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Childhood Toys From The Year 1975 including GI Joe Vehicles and Barbie VW Camper and more with prices and descriptions

Featured Toys on this page Childrens Record Player, Matchbox Steer and Go, Lionel American Flyer Train Set, Childrens Playhouse, Winnie The Pooh Puppets and many more from the 1970sThe prices shown for these Toys are the price they were sold for in 1975 not today

  • Matchbox Steer and Go Car Set From the 70's Matchbox Steer and Go Car Set
    Manufacturer: Matchbox
    Price: $17.97
    Description Matchbox Steer and Go Car Set battery powered, turn on key ignition, shift transmission into ether two forward gears or reverse, racing type steering wheel maneuvers car around hairpin turns, over bridges and along the straight away, 20 inch diameter track.

  • Winnie The Pooh Finger Puppet From the 70's Winnie The Pooh Finger Puppet
    Price: 99 cents each
    Description Winnie The Pooh Finger Puppet measures 3 inches high.

  • Childrens Phonograph in Red  From the 70's Children's Phonograph/Record Player in Red
    Price: $15.49
    Description Compact portable phonograph with 3 inch speaker comes in rugged red molded plastic cabinet, plays all 33 1/3 and 45 rpm records, comes with built in 45 rpm adapter, on off volume control, red and white with carrying handle.

  • Childrens Sing Along 45 RPM Records From the 70's Childrens 45rpm Sing Along Records
    Price: $1.98
    Description Ideal to keep children entertained sing a long songs include Puff the Magic Dragon, Goldilocks, Mary Poppins, Ugly Duckling, Mother Goose and songs from Sesame Street plus many more.

  • Cassette Player Recorder From The 70's Portable Cassette Player Recorder
    Price: $27.99
    Description Portable Cassette Player Recorder with built in condenser microphone, runs on AC Power or optional batteries, includes 30 minute blank tape and earphones, ideal to play music cassettes or story books, lets you record your own music from the radio.

  • Snoopy Hand Puppet From the 70's Snoopy Hand Puppet
    Price: $5.44
    Description Plush Snoopy Hand Puppet, fits child or adults hands.

  • Illuminated World Globe From The 70's Illuminated World Globe
    Price: $29.00
    Description Illuminated World Globe with thousands of eligible place names lit up, 15 inches high.

1975 was a great year in the middle of the 70's for children's toys with new versions and accessories for girls Barbie and boys GI Joe's ruling the roost. Many of the old faithful toys were still on sale including popular board games, girls rocking horses, Lionel Train sets and electric car racing sets. Other popular toy ideas included erector sets, Brix Blox, model kits and even Junior Wood Working Home Workshops encouraged children to make things. While others were targeted at children who were creative with toys like Jewelry hobby kits and Pottery craft. Early versions of Electric/Electronic games were just appearing powered by sets of batteries including TV Tennis. Cassette recorders and Record Players (Still marketed as Phonographs) provided the music. It is impossible to talk about children's toys without mentioning the all important Bicycle's that every boy and girl hoped for at Christmas and Birthdays.

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  • Evel Knievel Dragster Model From the 70's Evel Knievel Dragster
    Price: $13.94
    Description Evel Knievel Formula 1 Dragster, does wheelies, jumps and pops a drag chute at the end of the run, Gyro Powered (Includes Gyro Energizer) with 7 inch Evel Figure.

  • Mister Potato Head From the 70's Mr Potato Head
    Price: $1.99
    Description Mister Potato Head, take him apart and put him together ideal children's toy for fun and games, stands 9 inches tall.

  • 1970's Bert and Ernie Dolls From Sesame Street Bert and Ernie Dolls From Sesame Street
    Price: $1.99 each
    Description Sesame Street Bert and Ernie Dolls cotton stuffed with polyester.

  • Star Ship Enterprise Flight Deck Model From The 70's Star Ship Enterprise Model
    Price: Replica Star Ship Enterprise Flight Deck $13.97
    Price: Star Trek Figures $2.88 each
    Description Replica Star Ship Enterprise Flight Deck includes sick bay, captains chair, and computer console. Transporter room, Star Trek figures sold separately for $2.88 includes Captain Kirk, Lt Uhuru, Mr Spock, Dr McCoy and Scotty.

  • 1970's GI Joe Action Figures and his Action Vehicles GI Joe and His Action Vehicles
    Price: Giant Helicopter $8.88
    Price: Rugged Amphicar $4.79
    Description GI Joe Action Vehicles include the Rugged Amphicar and Giant Helicopter that is over 2 ft high.

