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Childhood Toys From The Year 1972 including The Barbie Doll Designer Original Collection From 1972, Frisbee, Chain Driven Indy Racing Car, and more with prices and descriptions

Featured Toys on this page Mickey Mouse Gumball Machine, Winnie The Pooh See and Say Electric Fully Remote Plane, and many more from the 1970sThe prices shown for these Toys are the price they were sold for in 1972 not today

  • 1970's Easy Bake Oven From the 1970s Easy Bake Oven
    Manufacturer: Kenner
    Price: $10.99
    Description Easy Bake Oven unit includes cake mixes and utensils. It is always fun for young cooks to prepare and serve their own food, just select a mix, add water and place pan into tray then slide into oven. Oven measures 14 x 6 x 11 inches.

  • Talky Crissy Doll with growing hair from the 1970's Talky Crissy Doll
    Manufacturer: Ideal
    Price: $12.99
    Description 17 1/2 inch Talky Crissy Doll with growing hair who says six phrases, ask her a question pull her ring , answers include "why not?", or she may say "I don't think so". Press her and pull her hair it grows and grows, Crissy wears a long elegant robe.

  • Fisher Price Play Farm From the 1970s Fisher Price Play Farm
    Manufacturer: Fisher Price
    Price: $9.85
    Description Play Family Farm with silo, loft, barn and accessories including tractor, farm animals,watering trough and much more to open move and manage.

  • Velvet, Cricket and Dina Fashion wardrobe From the 1970s Velvet, Cricket and Dina Fashions
    Manufacturer: Ideal
    Price: $4.75
    Description Velvet, Cricket and Dina 15 inch Dolls fashion wardrobe, 3 outfits included in the set will fit all 3 dolls and mix and match, includes match up jumper, blouse, overalls, polo shirt, hat plus a bright mini dress.

  • Baby Grand Children's Piano from the 70's Children's Baby Grand
    Price: $4.56
    Description 25 key white baby grand piano includes song book and colored code key chart to help budding musicians, two Octaves 25 plastic keys, including sharps and flats, book and color chart.

  • Toss Across Tic Tac Toe Game from the 70's Toss Across Game
    Manufacturer: Ideal
    Price: $9.22
    Description Play Tic Tac Toe with toss across bean bags, be the first to get three in a row to be the winner.

  • Crissy, Tressy and Brandi Fashion Wardrobe From the 1970s Crissy, Tressy and Brandi Fashions
    Manufacturer: Ideal
    Price: $4.75
    Description Crissy, Tressy and Brandi Ideal 17 1/2 inch fashion wardrobe, Weekender set, perfect travel wardrobe including sailor outfit, with slacks, blouse, scarf plus short night gown and robe.

It is fun to look back in time to 1972 to see the toys we played with. Barbies were as popular as ever, girls make up and Beauty Parlor were much loved, and every girl wanted the popular Easy Bake Oven. For boys toys anything that was remote control including the Plane featured this year were the most wanted. Outdoor fun ideas including the adventure tunnel and the popular Frisbee were also much in demand, anything from Hot Wheels was sure to sell and the strange looking aerobat was short lived in popularity.

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  • Children's Pull Along Wagons including Red Metal Wagon and the Radio Flyer Radio Flyer and Other Wagons
    Price: From $14.97
    Description Children's pull along wagons dating back to the 30's but as popular as ever, three choices include Red all American steel wagon, Radio Flyer Fireball with nifty roll bar and big mag slicks and a wooden stake Wagon made with the finest hardwood.

  • 1970's Barbie Doll Collection Designer Originals The Barbie Doll Designer Original Collection From 1972
    Manufacturer: Mattel
    Price: From $2.85
    Description For Ken and Brad
    Casual Cords
    Midnight Blues Suit
    Way Out West Outfit
    Brown on Brown Suit

    Price: From $2.97
    Description For Skipper and Tiff
    Red, White and Blues, set of 2 outfits ruffle Maxi Dress and Shorts Set
    Party Pair includes dress, fuzzy coat, nylons and shoes

    Price: From $2.99
    Description For Francie
    Double Ups 2 outfits shorts set and Maxi Outfit
    Long View Gown and Shoes
    Bridal Beauty Gown, Veil and Shoes

    Price: From $1.44 to 3.44
    Description For Barbie, PJ, Christie and Steffie

  • 70's Beauty Parlor Hairstyling and Make Up Set Beauty Parlor Hairstyling and Make Up Set
    Price: $8.41
    Description This lovely vinyl mannequin comes with hairpiece, brush, rollers and everything you need to set and style long hair, plus lipstick, eyeshadow and a complete make up kit.

  • Winnie The Pooh and friends See and Say From the 1970s Winnie The Pooh See and Say
    Price: $5.44
    Description Winnie The Pooh See and Say, point Winnie at any of his friends pull ring and they talk, stand up plastic case.

  • Children's Adventure Play Tunnel from the 1970's Children's Adventure Play Tunnel
    Price: $9.99 for 108 inches long
    Description Children's Adventure Play Tunnel 108 inches long ideal for indoor and outdoor play, rugged, Winnie the Pooh print vinyl cover, folds into easy to store 2 inch thickness.

  • Frisbee From the 1970s Frisbee
    Price: 94 cents
    Description Versatile catch game for all ages, ideal fun game for family fun and exercise.

  • Pedal Chain Driven Indy Racing Car from the 70's Chain Driven Indy Racing Car
    Price: $19.85
    Description Chain Driven pedal Indy style racing car featuring stars and stripes, deep dish steering wheel, 8 inch front wheels and 9 inch rear wheels, 48 x 25 x 17 inches.

  • Electric Fully Remote Plane from the 1970's Electric Fully Remote Plane
    Manufacturer: Mattel
    Price: $125.00
    Description Quiet electric engine starts at the flick of a switch, you control the take off, landing and maneuvers using your radio control unit for up to 1 1/2 minutes, plastic plane has 48 inch wingspan and 28 inch fuselage.

  • 1970's Mickey Mouse Gumball Machine Mickey Mouse Gumball Machine
    Price: $1.99
    Description Mickey Mouse Gumball Machine comes with 30 gumballs, insert a penny to get a gumball.

  • Misty of Chincoteague From the 1970s Misty of Chincoteague
    Price: $4.25
    Description Misty of Chincoteague is a pre-assembled 7 inch horse that is ready to love. Misty is Marguerite Henry's famous book that is fun to read, both the book and Misty are included comes in a handy carrying case.

  • Aerobat From the 1970s Aerobat
    Price: $15.99
    Description Aerobat even better than a carnival ride, roll back and forth or all the way over, Aerobat is egg shaped so you can control the roll, it even has foot rests and slots for your hands, measures 35 x 29 x 12 inches.