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1970s Important News and Events, Key Technology Fashion and Popular Culture

The Seventies saw massive inflation world wide much of it caused by the Oil Crisis in the Middle East, Digital Technology is seen for the first time in consumer products including the first calculator, as technology advanced the range and function of home appliances improved, The Vietnam War ends and the Cold War gets Colder. .

Money and Inflation 1970's

To provide an estimate of inflation we have given a guide to the value of $100 US Dollars for the first year in the decade to the equivalent in today's money
If you have $100 Converted from 1970 to 2005 it would be equivalent to $517.65 today
In 1970 a new house cost $23,400.00 and by 1979 was $58,500.00
In 1970 the average income per year was $9,350.00 and by 1979 was $17,550.00
In 1970 a gallon of gas was 36 cents and by 1979 was 86 cents
In 1970 the average cost of new car was $3,900.00 and by 1979 was $5,770.00

A few more prices from the Decade and how much things cost
Datsun 210 $3,869
Dodge Colt $4,785
Warm Leather Lined Boots
$39.99 Car 8 Track Stereo Tape Player
CB Radio $147
Medium Eggs 25 cents per dozen
From Food Prices Miracle Whip $1.09
King Size Bean Bag Chair $19.99
Porcelain Kitchen Sink $9.88
Quartz Alarm Clock $12.97


What Happened in the 1970s

The events listed below we have tried to put a small paragraph on the specific year page providing additional information )


What Happened in 1970 History
  • The popular band "The Beatles" announce they have disbanded.
  • NASA's Apollo 13 Moon Mission returns to Earth successfully after abandoning its mission to the Moon after experiencing oxygen tank problems and an explosion.
  • Forty-three nations ratify the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
  • The United States invades Cambodia.
  • The first jumbo-jet, the Boeing 747, makes its debut commercial flight from New York to London.


What Happened in 1971 History
  • The U.S. voting age is lowered from 21 to 18 years old when the 26th amendment is ratified.
  • The Walt Disney World Resort is opened in Orlando, Florida.
  • The Pentagon Papers are published by the New York Times.
  • Qatar and Sierra Leone become independent from England.
  • The first microprocessor, the 4004, is released by Intel.


What Happened in 1972 History
  • The Watergate Scandal begins when White House operatives are caught burglarizing the Democratic National Committee
  • PONG, the first video game to have commercial success, is released.
  • The first U.S. cable subscription service, HBO, is introduced.
  • Richard Nixon is elected as the President of the United States for his second term.
  • Bangladesh becomes independent from Pakistan.


What Happened in 1973 History
  • Secretariat wins the Triple Crown in horse racing.
  • The Mariner 10 space probe is launched by NASA and later becomes the first spacecraft to study Mercury.
  • The United States Supreme Court declares that abortion is a constitutional right in the landmark decision on the Roe v. Wade case.
  • Billy Jean King beats Bobby Riggs in the "Battle of the Sexes" tennis match.
  • Belize and the Bahamas gain independence from the United Kingdom.


What Happened in 1974 History
  • U.S. President Richard Nixon resigns from office after being implicated in the Watergate Scandal.
  • The UPC Bar Code is introduced.
  • India becomes the sixth nuclear power when it successfully detonates a nuclear bomb.
  • The world's population is an estimated 4 billion people.
  • Gerald Ford becomes the United States president after Nixon resigns.


What Happened in 1975 History
  • The Vietnam War ends.
  • The movie "Jaws" opens in theaters and is considered to be one of the first block-buster films.
  • Sony introduces the Betamax video tape system.
  • Bill Gates and Paul Allen create Microsoft.
  • The popular late-night sketch show, Saturday Night Live, airs for the first time.


What Happened in 1976 History
  • Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak create the Apple Computer Company.
  • NASA introduces the first space shuttle, the Enterprise.
  • The Democratic candidate, Jimmy Carter, defeats Republican incumbent Gerald Ford, to win the U.S. Presidential race.
  • The first commercial Concorde flight takes place.
  • The CN Tower in Toronto is completed and becomes the world's tallest freestanding structure.


What Happened in 1977 History
  • Control of the Panama Canal is returned to Panama from the United States.
  • The Trans-Alaskan Pipeline is opened.
  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Scanner is first tested.
  • The Canadian province of Quebec adopts French as an official language.
  • Amnesty International wins the Nobel Peace Prize.


What Happened in 1978 History
  • The very first "Garfield" comic strip debuts in 41 U.S. newspapers.
  • Louise Brown, the very first test tube baby, is born.
  • Israel and Egypt sign the Camp David Accords.
  • Pope Paul VI dies and is replaced by Pope John Paul I who also dies this year and is replaced by Pope John Paul II.
  • The computer video game Space Invaders is released.


