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What was a home like in the 1960's and how much did they cost

Every decade has its signature home design attributes. The 1970s was no different. During this era emphasis was place upon choosing modern styles of home furnishings as well as designing homes that most likely have included wall design patterns that were thought to be a bit bazaar.
Additionally, new man-made materials were being used as well which helped lower the cost of furnishings and decor. You will learn more about the phenomenon of 1970s home building and design as you read on.
Attributes of a 1970s Home
Paneling was often used in the family room but it was most likely also used in basement rec rooms as well as bedrooms. Ceramic was used in the tiling of bathroom floors and often one and a half baths or two complete bathrooms were built in each home.
Mobile homes were becoming more popular as well, and usually cost less than the price of a regular home. Usually they were not built with as strong of a foundation, However, many people still preferred them over other types of homes. Besides, by this time mobile homes were becoming safer and safer to live in (with more improvements yet to be made).
Duplexes and triplexes were being built during this time as well. More advertisers and developers were catering to couples and singles with no kids. Homes with enclosed patio or garages were offered quite often as well.
Heating and Cooling in the 1970s
Many homes were cooled with air conditioning, and numerous homes were heated with electric heat. Gas heat was also used quite often.
Characteristics of a Kitchen
Kitchen cabinets and/or faces of refrigerator and freezer doors of this decade were made into a style representative of cathedral design. The photo below will give you a better idea of what a 1970s kitchen may have looked like:

Kitchen appliances ran on either electric or gas. Kitchens of this time were often equipped with state-of-the art appliances such as up-to-date stainless steel stoves, microwave ovens, and/or dishwashers. As always, designing a home kitchen with adequate storage and counter space also was a priority during this time.
Recreation Kitchens of 1975
A trend of the mid 1970s was to built a second easy-to-clean recreation kitchen onto homes. This was a room designed mostly for men of the times to clean hunting and/or fishing game. It could possibly have been used for those who were hobby mechanics as well.
Please take a look at the brick wall that was used in the construction of these rec kitchens:

This type of brick pictured above was also used for building the stairs of this hobby kitchen, and these stairs sometimes were design to lead to a pool. An additional feature of these kitchen includes the indoor/outdoor carpeting that is installed.
Unique 1970s Furniture Styles and Modern Interior Designs
In a 1970 issue of a local Long Beach newspaper, furniture is described as such that "dares to be different". Although some styles of furnishings and decorating of this decade may have been used in earlier times there is definitely something to be said for this particular era in history. Tastes in home decor have changed dramatically during this time, as you can tell of the photos below.
The first picture displayed is of a typical dining room that was designed in the 1970s. Please take a look at the following image:

The original color of the chairs seats pictured above are bright green. However, the body of the chairs and tabletop are transparent. The chairs along with parts of the table (most likely the base) are made of plexiglass while the table top is more than likely made of glass.

Notice also the multi-colored wall covering that was typically placed on dining room or kitchen, or walls during these times. It it conceivable to assume that these retro or psychedelic patterns were also sometimes used on living room or bedroom walls during this decade as well-depending upon the taste of each individual or family.
Another popular item in the 1970s was furniture that was made from vinyl materials. For instance, take a look at a photo of this L-shaped couch:

Moreover, couches as well as chairs, tables, and other furniture often was designed with an Italian molding. Additional pieces were popular as bedroom furniture. For instance, take a look at this very useful but attractive lingerie chest in the photo below:
The lingerie chest displayed above is made from andiroba solids and pecan veneers. Additionally, this elegant piece of bedroom furniture is accented with brass bound box lines as well as black and gold silk screening.
Other 1970s furniture was made from a variety of natural materials such as glass, metal, chrome, or wood. Synthetic materials such as different grades of plastic-and of course the already mentioned vinyl were used to create furniture as well.
Additional Furniture Accessories
Various classic and modern designs of lamps, stands, tables and/or mirrors were placed as accents in most rooms-especially in common areas such as dining room or living room. You can view this picture in order to have an idea of what accessories would possibly create a 1970s look. Keep in mind that some of these pieces were also very popular around the turn of the century and were more than likely replicas and/or originals of pieces that were considered to be antique by this time.
Please view the following photo:

Other items that were used in various rooms of the house are also displayed in this collage-like picture

Some examples of Homes you may have seen for sale in the 70's with prices

1970 Warrendale Pennsylvania
6 room ranch wall to wall carpeting

1970 Stevens Point Wisconsin
6 acres and 3 bedroom home modern home with land suitable for pickle growing

1970 Mansfield Ohio
New 3 bedroom ranch big bright kithen and dining room full basement large double garage with blacktop drive

1970 Upland California
New Ranch Home 2 bedroom 1 1/2 acre lots suitable horses

1971 Salisbury Maryland
3 large bedrooms , large kithen diner , utility room surrounded by shrubs and fruit trees

1971 Sheboygan Wisconsin
32 acres for sale on Pigeon River

1971 Chicago Illinois
3 bedroom Frame Residence modern kitchen and bathroom with new gas heating 2 car garage wall to wall carlpeting

1971 Gettysburg Pennsylvania
2 1/2 story home On 5 acres with 40 X 60 Barn , 24 X 30 Garage , 4 bedrooms , oil heating well and pump

1972 Oshkosh Wisconsin
Lake Cottage 400 ft lot on white river 2 bedroom cottage and boathouse

1972 Fresno California
Mountain Home On 5 acres with 3 bedroom 2 bath and horse fence with barns and stabling, with magnificent views over countryside and horse trails

1972 Iowa City Iowa
Split Level on Hill Top living room , dining room , 3 bedrooms , cathedral ceilings , 3 baths central air and double garage

1974 Great Bend Kansas
2 bedroom frame house Dining room garage

1974 Vallejo California
Country ranch 10 acres 3 bedroom large barn fruit and oak trees

1974 Newark Ohio
3 bed 2 story Central location near shopping center full basement

1974 Oshkosh Wisconsin
New townhouse 3 bedroom

1975 Lincoln Nebraska
Cape Cod 4 bedroom finished basement fenced

1975 Salisbury Maryland
3 bedroom Large Lot in need of modernisation

1975 Port Arthur Texas
4 bedrooms 2 bath and large den

1975 Marion Ohio
Ranch 3 beds , den, 1 1/2 baths, double detached garage

1976 Stevens Point Wisconsin
Starter Home 3 bedroom ranch 2 car attatched garage nice landscaped plot with fully fitted kitchen

1976 Salisbury Maryland
1 , 2 and 3 bedroom garden appartments new build
from $18,000

1976 Saint George Utah
Perfect Home 4 bedrooms , living room with fireplace, large family room dining room , laundry, 2 1/2 baths on large plot

1976 Middletown New York
Ranch 3 bedrooms , 2 baths , living room family area and double garage