1973 Popular Vintage Toys Part Of The 1970s

It is fun to look back in time to the 1973 toys we played with when we were children. Included on this page are Barbie and early Battery Powered Cars, Crazy Buggy Racers, Roy Rogers Guitar, Pedal Cars, Ceramic Figure Making Kit, Walkie Talkie Sets, Hoppity Hops, Pocket Transistor Radios, Silly Putty, Woodworking Tools Kit For Kids, View Master Projector Set plus many more from the 70's

Aurora Penske A/FX Racing Set
Price: $34.99
Description Featuring 27ft of track for racing 4 cars including 2 Penske Porsche's a shadow Canam and a McClarren. 4 controllers, two lap counters, pylons and guard rails for the whole family to enjoy.

Aurora Penske A/FX Racing Set 1973 From The 1970s

Barbie and Friends Wardrobe
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $2.99
Description Wardrobes available include Stylish Scene, Fashion Glamour Group, Casual All Stars for Ken and Pretty Power for Francis.

Barbie and Friends Wardrobe  From The 1970s

Battery Powered Car
Price: $26.99
Description The fun dune buggy now hits the side walks and goes at 2 MPH indoors or out, runs up to 7 hours on 1 battery charge.

Battery Powered Car  From The 1970s

Ceramic Figure Making Kit
Price: From 6.99
Description Mold figures with reusable models and real ceramic clay, finish them with acrylic paints or boss gloss glaze, kits include Molds, casting mix, acrylic paints boss gloss glaze and brushes, kits available include Animal Kit, Lil' critters kit and vases kit.

Ceramic Figure Making Kit 1973 From The 1970s

Chain Powered Peddle Cars
Price: From $18.49 to $24.99
Description Turn your driveway or your back yard into the Indy 500 with these chain driven speedsters, the faster you pedal the quicker you go.

Chain Powered Peddle Cars  From The 1970s

Walkie Talkie Sets
Price: $13.88
Description Fireless Walkie Talkie sets send and receive important messages from across the street that operate on Citizen Band 14, no license required.

Walkie Talkie Sets  From The 1970s

Crazy Buggy Car Racers
Price: $7.99
Description Crazy Buggy "the do anything" stunt car set.

Crazy Buggy Car Racers  From The 1970s

Curious George
Price: From $3.88 to $7.99
Description Curious George that little chimp from H.A.Reys story books is a squeezable stuffed toy, sizes range from 14 inches high to 23 inches high.

Curious George 1973 From The 1970s

Boys and Girls First Bikes
Manufacturer: Free Spirit
Price: $34.95
Description Sporty Bikes with Banana Seats, Chrome Fenders, High Rise Handlebars, Detachable Training Wheels.

Boys and Girls First Bikes With Training Wheels From The 1970s

Furga Of Italy Dolls
Price: $19.95
Description Furga Of Italy Dolls are some of the most beautiful dolls in the world, with lavish gowns, creamy vinyl skin, fully jointed, shiny rooted hair, sparkling go to sleep eyes, and long long girls lashes, frilly lingerie, shoes and a posing stand are included with these classic feature dolls, dolls available are Anna, Antonietta, Allesandra, Carmen, Barbera and Kim.

Furga Of Italy Dolls From The 1970s

Hoppity Hops
Price: From $5.88 to $8.88
Description Hoppity Hops are big bouncy balls you will want to ride for hours, now available the standard hoppity hop ball, hoppity horse, Hoppity Mickey and Hoppity Donald Duck.

Hoppity Hops  From The 1970s

Ice Hockey Game Table
Price: $49.99
Description You control every move on this 48 x 30 inch game room hockey table, includes scoreboard.

Ice Hockey Game Table  From The 1970s

Jukebox Jamboree
Price: $38.99
Description Jukebox Jamboree features Phonograph that plays both 45 and 33 1/3 RPM records, Big 4 inch speaker, Separate Volume and Tone Controls, Psychedelic Light.

Jukebox Gamberee 1973 From The 1970s

Junior Drum Set
Price: $59.95
Description 3 drum set includes 10 x 16 inch base drums with foot pedal and wood hoops, 4 x 10 inch snare drum with adjustable stand, shell mounted tom tom and 10 inch brass cymbal complete with sticks, brushes and playing instructions.

Junior Drum Set  From The 1970s

King Arthurs Castle Model
Price: $13.88
Description Return to the days of gallant knights realm, includes 11 knights in shining armor, 5 horses, snap together castle with drawbridge and moat. Cross the moat and storm the walls to save the prisoners from the dungeons.

King Arthurs Castle  From The 1970s

Little Carpenter Shop
Price: $4.99
Description All the tools and instructions to make 8 projects plus even the wood in included, kit includes hammer, saw, coping saw, tri-square, ruler, sand paper and nails, projects include tool box, wall shelf, mail holder, bird house, spice rack and more.

Little Carpenter Shop  From The 1970s

Lone Ranger and Tonto
Price: $4.99
Description Fully standing models of The Lone Ranger and Tonto on their trusty horses.

The Lone Ranger and Tonto 1973 From The 1970s

Pocket Transistor Radios
Price: From $3.75
Description New Solid State Chassis promotes long battery life and good performance, built in AM antenna, earphone for private listening.

Pocket Transistor Radios  From The 1970s

Roy Rogers Guitar
Price: $3.89
Description 29 inch happy trailer guitar has wood fibre sound chamber for deep rich tones which allow you to play and sing all your favorite Roy Rogers music, instruction book included.

Roy Rogers Guitar From The 1970s

Silly Putty
Price: 99 cents
Description Stretches likes taffy and bounces like rubber, comes in protective plastic shell egg.

Silly Putty From The 1970s

Steel Frame Rocking Horse
Price: $25.99
Description 35 inch Cheyenne looks and feels like real, just stroke his coat, Sturdy Tubular Steel Base.

Steel Frame Rocking Horse  From The 1970s

Tyco Car and Train Set
Manufacturer: Tyco
Price: $44.98
Description Two sets in one, A high speed raceway inside a fun filled railway with Spirit of 76 loco pulling 54 inch long freight cars, raceway includes two high speed cars racing on 27 ft of 3 level racing track.

Tyco Car and Train Set 1973 From The 1970s

View Master Projector Set
Price: $18.88
Description Deluxe view-master theater with projector, lighted viewer and 24 color reels include: Snoopy and the Red Baron, Brady Bunch, Bambi, Partridge Family, Bugs Bunny, Walt Disney World Fantasy Land, Beep Beep the Road Runner, Lassie, Charlie Brown, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Scooby Doo.

View Master Projector Set From The 1970s

Zip Fit Skates For Shoes
Price: $7.39
Description Indoor/outdoor skates with adjustable leather straps and push pull adjustable frame. Rubber wheels work outside and easier on floors. Toe pieces with foam rubber to hold tight, even works well with sneakers.

Zip Fit Skates For Shoes  From The 1970s

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