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Childhood Toys From The Year 1977

The prices shown for these Toys are the price they were sold for in 1977 not today

  • Hobie Hotdogger Skateboard 1977 From The 1970s Hobie Hotdogger Skateboard
    Manufacturer: Hobie
    Price: $34.99
    Description Designed For Trick and Flatland Skating, Yellow Fiber glass with Blue Hobie insignia, strong, flexible 1/4 inch thick, 23 3/4 inches long, 5 1/4 inches wide, wheels are Urethane with sealed precession bearings.
    Accessories you could buy included gloves, elbow pads, Knee pads, and you can upgrade to road wider wheels.
    Skateboards ran from $7.00 to $100 in 1977 depending on the quality, design, strength and manufacturer.
  • The Amazing 1970's Slinky Slinky
    Price: 95 cents
    Description The Amazing Slinky send it down the stairs and amaze at how it works, still available today with little change to it's looks or how it works.

  • Flying Arrow Sled made with Steel and Best Northern Hardwood Wooden Snow Sled
    Manufacturer: Flying Arrow
    Price: From $14.88
    Description Go Sledding with a Steel Frame, front of Chrome Plated Steel, Steel Grooved Runners and Northern deck boards for full body support. Sizes Range from 44 inch to 58 inch length.
  • Roller Skates Inc. Street King Street Skates,Roller Derby Sidewalk Skates,  Roller Derby Skating Rink Dance Skates From The 1970s Roller Skates
    Street King Street Skates
    Manufacturer: Street King
    Price: $6.87
    Description Street Skates with 1 7/8 inches diameter tough steel wheels with 6 loose ball bearings per wheel. Vinyl Uppers.
    Roller Derby Sidewalk Skates
    Manufacturer: Roller Derby
    Price: $12.95
    Description Fireball indoor outdoor skates with urethane wheels, 16 loose ball bearings per wheel, vinyl uppers wipe clean.
    Roller Derby Skating Rink Dance Skates
    Manufacturer: Roller Derby
    Price: $59.99
    Description Dance Skates with leather uppers, 2 1/16 inch polythene wheels with 14 precision bearings per wheel, full grained elk tanned leather uppers.

  •  Girls and Boys 10 speed racing bike with dual position barkes and racing saddle 1977. racing bike with dual position brakes and racing saddle
    Boys and Girls Racing Bike
    Manufacturer: Free Spirit
    Price: $89.99
    Description 26 inch ten speed shimano derailleur gears racing bike with dual position brakes, chain guard, reflectors and racing saddle.
  • 20 inch single speed Motocross Bike with Heavy Duty Shocks, Frame, Spokes and Rims 1977 Motocross Bike
    Manufacturer: Free Spirit
    Price: $129.99
    Description 20 inch single speed Motocross Bike with Heavy Duty Shocks, Frame, Spokes and Rims, front and rear pull caliper brakes.

  • Matchbox cars and Matchbox City play kit Matchbox City Play Kit
    Manufacturer: Matchbox
    Price: $9.95
    Description Weave your mini cars through 4 1/2 ft of streets and highways complete with traffic signs, hazards and city sites with Matchbox City, includes overpass, gas station, ramps and tollbooth.
    Matchbox Set Of City Vehicles
    Manufacturer: Matchbox
    Price: $7.54
    Description 9 cars and other vehicles including Dodge Challenger, Airport Bus, Pontiac Firebird, Ford Transit, Mercedes Police Car, Vantastic, Car Transporter and Volkswagon Rabbit.

It is fun to look back in time to the 70' and see things we thought were so cool and the latest technology or the "In Thing" when we were younger, looking at the toys from 1977 is a great way to transport you back in time. 1977 was a year when solid state/transistor based electronics became the latest coolest thing to own including Novelty Radios, The latest in Radio Cassettes signing the beginning of the end of the Eight Track Player Format. We even saw the beginnings of early digital games.

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  • Barbie Fun In The Sun Pool and Cabana 1977 Barbie Fun In The Sun Pool and Cabana
    Manufacturer: Mattel
    Price: $18.98
    Description Cardboard backyard set with grass yard, plants, plastic kidney shaped pool holds 2 inches of water, Cabana, Table and Sunbrella, 4 stools, ice chest, pitcher and glasses, barbecue grill, swimming ring, 2 floating rafts, Chaise Lounge, Malibu Barbie with red 1 piece swimsuit, Malibu P.J with lavender 1 piece swim suit, Malibu Ken with Green Swim Trunks.
  • Charlie's Angels Dolls Charlie's Angels Dolls
    Manufacturer: Hasbro
    Price: $4.17 each
    Description Charlie's Angels Dolls featuring Jill (Farrah Fawcett) , Sabrina (Kate Jackson), Kelly (Jacyln Smith) in jumpsuits and boots, poseable 8 1/2 inch plastic bodies.

