson
Born: 30th December 1961 Falmouth, Jamaica
Known For :
Ben Johnson is best remembered as the fastest man in the world at 100 meters who won gold medal in the Olympics in 1988, but after failing a urine drug test which identified the banned substance Stanozolol ( a synthetic anabolic steroid derived from testosterone ), following the failed test he was disgraced around the world. The other important fact that came from this was the Athletics competitions around the world improved and increased the use of drug testing in competition because of allegations that although Ben Johnson was penalized many others in the sport were also using drugs to improve performance but were just not caught.

Meredith Vieira
Born: 30th December 1953 East Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Known For : Meredith Vieira is currently the co-host for NBC's Today, and is the host for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Her career spans more than 30 years starting as a local reporter and anchor at WJAR-TV Providence, Rhode Island. She was a also a CBS news correspondent for 60 Minutes (1989–91). She was the moderator and co-host together with Star Jones, Debbie Matenopoulos, and Barbara Walters at the beginning of ABC's The View an ( American daytime talk show ) 1997 which she did until 2006.