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Childhood Toys From The Year 1971 including Candle Sculpture Making Kit, Tumblestone Making Kit, 4 Car model Car Racing Track, Hot Wheels Car Sets, Portable Phonograph, Space Walker Shoes and more with prices and descriptions

Featured Toys on this page Children's Dial Typewriter, Child's Mini Phonograph, Talking Phone, Lego House Building Set. Game Of Battleship, and many more from the 1970sThe prices shown for these Toys are the price they were sold for in 1971 not today

  • Barbie's Fashion Bouquet / Accessories 1971 From the 70's Barbie's On The Go Cars For Barbie and her friends From the 70's
    Malibu Barbie
    Manufacturer: Mattel
    Price: $1.94
    Description 11 1/2 inch bendable vinyl doll in swimsuit, Twist and Turn Waist, rooted hair and beach towel.
    Barbie's Fashion Bouquet/Accessories
    Manufacturer: Mattel
    Price: $3.99
    Description Jacket, Mini, Pants Set, nightie, dress and accessories.
    Barbie's and Friends On The Go Cars
    Manufacturer: Mattel
    Price: $3.89
    Description Choose between a sports car with jazzy plastic body, steel axles and two bucket seats and white wall tires or the sensational sand buggy both about 20 inches long.

  • Talking Mattel-O-Phone sold in 1971 From the 1970s Talking Phone
    Manufacturer: Mattel
    Price: $7.88
    Description Talking Mattel-O-Phone, just slip in a disc and push a button to talk to your favorite Mother Goose Characters, 5 double sided records carry 40 conversations with pauses to give you a chance to respond.

  • Lego House Building Set  sold in 1971 From the 1970s Lego House Building Set
    Manufacturer: Lego
    Price: $9.99
    Description Super set includes roof tiles, working garage door, miniature car and wheels, 536 pieces.

  • Etch A Sketch sold in 1971 From the 1970s Etch A Sketch
    Price: $2.83
    Description Draw Designs or geometric shapes, sketch pictures without a pen or pencil, lines, circles, diagonals all appear when you turn the horizontal and vertical knobs. Shake to erase your picture and just start again.

  • Childrens Play Dial Typewriter sold in 1971 From the 1970s Children's Dial Typewriter
    Price: $6.99
    Description Just turn the dial and press the keyboard and it type 26 capital letters and numbers, little folks will love this bright colored play typewriter.

  • Childrens Mini Battery Powered Phonograph sold in 1971 From the 1970s Child's Mini Phonograph
    Price: $4.99
    Description Battery powered mini phonograph, slide special record in slot and press lever, include 4 favorite records of nursery rhymes and songs.

  • Tiny Bike with Stay Upright Wheels Built In sold in 1971 From the 1970s Toddlers Tiny Bike
    Manufacturer: Marx Toys
    Price: $4.99
    Description Pre-School Toddlers Tiny Bike with built in stay upright balance wheels on front and back.

It is fun to look back in time to the 1971 toys we played when we were children. Included on this page are Barbie, Lego and Hot wheels, Space Walker Shoes, Child's Mini Phonograph, Tabletop Pinball, Etch A Sketch, Game Of Operation, Game of Rebound, Children's Dial Typewriter, plus many more from the 70's.

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  • NFL 1971 Football Game Jets and Raiders  sold in 1971 From the 1970s NFL Electric Football Game
    Price: $8.99
    Description Jets and Raiders meet on this 27 X 16 inch NFL Field, action posed Jets and Raiders do battle on this colorful field, Quarterback pass, kick and carry the ball, automatic timer, magnetic down markers, vibrating coil and click on grandstand, 110 -120 volt.

  • Tabletop Pinball Game sold in 1971 From the 1970s Tabletop Pinball
    Price: $12.85
    Description Tabletop Pinball features flashing lights, automatic scoring, flipper, 5 steel balls, 27x13x19 inches, uses 4 D batteries.
  • Rock Em Sock Em Robots sold in 1971 From the 1970s Rock Em Sock Em Robots
    Manufacturer: Marx Toys
    Price: $8.89
    Description Rock Em Sock Em Robots, your in control of every blow including knock outs, you handle controls as boxers in the ring, jab, feint, shift and then the knockout punch.

