November 3rd
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Space 1957 Space Dog In Space November 3rd, 1957 : A dog was launched into orbit today as the first animal in space on board Sputnik 2, a Russian spacecraft, and became the first living animal to enter the Earth's orbit.

UK 1975 UK First UK Oil Pipeline November 3rd, 1975 : The Queen formally opens the UK's first oil pipeline. The 130-mile pipeline from Cruden Bay to Grangemouth serves the Forties oil field 110 miles east of Aberdeen, which the BP discovered six years ago. The Forties is the largest oil field so far discovered in the British sector of the North Sea.

U.S. 1913 U.S.A. First Income Tax Nov. 3rd, 1913 : The first American citizens receive information over the new national income tax. A married man living with his wife, who is in receipt of an income of $5,000 pays $10 a year and if his income is $10,000 he pays $60 per year.

U.S. 1920 U.S.A. Rabies Wednesday, Nov. 3rd, 1920 : A girl was bit by a dog that was suspected to be “mad”. Usually this meant that a dog had a disease such as rabies. However, in this case the girl had become unaffected by a certain treatment given to her, and no mention of rabies (or treatment of rabies) was mentioned in the news record of this incident. This girl was affected severely, in that the dog bites had caused a nervous condition-at least temporarily.

U.S. 1924 U.S.A. Pneumonic Plague Nov. 3rd, 1924 : The death total from Pneumonic plague now stands at 25 in Los Angeles, the area where the deaths have occurred has been sealed and quarantined and health officials now believe a plague of rats in the area have spread the disease and drastic measures will be taken to kill the rats .

U.S. 1933 U.S.A. Deficit $661,120,850 November 3rd, 1933: During the first quarter of this current fiscal year the government reached a deficit of $661,120,850. This figure was six times more than the one from the previous year around this time.

Poland 1943 World War II Majdanek Concentration camp in Poland Murder of 42,000 in 2 days Nov. 3rd, 1943 : Nazi's carry out "Operation Harvest Festival" to kill all Jews remaining in the Lublin District of Poland. The operation "Erntefest" began at dawn when German Nazi SS troops rounded up large numbers of Jews and took them out into nearby trenches and shot and murdered them, it is estimated that in two days 42,000 men, women and children were murdered.

Germany 1944 World War II The Air War Nov. 3rd, 1944 : A report was made regarding current World War II activity. A total of 155 Nazi planes headed for Merseburg, Germany were shot down by the U.S. Eighth Air Force fighter pilot division. This was a new record set. Furthermore within 24 hours it was reported that 4,480 tons of explosives and fire bombs were dropped by the British on Dusseldorf. One of the targets included the Leuna synthetic oil plant, which used to supply Germany with 50,000 tons of petroleum.

1953 Korea POW's Nov. 3rd, 1953 : Prisoners of war (POWs) in Korea became very outspoken as communists (Reds) tried to get the POWs to see things “their way.” During interviews that were held between the prisoners and Reds, cursing attacks, taunting, singing, and other actions took place. Only 17 of the 483 prisoners interviewed had been scheduled to return to North Korea. The rest of the prisoners stayed put. More talks were scheduled the next day-some including Chinese citizens.

Vietnam 1963 South Vietnam President Ngo Dinh Diem November 3rd, 1963 : An account of the death of a Vietnamese president and his brother was published. This was a very important day in the history of this country. Crowds of exited people celebrated the downfall of President Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother Ngo Dinh Nhu. At the same time, Buddhist monks were freed from jail and had set up a new government. Moreover, the word at the time was that Diem and Nhu had both committed suicide. However, word also spread that they may have been possibly shot while resisting arrest. These men were both Roman Catholic leading a predominately Buddhist nation.

U.S. 1964 U.S.A. Washington D.C. Residents Gain The Vote November 2nd, 1964 : Washington D.C. residents were barred from voting in presidential elections but the Twenty-third Amendment to the United States Constitution grants the District three votes in the Electoral College and residents are able to vote in a presidential election for the first time.

U.S. 1964 U.S.A. Lyndon B Johnson November 2nd, 1964 : Lyndon B Johnson has won the presidential election with a landslide victory in the United States to become the 36th President of the United States. He has been the President since last year when President Kennedy was assassinated and as the vice president was sworn in as President.

U.S. 1969 U.S.A. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Established Nov. 3rd, 1969 : PBS is founded on November 3, 1969, on it's foundation it takes over its predecessor, National Educational Television (NET). PBS is made up of 354 member TV stations who collectively own PBS. PBS has no central program production arm or news department all content is created by or produced under contract with other outside parties including individual member stations. A good example is "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" produced by MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, which is 65% owned by Liberty Media. Corporation for Public Broadcasting ( partially funded by the United States Federal Government to promote public broadcasting ) funds goes to public television and radio stations that are members of PBS and NPR.

Canada 1972 Canada Alberta Nov. 3rd, 1972 : It was made known to the world that Alberta had cut energy ties with Ottawa. Alberta was the producer of two-thirds of all of Canadian oil. They had refused to discuss this matter with the federal government during this time as well.

U.S. 1974 U.S.A. Lyndon Baines Johnson November 3rd, 1974 : Lyndon Baines Johnson has been elected president of the United States defeating hard line Republican Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona by an overwhelming majority.

UK 1975 UK North Sea Oil Nov. 3rd, 1975 : Queen Elizabeth formally opens the operation of the UK's first oil pipeline from Cruden Bay to Grangemouth serving the Forties oilfield.

