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Childhood Toys From The Year 1970 including Bontempi Console Organ, Back To College Typewriter, Range Of Barbie Dolls, Childrens Stereo Phono and more with prices and descriptions

Featured Toys on this page Music Box and Ballerina, Lawman Holster and Guns, Hot Wheels Track and Cars, Suzy Homemakers New Super oven, GI Joe Astronaut, Dune Buggy, and many more from the 1970sThe prices shown for these Toys are the price they were sold for in 1970 not today

  • Childrens Stereo From The 1970s Cheap Childrens Stereo Phono
    Price: $19.95
    Description Cheap Kids Stereo ideal for the budding rock fan, comes with 2 speakers, uses latest solid state technology, plays the latest 45's automatically, separate volume speaker controls.

  • 1970 Early 70s Back To College Portable Typewriter Back To College Typewriter
    Price: $28.88
    Description Back To College Portable Collegiate Deluxe Typewriter, ideal for college students on their way to college, quiet, full keyboard, comes complete with carrying case.

  • Apollo Rocket From The 1970s Apollo Moon Rocket
    Price: $3.49
    Description Apollo Moon Rocket, 2 stage Apollo moon rocket, first part rotates making engine sound and lights flash from second stage, second stage separates.

  • New Living Barbie and Talking Barbie and Her Talking Friends From The 1970s Range Of Barbie Dolls
    Manufacturer: Mattel
    Price: From $4.77
    Description Range of Barbie dolls including the New Living Barbie who moves like you move with life like poses and Talking Barbie and Her Talking Friends including P.J., Ken, Christie and Stacie. Talk teen talk, dates, dances, fashions and more.

  • Board Games Inc Game of Life and Game of Risk from the 70's Game of Life and Game of Risk
    Price: From $5.19
    Description The Game Of Life Seek fame and fortune starting with $2,000 and a car, start your adventure through college, business and married life, make the right decisions and get fame and fortune.
    Description The Game Of Risk Have mock battles and mock invasions to conquer the world.

  • Bontempi Console Organ From The 1970s Bontempi Console Organ
    Manufacturer: Bontempi
    Price: $29.99
    Description Bontempi Electric Chord Console Organ with full 37 key treble keyboard, 6 base keys and 6 base chords gives real pro sound for you and your pop group, music book included with easy to use guide lets you create great music in a short time.

  • Portable Cassette Recorder From The 1970s Cassette Recorder
    Price: $49.95
    Description Portable Cassette Recorder uses batteries or house current, 6 buttons include record, rewind, fast forward, play, stop and eject. includes automatic recording level control and plays and records 60 minute cassettes.

1970 included kids play things produced following the United States successful moon landing in 1969, we have shown just 3 here including the lunar landing module. The year also featured a good example of the changes in music playing devices with a basic stereo player looking like something held over from earlier years and the new style component music systems. Board games include the game of risk which was popular in the 70s. The ever popular Hot Wheels cars and tracks and no year is complete without a few Barbies. Traditional guns, holsters, rifles to compete against the new Robots which improve each year. The Viewmasters range improve with the addition of the new talking version. This page has been created in late August as current university students are starting University with Laptops, Smart phones and the latest tablets and I find it interesting that for students heading off to University in 1970 the latest technology was a portable typewriter.

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  • Chatty Cathy Doll From The 1970s Chatty Cathy
    Manufacturer: Mattel
    Price: $9.77
    Description The all new Chatty Cathy doll from Mattel is 17 1/2 inches tall. The new Chatty Cathy talks, whispers and even sings 9 different things each time you pull her talking ring, prettier than ever with bright red polka dot dress.

  • Dolls Stroller and Doll Carriage From The 1970s Doll's Stroller
    Price: $5.29
    Description Choose from the folding Doll Stroller or the folding Doll Carriage for your little girl to push her dolls in.

