These are some of the things you may have seen advertised Below and how much Furniture was in the 40's

Platform Rocker
 Large Comfortable overstuffed Rocker $59.99

Studio Couch
Choice of 8 colors and styles to choose from From $49.95 to $69.99

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Maple Vanity
Maple vanity with mirror full veneered $49.95

Sofa Chair and Rug
Sofa and Chair in deep mohair modern design and fine quality $219.00

Bunk beds $6.95 New Hampshire 1948
Table Cloths $1.95 New Hampshire 1948
Sealey Matress $38.00 Pennsylvania 1948
9ft X 12ft Axminster Wool Rugs From $44.95 Wisconsin 1946
Premier Wire Bed Springs From $19.00   Wisconsin    1946
High chair, maple, $7.98 New Jersey 1946
Stool, upholstered, $1.19 New Jersey 1946