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Childhood Toys From The Year 1974 including Tonka Toys, Twister, Calculators and more with prices and descriptions

Featured Toys on this page Matchbox Cars and Go Cart Building Kit, Tonka Toys, Game Of Twister, Portable Calculators and Computer Games Consoles Odyssey and many more from the 1970sThe prices shown for these Toys are the price they were sold for in 1974 not today

  • Tonka Toys Heavy Duty Construction Trucks 1974 From the 1970s Tonka Toys Construction Trucks
    Manufacturer: Tonka Toys
    Price: From $11.67 to $14.67
    Description Tonka Heavy Duty Construction Toys, made with steel bodies, finished with chip resistant paint, shatter resistant windshields. Those available include the Concrete Mixer, Road Grader, Lever Operated Loader and The Dozer.

  • Matchbox Super Car Station 1974 From the 1970s Matchbox Garage
    Manufacturer: Matchbox
    Price: Matchbox Super Station
    Description The Super Station allows you to pull apart your station and rearrange it to your own design, includes everything you need to play "mini car mechanic" including tool chest, work benches, gas pumps, grease tracks and air compressor, and signs.

  • Lional .027 Guage Train Sets and Trains 1974 From the 1970s Lionel Train Set
    Manufacturer: Lionel
    Price: From $21.99 to $49.66
    Description 3 different train sets from which to choose. The most expensive set includes 7-unit steam engine train set includes die cast locomotive plus 6 plastic cars, tender, hopper car, flat car with logs, gondola car loaded with canisters and the caboose.

  • Magic 8 Ball 1974 From the 1970s Magic 8 Ball
    Price: $1.99
    Description Gaze into the magic "8-Ball" to find the answers to all your questions, predict your future if you dare.

  • Microscope 1974 From the 1970s Microscope
    Price: $19.95
    Description 600 X Zoom, Zoom Eyepiece, revolving turret, 10 to 15X twist, rack and pinion focusing for clear sharp images, 9 inches hitch. uses 2 AA batteries for lighting the images.

  • McDonalds from Playschool 1974 From the 1970s Playschool McDonalds
    Manufacturer: Playschool
    Price: $4.96
    Description Playschool McDonalds with all you would expect to run your own McDonalds or invite your friends to McDonalds for Burgers and fries.

  • Junior Pool Table 1974 From the 1970s Junior Pool Table
    Price: $33.99
    Description Junior Pool Table 50 X 27 Inches, handsome hardwood frame, cues and balls, table stands 26 inches high, will provide hours of fun.

It is fun to look back in time to 1974 to see the toys we played with and things we thought were so cool and the latest technology or the "In Thing" when we were children, looking at the toys from 1974 is a great way to transport you back in time. Some are timeless just changed style, added new models or created super new accessories (BB Guns and Dolls Houses For Example), but others will just survive 1 or two years (Mrs Beasley Talking Doll, Hasbro Inchworm) and yet others are standards for a couple of decades (Go Cart Building Racer Kit, Lionel Train Sets) and some though simple are still popular today (Winnie The Pooh of Every Kind, Nurses an Doctors Kits, Tonka Toys) 30 years later. Games are the same with some still popular and available today like (Game Of Twister) but others only when you see them do you remember playing with them in your childhood (Game of Happyness). Portable Calculators and Computer Games Consoles (Odyssey) were a new innovation and the early models were a window on what we would see refined over the next few years.

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  • Spirograph 1974 From the 1970s Spirograph
    Price: $3.27
    Description Ageless game allowing you to create complex patterns includes curved pieces, colored pens, paper and baseboard.

  • Crayola Coloring Sets 1974 From the 1970s Crayola Craft Art Workshop Kit
    Manufacturer: Crayola
    Price: $6.47
    Description Kit includes pack of 16 Crayola Crayons, Pack of 8 Crayola Fluorescent Crayons, pack of 8 easy off crayons, Crayola Crayon Sharpener, 8 3/4 ounce jars of tempera paint, 16 water colors in plastic tray, 2 paint brushes, 4 sheets of colored project paper, pad of drawing paper, 4 stencils, texture rubbing sheet, plus instructions and ideas book.