  • 1970's Lionel American Flyer  Electric Train Set Lionel Train Set
    Manufacturer: Lionel
    Price: $38.99
    Description American Flyer Electric Train Set HO Scale Electric 7 unit Diesel Freight set with the red, white and blue American Flyer Lighted Engine which hauls 6 cars including Sears Box Car, C&O box car, Gondola Car, Cattle Car and caboose, Train measures 44 inches long. Track features 16 curved and 1 straight re railer track, 2 manual switches, 6 watt power pack is UL listed for 110 - 120 volt 60 Hz AC.

  • Battery Powered Electronic Tennis Game From the 70's Small 17inch x 13 inch Electronic Tennis Game
    Price: $17.87
    Description Small plastic TV Tennis game runs using 3 "D" batteries.

  • Original Monopoly Game From The 1970's Original Version Of Monopoly
    Manufacturer: Hasbro Games
    Price: $4.27
    Description The game of Monopoly priced at $4.27 (Price in today's money $42.00), what is interesting is that Monopoly today costs less than $20.00 so in real terms the price is much lower now.

  • Pong Designed By Atari from the 70's Pong TV Game
    Manufacturer: Atari/Sears
    Price: $98.95
    Description Pong TV Table Tennis game with action and sound using the twist knobs to move the paddle up and down the screen, works with any color or black and white TV by connecting through the antenna socket offering fast based action game you can play on your TV.

  • Bicycle Speedometer, Odometer and Tachometer From the 1970s Bicycle Speedo
    Price: $8.99
    Description Now you can have a speedo, odometer and tachometer on your bicycle showing your speed, attaches quickly and easily to any bike handlebars.

  • Orinal 1970s Scrabble Game Original Version Of Scrabble
    Manufacturer: Hasbro Games
    Price: $4.57
    Description The game of Scrabble priced at $4.57 (Price in todays money $42.00), what is interesting is that Scrabble today costs less than $20.00 so in real terms the price is much lower now.

  • Boys Carpentry Set From the 70's Boys Carpentry Set
    Price: $12.77
    Description 14 piece carpenters set with wood tool chest, the set includes saw, pliers, 2 screwdrivers, 2 wood chisels, hammer, block plane, awl, mallet, level, folding rule, tri-square and wood clamp.

  • Trigger Jet Powered Plane From the 70's Trigger Jet Plane
    Price: $2.77
    Description The Trigger Jet can fly up to 150 ft when you pull the trigger spring powered launch gun, adjust flaps to do loops, wing overs or circle back, plastic with soft nose cone 18 inches long with 10 inch wing span.

  • Childrens Play House From the 70's Childrens Play House
    Price: $9.99
    Description Children's play house standing 60 inches high 38 inches wide and 42 inches deep to allow lots of children to play in it, has doorway and window made from rugged paper fibre board colonial style white printed in 4 colors to simulate trees and flowers.

  • 1970s Bugs Bunny Talking Alarm Clock Bugs Bunny Talking Alarm Clock
    Price: $14.95
    Description Bugs Bunny Talking alarm clock set to tell the little ones "Eh Wake up Doc" when the alarm sounds, wind up clock has big numbers and Carrot Hands making it easy for little children to tell the time.

  • Winnie the Pooh and Crew Hand Puppets From the 1970s Winnie the Pooh and Crew Hand Puppets
    Price: $5.95 Each
    Description Now you can have Winnie and crew hand puppets which are 10 inches tall to put on your very own puppet show, puppets available include Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger.

  • Barbie Designer Pink Gown From the 1970s Barbie Designer Pink Gown
    Price: $3.99
    Description Barbie Pink Gown sleeveless with ruffle bottom, White trimmed long sleeve jacket, purse, flower, necklace and shoes for Barbies special night out.

  • 1970's Barbie VW Camper with accessories Barbie VW Camper
    Price: $8.95
    Description Barbie and friends are set to take off for the mountains or camp on the beach in comfort, This custom bus is shaped like the VW van with sliding door and removable sun roof. Includes table and camper stool, ice chest, lantern, pickax, shovel, camper stove, coffee pot6, frying pans, sauce pan with everything Barbie and friends need for a camping weekend in their VW Camper.

  • Traditional Ventriloquist Dummy From the 1970s Traditional Ventriloquist Dummy
    Price: $11.47
    Description Charlie McCarthy 30 inches tall Edgar Bergans Friend in Tuxedo, High Hat and Monocle Traditional Ventriloquist Dummy learn how to be a Ventriloquist with this traditional dummy and show off your skills to friends and family.