U.S. 1976 U.S.A. Jimmy Carter Nov. 3rd, 1976 : Democrat Jimmy Carter won the US presidential election, defeating President Ford with his "trust me" slogan.

U.S. 1979 U.S.A. Greensboro massacre November 3rd, 1979 : During a rally by communists and industrial trade union members in Greensboro, North Carolina against the Ku Klux Klan known as the "Death to the Klan March" in the predominantly black housing project called Morningside Heights a number of cars containing Klansmen and members of the American Nazi Party drove to the housing projects and opened fire on rally members with shotguns, rifles and pistols killing five of the marchers and injuring a number of others. Although 40 Klansmen and Nazis took part in the attacks only six were ever bought to trial and the trials resulted in the acquittal of all defendants by all white juries.

Afghanistan 1982 Afghanistan Salang tunnel fire Nov. 3rd, 1982 : A deadly fire in the tunnel joining northern and southern Afghanistan under the Hindukush mountain range claims as many as 1,500 lives during the Soviet occupation of the country. The details released provide no real indication of the cause of the fire or exactly the number of casualties.

World 1985 Pacific Toxic Wine Nov. 3rd, 1985 : A low level of toxic chemicals was found in certain Reunite wines distributed in the Pacific area. Fortunately, no one had become ill and bottles were recalled from store shelves in time.

UK 1990 England Stop Dumping Waste November 3rd, 1990 : A decision made the day before was announced in papers dated this date in 1990. Industrialized countries of the world such as Great Britain, France, Germany, the Soviet Union, and the United States agreed not to dump waste into the sea. A 20-year agreement was signed, which made this pollution ban official.

France 1997 France Strikes Nov. 3rd, 1997 : Striking French truck drivers form roadblocks around the country at ports, oil refineries and major roads.

U.S. 2002 U.S.A. Back Pain Nov. 3rd, 2002: Studies were presented in Orlando, Florida regarding the connection between back pains and spouses. According to the findings in these studies, it was reported that back pains in a person could flair up simply by a spouse being in the room. One of the methods of testing for this experiment included that which measures brain activity while being stimulated by touch. Variations of study included whether or not their spouse ignored or downplayed the pain.

U.S. 2003 U.S.A. Identity Theft November 3rd, 2003: Identity theft became more and more prevalent over the past ten years, especially with the use of the credit card. A man was charged of stealing his former brother-in-law’s name, and was also charged of stolen property and theft.

U.S. 2004 U.S.A. George W Bush Nov. 3rd, 2004 : George W Bush is elected president of the United States for a second term of office .

France 2005 France Civil Unrest Nov. 3rd, 2005: Civil unrest continued in Paris suburbs after Nicolas Sarkozy, interior minister declares a "zero tolerance" policy towards urban violence, and announced that riot police (C.R.S.) and mobile police squadrons would be stationed in contentious Paris neighborhoods. The unrest is driven by youths who feel that racial and social discrimination against them because of their dark skin, Arabic or African sounding names is increasing as they set fire to buildings, cars, and buses and shoot at police and firefighters. November 8th President Jacques Chirac announced a national state of emergency, and offers an invitation to open dialogue and discuss their grievances.

Pakistan 2007 Pakistan President Gen. Pervez Musharraf Suspends Constitution November 3rd, 2007: Hundreds of government opponents are thrown into jail after imposition of martial law, suspension of the constitution and dismissal of most of the Supreme Court by President Gen. Pervez Musharraf .
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Space 2007 Space Space Station Repairs Nov. 3rd, 2007: A US astronaut carries out a spacewalk to repair the damaged solar panel on the International Space Station (ISS). The energy-collecting wing had developed a rip when it was being unfurled at the port end of the platform. Scott Parazynski was able to ride to the end of an extension boom to install the home-made 'cufflinks' to the broken section. .

United States 2007 United States Robotic cars tested in California Nov. 3rd, 2007: Teams are asked to build an driverless vehicle that's capable of driving in traffic, performing complex manoeuvres such as merging, passing, parking and negotiating intersections. The event is seen as groundbreaking and the first time that autonomous vehicles have interacted with both manned and unmanned vehicle traffic in an urban environment. Tartan Racing, from Pittsburgh, wins first place. The DARPA Urban Challenge took place the former George AFB in Victorville, California.

Pakistan 2008 Pakistan Missile strikes on Pakistani territory are "counter-productive" November 3rd, 2008: The Pakistani president warns the new head of US Central Command that missile strikes on Pakistani territory are "counter-productive". President Zardari told General Petraeus that such strikes were detrimental to the "war on terror". General Petraeus has also met Pakistan's army chief and prime minister during his visit to the country. His responsibilities include Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Cuba 2011 Cuba Cuba Allows Private Home Sales 3rd November, 2011 : The Cuban government has passed a law that allows citizens and permanent residents to buy and sell homes privately for the first time since 1959, marking an important milestone in free-market reform.

2012 Pakistan Bomb Attack Kills Politician

3rd November, 2012 : A bomb attack in Buner, Pakistan killed a local anti-Taliban politician and three guards. Police stated that a suicide bomber blew himself up in front of the politicians vehicle .

2013 Germany Nazi Looted Art Found

3rd November, 2013 : Over one-thousand works of art that were taken by Nazis around the time of World War II were found in Munich, Germany. The cache of art is thought to contain works by artists like Picasso and Matisse. The artwork was thought to be valued at over one billion dollars and was found hidden in the home of art dealer Cornelius Gurlitt after an investigation on tax evasion in 2011. Most of the works were either seized or stolen by Nazi authorities and it is unknown who the original owners were.