  • Hasbro Inchworm 1974 From the 1970s Hasbro Inchworm
    Manufacturer: Hasbro
    Price: $14.97
    Description Famous TV Hasbro Inchworm will carry your 3 to 6 year olds wherever they want to go. The Inchworm is Bright Green with yellow wheels saddle and hat, Inchworm measures 37 inches long.

  • Fisher Price Childrens Play Plane with characters 1974 From the 1970s Fisher Price Play Plane
    Manufacturer: Fisher Price
    Price: $4.97
    Description Fisher Price Play Family Jet includes Jet Plane, Passengers, Pilot, Luggage.

  • Go Kart Building Kits 1974 From the 1970s Go Cart Building Racer Kit
    Price: $12.49
    Description Kit includes plastic wheels, steel axles, steering parts, bolts, screws and hardware, and full size pattern to build your own speed racing Go Cart.

  • Game Of Twister 1974 From the 1970s Game Of Twister
    Price: $3.48
    Description Classic game of twister provides fun for the whole family.

  • Selection Of Board Games  From the 1970s Board Game Selection From 1974
    Manufacturer: Multiple
    Price: From 2.94 to $5.47
    Description The latest board games available in 1974, many are based on popular TV and movie characters, others are the standards of the day many still played today.
    The Game Of Life and Battleship
    Manhunt and Happiness
    Stratego and Concentration
    Scrabble and Stay Alive
    Risk , Clue, Sorry and Which Witch

  • Doctors and Nurses Kit  From the 1970s Doctors and Nurses Kit
    Price: $4.99 each
    Description Doctors and Nurses Kit with more than 50 pieces each including stethoscope, thermometer, earscope, blood pressure meter, hypodermic needle, tweezers, scissors, wristwatch, pill bottles, prescription slips and diploma.

  • Mrs Beasley Talking Doll  From the 1970s Mrs Beasley Talking Doll
    Price: $10.97
    Description 22 inch talking Mrs Beasley Doll, she says 10 different happy things when you pull her ring, cuddly cloth body, vinyl face, hands and rooted hair you can comb.

  • Student Calculator  From the 1970s Student Calculator
    Price: $39.50
    Description 8-digit electronic calculator, uses 3 AA disposable batteries, adds, subtracts, multiplies, divides, performs chain and mixed calculations, measures only 5 1/4 X 3 X 1 1/4 inches.

  • BB Rifle  From the 1970s BB Rifle Gun
    Price: From $8.99
    Description Daisy Lever-action BB Guns, steel barrel and barrel loading port, gravity fed, plastic stock, front and rear site 350 shot and 700 shot repeater.

  • Wooden Toboggan  From the 1970s Hardwood Wooden Toboggan
    Price: $27.98
    Description 6 ft hardwood toboggan with toboggan pad seats 4 people.

  • Odyssey Electronics Games Machine  From the 1970s Odyssey Electronic Game
    Price: ODYSSEY
    Description Odyssey Electronic game to plug into your TV, includes master controller, two player controls, six printed circuit game cards, game overlays and batteries, play table tennis, tennis, hockey, haunted house and Simon Says.

  • Girls Spyder Bike  From the 1970s Girls Spyder Bike
    Manufacturer: Free Spirit
    Price: $84.00
    Description Girls 24 inch Spyder Bike with 3 speed rear hub gears with trigger shifter on high rise handlebars, Dependable Front and rear brakes, Basket on front, chain guard and reflectors.

  • Boys Spyder Bike  From the 1970s Boys Spyder Bike
    Manufacturer: Free Spirit
    Price: $89.00
    Description 5-speed Spyder Bike with sharply styled eliminator frame, quick trigger shifter on the handlebars, free spirit wraparound chain guard, wide cheater slick tire on rear, Black and Chrome Plate.

  • Colonial Dolls House  From the 1970s Colonial Doll House
    Price: $11.97
    Description Contemporary version of the classic southern mansion, colorfully decorated, hardboard interior walls, plastic windows, chimney, doors, sturdy plastic furniture, 24 X 10 X 20 inches high.

  • Winnie The Pooh Music Player and Pop Up  From the 1970s Winnie The Pooh Music Pop Up Box
    Price: $3.47
    Description Winnies out to delight toddlers, turn the crank and he pops out while you listen to "for he's a jolly good fellow".

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