Imagine you could go shopping for electrical goods and appliances in the 1940's

These are some of the things you may have seen advertised Below and how much electrical goods and appliances cost in the 40's
Electric heaters $8.50   Ohio 1946
Record Player / Radio Combination $59.00 Ohio 1946
Cylinder Cleaner $26.95   Wisconsin   1948
Kalamazoo Gas Range $199.95 Wisconsin 1948
Portable Electric Heater $42.95 New York 1949
Hearing Aid $59.95 Wisconsin 1946
Portable Sun Lamp $32.59 New Jersey 1946
Table Top Radio
Table Top Radio  1940s
Batteries for table top radio
Walnut Table Radio
 Walnut Table Radio  1940s
6 Tube 2 band AC / DC
Frigidaire Electric Cooker range
Frigidaire Electric Cooker range 1940s
40 inch cabinet with 3 rings and 1 piece stainless porcelain top
Upright vacuum Cleaner
Upright vacuum Cleaner  1940s
Cleaner with powerful brush Motor

Automatic Washing machine
 Automatic Washing machine 1940s
Wash machine automatic