  • Raggedy Ann and Andy Raggedy Ann and Andy
    Price: $4.27 to $19.97
    Description Raggedy Ann and Andy ranging in size from 15 1/2 inches to 38 1/2 inches, Cloth bodies, red yarn hair, locked in eyes, silk screened faces. Raggedy Ann wearing Blue dress, white apron and pantaloons. Andy wearing striped top, sailor pants and Sailor Cap.
  • Sesame Street Characters, Big Bird, Snuffy, Fozzie Bear, Kermit The Frog, Cookie Monster, Oscar The Grouch, and Grover Sesame Street Characters
    Price: From $4.97
    Description Sesame Street Characters, Big Bird, Snuffy, Fozzie Bear, Kermit The Frog, Cookie Monster, Oscar The Grouch, and Grover Ranging in size from 12 inch to 15 inches, also available talking characters from $7.97.

  • Weebles Winnie The Pooh Honey Tree Weebles Winnie The Pooh Honey Tree
    Manufacturer: Hasbro
    Price: $8.95
    Description Winnie and Tigger as Weebles, Tigger visits Winnie The Pooh in his honey tree.

  • Viewmaster Cartoon Reel Viewer and with new sterio sound in 1977 Viewmaster
    Price: From $1.94
    Description What kid didn't have a viewmaster toy as a kid and in 1977 you could get talking stereo reels to watch and listen to your favorite TV cartoons.

  • Erector Sets Erector Sets
    Price: From $16.95 to $49.95
    Description Sets range from the small basic set right up to the master set which includes 2 motors, remote control, superhoist, 16 girders and 900 other pieces allowing you to build whatever your imagination can think of. Comes with instruction booklet, tools to put your erector set together and some ideas to get you started.

  • Buckaroo Game Of Buck-A-Roo
    Manufacturer: Ideal
    Price: $4.49
    Description Buck-A-Roo allows each player to add a new piece to the mule's load until the mule kicks the load off.

  • Magic Set Magic Set
    Price: $9.95
    Description Astound your friends and family with feats of magic, comes with full instructions and all the items needed to perform more than 100 magic tricks.

  • Batmobile and Bat Action Bike Batmobile
    Price: $37.99
    Description Batmobile features batwing steering, rocket controls for plenty of peddle powered bat adventures.
    Bat Machine
    Price: $19.63
    Description Bat Machine with low slung wide axle, rear wheel steering, dual joystick controls ready for Batman action.

  • Punch Me Toys Punch Me Toys
    Price: From $2.97 to $4.97
    Description Punch Me's including Frankenstein Monster Squad, Snoopy as Joe Cool, Welcome Back Kotter, King Kong and Batman.

  • Tonka Quick Shifter Racing Cars Tonka Quick Shifter Cars
    Manufacturer: Tonka Toys
    Price: $4.94
    Description Tonka Quick Shifter Hot-Test Road Machines are powered by a flywheel that automatically shifts into second gear racing fun.

  • Remote Control Aeroplane Remote Control Aeroplane
    Manufacturer: Cox
    Price: $129.97
    Description Fuel powered cox .049 engine Cessna 210 Centurion Plane with 36 inch wingspan, stays in flight for 1/2 hour, Take Off, Landing, climb, circle.

  • Portable 8 Track Player Eight Track Portable Music Player
    Price: $24.99
    Description Dual Powered Portable 8 track tape player.

  • Novelty Radios Novelty Radio
    Hairy Gorilla AM Radio
    Price: $10.95
    Description Hairy Gorilla AM Radio 13 inches high stands anywhere.
    Canned Music AM Radio
    Price: $5.95
    Description Choose your radio 7-Up, Budweiser, Coors and Coca Cola.
    Owl Shaped AM Radio
    Price: $5.95
    Description Your Novelty Owl Shaped AM Radio.
    AM Wrist Radios
    Price: $7.95
    Description AM Wrist Radios you wear on your wrist (I can remember having one of these and looked cool but worked badly).

  • Winnie The Pooh  Winnie The Pooh Phonograph
    Price: $28.95
    Description Winnie The Pooh Portable Phonograph with 4 inch speakers, 100% solid state, plays 33's and 45's with pictures of Tigger and Pooh.

  • Portable Radio Cassette Portable Radio Cassette
    Price: $49.95
    Description Dual Powered Cassette Player/Recorder with AM/FM radio, records direct from radio or live with built in microphone.