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Childhood Toys From The Year 1976 including Casey Jones Musical Train, Connect 4, Air Hockey, Winnie The Pooh Wrist Watch, and many more from the 1970s

The prices shown for these Toys are the price they were sold for in 1976 not today

  • Peanuts Characters  From The 1970s Peanuts Characters
    Price: From $2.47
    Description Stuffed Peanuts Characters between 11 inches and 14 inches tall, characters include all your old favorites, Linus, Peppermint Patty, Lucy, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock.

  • Lassie Stuffed Dog 1976 From The 1970s Stuffed Lassie Dog
    Price: $8.99
    Description Lassie the Collie dog you have seen on TV and at the movies now available as a 20 inch long stuffed body that looks lifelike.

  • Little Gem Sewing Machine From The 1970s Little Gem Sewing Machine
    Price: $5.55
    Description Hand operated Little Gem Sewing Machine, allows kids to learn the basics of sewing while keeping little fingers safe, no electric power needed.

  • Childs Trike 1976 Child's Trike
    Price: $17.89
    Description Motocross style trike with 13 inch wheel, adjustable handlebars and seat, black vinyl hard wheels.

  •  Play Kitchen Set  From The 1970s Girls Play Kitchen
    Manufacturer: Sears
    Price: $61.99
    Description 4 piece steel construction kitchen includes Refrigerator/Freezer, Double Oven range, Sink and cabinet, great for your child's imagination.

  • Childrens Dress Up Costumes  From The 1970s Children's Dress Up Costumes
    Price: From $6.97 to $9.97
    Description Boys and Girls dress up costumes including all their favorites, Nurses uniform, Highway troopers uniform, Ballerina, Bride, Star Treks Mister Spock, Batman, Superman, Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman, Miss America, Evel Knievel.

  • Unicycle  From The 1970s Unicycles
    Price: From $14.88 to $34,88
    Description Ranging from the beginners 16 inch unicycle up to the 40 inch Unicycle with 24 inch pneumatic tires.

It is fun to look back in time to 1976 to see the 1970s toys we played with and things we thought were so cool or the "In Thing" when we were children, offering a great way to transport you back in time. Some are timeless just changed style, added new models or created super new accessories Children's Dress Up Costumes include those TV and Movie Characters Kids see as heroes. Included toys are G.I. Joe, Children's Typewriter, Little Gem Sewing Machine, model cars, Brix Blox Building Sets, Air Hockey, Foosball and Connect 4 and many more from the 70's.

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  • The Waltons Dolls House  From The 1970s The Waltons Dolls House
    Price: $5.77
    Description The Waltons Dolls House, pretend your a member of the Waltons, recreate stories or make up your own, includes Walton Family, Pick up truck, Rocker, Seesaw and Porch Swing.

  • Lifelike Baby You can bend and sit 1976 Lifelike Baby
    Price: $12.95
    Description Lifelike baby she drinks, she wets and cries tears just like a real baby, 15 1/2 inches tall, soft vinyl, jointed arms and legs, blond rooted hair, opening and closing eyes with lashes, clothes include knit 2 piece smock and pants, booties and bottle to feed her.

  • USS Constiturion Scale Model 1976 USS Constitution Model
    Price: $15.97
    Description This model of the "USS COnstitution" is a 1/96 scale reproduced in exquisite detail, 27 inches by 26 inches with more than 400 pieces including sails, guns, crew figures, windows, portholes and rigging offering hours of fun to build and then look at.

  • Childs 8 Octave Table Model Electric Organ  From The 1970s Electronic Organ
    Price: $19.97
    Description 8 chord electric organ table model, lettered chords making it easy to learn and play from the included song book.

  • Brix Blox Building Set  From The 1970s Brixblox Building Set
    Manufacturer: Brix Blox
    Price: From $9.95
    Description Easy snap together and stay together bricks to make a wide range of projects, also includes moving parts allowing you to make even more projects, 700 piece set starts at $9.95.

  • Bugs Bunny Character AM Radio From The 1970s Bugs Bunny AM Novelty Radio
    Price: $7.95
    Description Bugs Bunny AM radio, solid state construction and earplugs included.

  • Childs Typwriter with full 56 key keyboard 1976 Child's Typewriter
    Manufacturer: Sears
    Price: $24.95
    Description Child's Typewriter "Holiday II" with full 80 character keyboard, bright red, white and blue hi impact plastic frame, with plastic carrying case.

  • Work Bench for little boys and girls  From The 1970s Child's Workbench
    Price: $2.72
    Description Child's plastic workbench allows young mechanics to learn shapes, and colors.

  • Pogo Sticks  From The 1970s Pogo Sticks
    Price: From $5.97 to $10.97
    Description Hop and Bop for fun or competition, ranging from the junior at 44 1/2 inches high to the super high rise Pogo Stick 48 inches high.

  • Evel Kenieval Stunt Rider 1976 Evel Knievel Stunt Bike
    Price: $9.94
    Description Evel Knievel Stunt Bike, soar, jump and spin in mid air. Charge the cycle using supplied energizer, crank and release and watch it go.

  • Motorised Car Transporter 1976 Motorized Car Transporter
    Price: $8.95
    Description Motorized 2-deck transporter is so big and powerful it hauls up to 14 of your mini cars including matchbox, hot wheels cars, push button controls to load up your cars.

  • GI Joe Avenger Pursuit Craft  From The 1970s GI Joe Pursuit Craft
    Manufacturer: Hasbro
    Price: $14.95
    Description Convertible G.I. Joe Pursuit Craft allows you to pursue adventure in 4 different vehicles, Airplane, Seaplane, Speed Boat and land car using 13 snap together pieces and using your 2 jet engines to power you to your next adventure.

  • Connect Four  From The 1970s Connect 4
    Price: $4.84
    Description Absorbing game of Vertical strategy, the object is to build connect a line of 4 pieces before your opponent.

  • Foosball Football Table  From The 1970s Foosball Game
    Price: $43.97
    Description Foosball soccer game with two or 4 players, push, pull, twirl the rods to make your players score goals.

  • Air Hockey 1976 Air Hockey
    Manufacturer: Coleco Power Jet
    Price: $38.94
    Description Air hockey game with air-action surface 46 inches by 22 inches, wood with sturdy steel legs and built in score keeper.
  • Winnie The Pooh Wrist Watch  From The 1970s Winnie The Pooh Wrist Watch
    Price: $2.99
    Description The Winnie The Pooh toy watch works like a real watch.

  • Casey Jones Music Train From The 1970s Casey Jones Musical Train
    Price: $9.95
    Description Casey Jones pull along train plays 10 different songs using records, as you pull along the train.