  • Rebound Game sold in 1971 From the 1970s Game Of Rebound
    Manufacturer: Ideal
    Price: $5.97
    Description Rebound, play in teams and make your color coded roller pucks end up in the high scoring areas or knock your opponents pucks out.

  • Battleship Game sold in 1971 From the 1970s Game Of Battleship
    Manufacturer: MB Games
    Price: $3.67
    Description Battleship guess where your opponent has placed his battleships and blow them out of the water.

  • Operation Game sold in 1971 From the 1970s Game Of Operation
    Manufacturer: MB Games
    Price: $3.66
    Description Fix the patients ailments by operating on them without setting off the nose buzzer and lights, Funny Bone, Heart, Lungs, Leg Bone and more uses 2 D Batteries.

  • Boys 11 inch Dump Truck sold in 1971 From the 1970s Dump Truck
    Price: 94 cents
    Description Boys 11 inch Blue and Grey Dump Truck with Deep Tread Tires.

  • Little Girls 38 inch long Rocking Horse sold in 1971 From the 1970s Little Girls Rocking Horse
    Price: $28.99
    Description Little Girls' 38 inch long Rocking Horse who runs like the wind and can not wait to take you for a ride, western style saddle, blanket and vinyl reins, Tubular Steel frame with plastic end caps for safety.

  • Make Your Own Candle Sculptures sold in 1971 From the 1970s Candle Sculpture Making Kit
    Price: $7.99
    Description Make and Sculpture your own Candle Sculptures including wide eyed owl, primitive tiki statue, decorative mushroom, set includes 4 reusable molds, 2 lbs wax, wicks and a special melting pot.

  • Tumblestone Making Kit sold in 1971 From the 1970s Tumblestone Making Kit
    Price: $12.85
    Description Tumblestone making kit to turn ordinary stones into a thing of beauty, includes 9 assorted jewelry settings, electric tumbler, assorted agates, grinding grits, polish, cement, tumbling barrel.

  •  18 note Xylophone sold in 1971 From the 1970s 18 Note Xylophone
    Price: $4.99
    Description 18 note colored chime Xylophone produce clear chime like resonant tones complete with 2 wooden mallets and color coded music book.

  • Phonograph plays 78's, 45's LP's 33 1/3's and 16 RMP records,  sold in 1971 From the 1970s Portable Phonograph
    Price: $24.76
    Description Phonograph plays 78's, 45's LP's 33 1/3's and 16 RMP records, comes with 2 sapphire tipped needles, large 5 inch speaker for full hifi sound, base treble tone control, plastic turntable with 45 RPM adapter, and 5 top popular 45 rpm records.

  • Little Boys and Girls Scooter sold in 1971 From the 1970s Scooter Boys and Girls
    Price: $6.99
    Description Little boys or girls modern looking GT scooter with ball bearing wheels, hi rise handlebars, 8 1/2 inch semi-pneumatic tires, sure grip foot break, steel manufacturer.

  • High Speed Pedal Go-Cart sold in 1971 From the 1970s Pedal Go cart
    Price: $14.99
    Description Pedal Go-Cart lets you zip around on 8 3/4 inch plastic wheels, deep-dish steering wheel with 5 position pedal adjustment.

  • Aurora 4 car model racing track From the 1970s 4 Car model Car Racing Track
    Manufacturer: Aurora
    Price: $34.99
    Description 4 car 17 ft car model racing track, featuring cars with racing tires, independent front wheels, track features bridge supports,l lap counters, flags, guard rails, fence and signs. 4 car speed controllers, cars can race at 760 scale mph.

  • Hot Wheels Set of 4 cars sold in 1971 From the 1970s Hot Wheels Car Sets
    Manufacturer: Hot Wheels
    Price: $2.88
    Description Hot wheels car sets choice of two sets (Go or Show) 4 cars in each just $2.88 for each set.

  • Chemistry Set From the 1970s Chemistry Set
    Price: $19.99
    Description Chemistry Set allows you to perform 800 experiments ranging from Rocket Propulsion to Pollution treatment with 24 chemicals and 6 test tubes.

  • Space Walker Shoes sold in 1971 From the 1970s

    Space Walker Shoes
    Price: $4.74
    Description Space Walker shoes makes it seem like your walking on the moon with built in dual springs and stabilizer built in.