  • Playschool 20 inch doll Dressy Bessy  From The 1970s Dressy Bessy
    Manufacturer: Playschool
    Price: $6.49
    Description Playschool Dressy Bessy is a cuddly playmate helps toddlers learn about dressing with buttons, buckles, snaps and zips.

  • Cox Dune Buggy  From The 1970s Dune Buggy
    Manufacturer: Cox
    Price: $14.99
    Description Gas Powered Dune Buggy climbs steep grades, across sand, adjustable throttle control and steerable front wheels.

  • Frosty Snow Cone Maker From The 1970s Frosty Snow Cone Maker
    Price: $5.29
    Description Just add Ice Cubes, Syrup Flavoring and turn the handle includes paper cups, 10 different Syrups, funnel and grater.

  • Gigantor The Mighty Robot From The 1970s Gigantor Robot
    Price: $8.99
    Description Gigantor The Mighty Robot is a giant 17 inch Walking Robot with super powers, he walks his chest doors open when he stops and giant guns come out and fire with rapid shots with a rapid realistic rat a tat tat sound while lights flash and his upper body rotates.

  • GI Joe Astronaut In Space From The 1970s GI Joe Astronaut
    Price: $9.66
    Description GI Joe Astronaut Is In Orbit, performs space maneuvers including his space walk for the beginning of new space adventures.

  • Hot Wheels Track and Cars From The 1970s Hot Wheels Track and Cars
    Price: Hot Wheels Mongoose Track $6.88
    Price: Drag Shute Stunt Track $3.99
    Price: Set of 4 Hotwheels Cars $3.44
    Description Hot Wheels Mongoose and Snake Set and the Drag Shute Stunt Set plus 3 hot wheels cars.

  • Lawman Set including Holster and Guns From The 1970s Lawman Holster and Guns
    Price: $5.98
    Description Become the new sheriff in town with bright metal spurs, cap pistol, sharpshooter rifle and kerchief sheriffs badge and adjustable belt.

  • Apollo Lunar Landing Module From The 1970s Apollo Lunar Landing Module
    Price: $4.99
    Description Detailed Replica of the Apollo Lunar Landing Module, when it stops astronaut comes out at platform for landing.

  • Music Box and Ballerina From the 70's Music Box and Ballerina
    Price: $4.99
    Description Music Box and Ballerina, some things will forever be popular with little girls from every generation. This music box would be as well received today as it was back in the 1970s.

  • NHL Table Hockey depicting the top teams in 1971 NHL Table Hockey
    Price: $25.99
    Description NHL Table Hockey with the top teams in 1971 "The Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs", game allows you to pass, manipulate, skate and shoot for goal creating your very own Stanley Cup.

  • Suzy Homemakers New Super oven From The 1970s Suzy Homemakers New Super oven
    Price: $14.99
    Description Suzy Homemakers New Super oven bakes bakery sized cakes, temperature controlled safety door.

  • New Talking Viewmaster From The 1970s New Talking Viewmaster
    Price: $13.87
    Description New Talking Viewmaster to watch and listen to your favorite cartoon characters or special events. Some of the Viewmaster Reels available with sound include Alice In Wonderland, The Flintstones, Bugs Bunny, Snow White and from last year Apollo Moon Landing with sound.

  • Aurora HO Golden Gate Road Race Track From The 1970s Car Racing Track
    Manufacturer: Aurora
    Price: $23.99
    Description Aurora HO Golden Gate Road Race Track featuring 2 cars, Golden Gate Bridge and the new Russet Racing Controllers.

  • The New Stereo Component System from early 70's Component Stereo
    Price: $68.95
    Description The latest Stereo Component System from early 70's plays 45 RPM singles with adapter, 4 speed automatic changer, 2 large 5 inch speakers with 12 ft chords for the best in stereo sound quality.

  • Stereo 5 band Radio From The 1970s Stereo 5 band Radio
    Price: $39.95
    Description Stereo 5 band Radio using the latest in Solid State technology (transistors, diodes and resistors) receives AM, FM, Marine, Police and Aircraft.