What Happened in 1979 History
  • The Three Mile Island nuclear incident occurs in Pennsylvania.
  • After being exiled for fifteen years, Ayatollah Khomeini returns to power in Iran.
  • The Walkman is introduced by Sony.
  • Michael Jackson's debut solo album "Off the Wall" is released.
  • Rhodesia becomes Zimbabwe after the country's first black-led government in 90 years takes power.

Other Major Events From The 70's

  • The oil crisis in 1973 was caused when Arab members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), during the Yom Kippur War, announced that they would no longer ship petroleum to nations that had supported Israel in its conflict with Syria and Egypt , to the United States and its allies in Western Europe. It was also announced that the price for Oil would increase drastically. The west was by now dependent on oil and together with prices quadrupling and measures for rationing the western world went into recession and suffered massive inflationary pressure. At that time the United States did have their own oil reserves and although they were affected the biggest impact was on European Economies .
  • After nearly 10 years of war in Vietnam 1973 was also the year that allied forces pulled out of Vietnam
  • Another significant factor in the 70's was the growth in women's rights and women's role in society including the ability to decide when where and if they wished to have children ( partly through the availably of the contraceptive pill )
  • President Richard Nixon was forced to resign on August 8 as president of the United States due to imminent impeachment related to the Watergate scandal.
  • With the continuing Cold War between the East and West the arms race continued with each side trying to find the ultimate weapon

    1970's Mens and Womens and Childrens Fashion Clothes

    Visit Our Seventies Fashion Section Seventies clothes and fashions included many of the styles worn today in modified forms but also some very short lived examples that when we look at wonder how and why we ever wore them.
    Below are four examples From our new updated Prices for clothes and fashions in the 70's section where we have included over 200 examples of Ladies, Mens and Children's Fashion Clothes and Accessory examples organized by year including dresses, boots, shoes and much more take a little time to browse through them.
    Take a little trip back in time to the clothes of your youth and have a smile or feel nostalgic
    Examples of Ladies Dresses From The 1970's

    Examples of Men's Fashions from the 70's

    Children's Clothing Examples From The 1970s


    Childrens Toys From The 1970's

    The popular toys at of the decade were The New Digital Based Toys and Computers including Simon and the development of the Atari computer and gaming system. Other Popular toys also included Hot Wheels For Boys and Barbie For Girls, with space, music and pop culture toys also popular. Kids Toy Examples From The 1970s


    Seventies Cars

    1970's cars and some of the advertising from cars in the 70's the prices are drastically different due to 10 year timespan where inflation was pretty bad
    Datsun 1200 Sports Coupe parking is a breeze only $1866.00
    Ford Torino Special Trim inside and Out with a vinyl roof
    Toyota Corona $1,950.00 quality from thousnads of tests and solid construction
    AMC Matador Mid Size family car with sweeping clean lines and low profile
    Monte Carlo 1975 for when a car makes you feel good about its looks thats styling
    Plymouth Arrow prices start at $3,175.00 and 39mpg highway 24mpg city due to its aerodynamic design and all this from the trusted name of Crysler

    Cars From the 1970's


    Sporting Changes In The 70's

    Our Detailed Sports History Section
    Players go on strike in 1972 the first players strike in sports history.
    Players gain free agency after 6 years allowing them to demand higher wages.
    Hank Aaron breaks the legendary Babe Ruths Record and sets a new record of 755 home runs in 1974 which stood for 30 more years
    The ABA or American Basketball Association and National Basketball Association NBA agree to merger accepting 4 new teams into the NBA Denver, New York, San Antonio and Indiana.
    At the end of the 70's two major changes in the game happened 1. ESPN and 2. three point line added.
    Association Football (Soccer)
    Television Increases the Popularity of the game to new heights.
    Red and Yellow Cards Introduced
    German and British clubs rule European Football for ten years from 1974 to 1984
    American Football
    Division I, Division II and Division III set up in college football
    The Steelers, Dolphins, Raiders, Vikings, Cowboys and Rams Dominate Respective Divisions
    NFL extended its regular season to 16 games
    Ice Hockey
    WHA teams join the NHL
    First Summit Series played
    Bobby Orr and Boston Bruins win Stanley Cup
    Soviets Dominate World Championships and Olympics


    • The 70's were the start in many ways of the Electronics and digital revolution, with the invention of transistors and Integrated Circuits in the late 60's, companies now found ways to use the technology which caused the phenomenal growth in smaller more powerful and cheaper products ranging from Calculators to Televisions.
    • The decade also saw the beginning of the Home Computer due to Intel creating the first cheap microprocessor - the Intel 4004, and other integrated circuits. In the beginning the computers were mainly for the hobbyists and included the Apple II, the TRS-80, the Commodore PET, and Atari 400/800 and with the growth of these home computers Bulletin Boards became a popular way for people to find others with similar interests
    • The first use of card access Electronic Locks appear
    • As people realized the power of these new home computers a new use was found and that was the beginning of the video game . When we look at those games now we see how basic they were but the technology available and the understanding of what could be done limited those early games.
    • With the invention earlier of the microwave oven and now the capability to manufacturer and sell cheaply many homes adopted the technology in their kitchens
    • Due in part to the increased use of the 747 a Jumbo Jet able to carry large numbers of passengers across continents air travel booms and causes new problems with pollution, delays and air traffic control

    Inventions The Year Invented Inventors and Country ( or attributed to First Use )

    Barcode ----- 1973 USA
    E-Mail ----- 1971 USA
    Floppy Disk ----- 1971 USA by Alan Shugart
    Genetic Engineering ----- 1973 USA by S Cohen and H Boyer
    Ink Jet Printer ----- 1976 USA
    In Vitro Fertilisation ----- 1978 England "test tube baby"
    Laser Printer ----- 1975 USA
    LCDs ----- 1970 England by George Gray - Liquid Crystal Display
    Microprocessor ----- 1971 USA
    MRI Scanner ----- 1977 USA by Raymond Damadian
    Personal Computer ----- 1975 USA
    Space Station ----- 1973 USA Skylab

    Popular Culture 1970s

    The Waterbed The 70's produced many icons , one of those being the modern waterbed created by Charles Hall in 1968, This was fueled by the sexual revolution of the Decade encompassing the Waterbed .


    From Our Seventies Music Page
    • Progressive rock created a new generation of bands including Genesis, Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Pink Floyd. Many other singers and bands also started or strengthened their fan base including The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Queen, Black Sabbath .
    • In Europe, the music was not as progressive from bands like T Rex, Gary Glitter and David Bowie, and bands like Slade and the Sweet. and possibly the most successful in the 70's being ABBA
    Some of the Most Well Known Movie Stars of the Seventies
    Paul Newman
    Robert Redford
    Clint Eastwood
    John Wayne
    Burt Reynolds
    Al Pacino
    Woody Allen
    Barbra Streisand

    TV Shows

    • The Streets of San Francisco 1972 - 1977.
    • The Waltons 1972 - 1981.
    • Chips 1977 - 1983.
    • Ironside 1967 - 1975.
    • Lassie 1954 - 1973.
    • Starsky and Hutch 1975 - 1979.
    • Dukes Of Hazzard 1979 - 1985.
    • The Benny Hill Show 1969 - 1989.
    • Monty Python’s Flying Circus 1969 - 1974.
    • The Muppet Show 1976 - 1981.
    • Bonanza 1959 - 1973.
    • The Brady Bunch 1969 - 1974.
    • Dallas 1978 - 1991.
    • Charlie's Angels 1976 - 1981.
    • Little House on the Prairie 1974 - 1983.
    • Doctor Who 1963 - 1989.
    • Gunsmoke 1955 - 1975.
    • Columbo 1968 - 2003.
    • Kojak 1973 - 1978.
    • All In The Family 1971 - 1979.
    • Laverne & Shirley 1976 - 1983.
    • The Odd Couple 1970 - 1974.
    • Bewitched 1964 - 1972.
    • Happy Days 1974 - 1984.
    • Sanford and Son 1972 - 1977.
    • Steptoe and Son 2nd Series 1970 - 1974.
    • Taxi 1978 - 1983.
    • Benson 1979 - 1986.


    Seventies Homes

    1963 New Homes Lowell Massachusetts
    large tree wooded plots, colored bath and kitchen fixtures, full basement Formica kitchen 3 bedrooms From $15,500
    Electrical Home Goods
    As technology improved the range and sophistication of home appliances offered much greater freedom and uses including "Time Saving Devices", plus as you can see for the second example some items had a 70's look and feel all of their own. But Color TV's still have a long way to go The Latest and Cinema Screen Color TV costing close to $800 in todays money about $4,000. Not included on these examples but can be found on the page are the latest music playing devices including an Eight Track Tape Player and an example of a solid-state Three Speed Record deck and speakers.
    Electrical Home Furnishings from the 1970's
    Homes and Furniture From The Seventies
    It is interesting looking at the furniture and fixtures you might find in a home from each decade, below are just two examples I found interesting from the more than 20 we have included on our
    Home furnishing examples with descriptions and Prices Page

    Home Furniture from the 1970's