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1930s Collector Cars including pictures, descriptions and Prices

  • Auburn	1931 5 Passenger 2 door Brougham Auburn 1931 5 Passenger 2 door Brougham
    Price From $945
    127 inch wheelbase
    98HP straight 8
    A long Large roomy car with a door so wide rear seat passengers can enter without disturbing those in front

  • Auburn 1931 Convertible Cabriolet
    Convertible Cabriolet Auburn	1931
    Price $1045
    127 inch wheelbase
    98HP straight 8
    Includes finest leather upholstery specially designed window construction that positively prevents rattle finger tip door handles and adjustable steering wheel in the Convertible Cabriolet

  • Auburn 1931 Convertible Phaeton Sedan
    4 door  Auburn Sedan 1931
    Price $1145
    127 inch wheelbase
    98HP straight 8
    5 passenger convertible car completely closed or completely open or top down and windows up non rattling windows and doors adjustable center pillars
  • Auburn 1931 4 door Sedan
    4 door  Auburn Sedan 1931

    Price $995
    127 inch wheelbase
    98HP straight 8
    A 4 door sedan with deep restful cushions and the widest rear seat . An Adjustable front seat, only 68 inches high but extremely roomy and very comfortable

  • Auburn 1934 convertible car

    1934 Auburn  convertible

    The finest type of upholstery springs provides amazing comfort and easy riding in this wonderful car

  • Buick 1933

    sports coupe Buick  1934

    Price $825
    The car with rumble seat for 2 or 4 passengers

  • Buick 1930
    1930 Buick
    Price $1195
    Buick build better automobiles and they come in 15 luxurious body types ranging in price from $1190 to $2070

  • Buick 1932
    1932 Buick
    Price $995
    The new Buick for 1932 with wizard control with automatic clutch controlled freewheeling and new valve in head engine

  • Buick 60 series 1933
    1933 Buick
    Price $1,310
    60 series victoria coupe with new dash mounted starter button and carpeted rear compartment

  • Buick 1934

    1934 Buick

    Price $925
    5 passenger club sedan series 40

  • Buick 1938

    1938 Buick

    It's a big honey for a little money with new dynaflash ignition

  • Buick 4 door sedan 1936

    Buick 4 door sedan 1936

    The new Buick has more flowing lines and more powerful engine with light alloy pistons and with a new price reduction

  • Cadillac GO 1936
     1936 Cadillac GO
    Price $1900
    V8 Engine
    The New Cadillac attacks the lower price Market with this new GO, with sway stabilizers and improved traction

  • Cadillac 1931
    1931 Cadillac
    Price $2845
    V8 Engine
    V8 Town Sedan

  • Cadillac 1939 The New Cadillac 61
    Cadillac 1939
    Price $1345
    V8 Engine
    The new Cadillac 61 the value sensation of the century for hundreds of dollars less

  • Cadillac 1935 Passenger Sedan
    Cadillac 1935 Passenger Sedan
    Body style of exceptional beauty with this V8 5 passenger Sedan, independent front wheel suspension, and form fitting springs in the deeply upholstered cushions

  • Cadillac 1938 The New Fleetwood
    Cadillac 1938  Fleetwood
    The comfort and luxury offered by Cadillacs new fleetwood with great interior roominess and cheap to buy and maintain and the amazing new sychromatic gear shift

  • Chevrolet Six 1930
    1930 Chevrolet 1930
    From $555 -- $755
    Great Resale Value
    Choose Chevrolet for smoothness , beauty, safety, economy and service cars ranging from, Sports Roadster, Coach, Coupe , Sports Coupe , The Sedan

  • Chevrolet 1935 Standard
    1935 Chevrolet
    Prices from $465
    Worlds lowest price 6 , improved master blue flame engine, pressure steam oiling , cable brakes

  • Chevrolet 1936
    1936 Chevrolet
    Now with Chevrolet Taking You Back In Time Prints Hydraulic brakes and a more powerful engine and balanced carburetors for more fuel economy

  • Chevrolet 1935 Master Deluxe
     Master Deluxe chevy 1935
    Prices from $560
    New Master De luxe Chevrolet with improved master blue flame engine, pressure steam oiling , cable brakes and shock proof steering

  • Lincoln Zephyr 1935

    Lincoln Zephyr 1935

    The V12 Lincoln Zephyr advanced streamlining and new standards of power, comfort, safety and beauty

  • Lincoln 7 passenger all weather Brougham 1930

    Price from $7000
    Unmistakable Quality and Unfailing command

  • Lincoln 1932

    1930's Lincoln

    The KA series Town Sedan

  • Pontiac straight 8 1936
    Pontiac straight 8
    Prices from $615
    The Pontiac straight 8 available in 6 body styles more beautifully than ever built to last 100,000 miles with improved hydraulic brakes synchromesh transmission

  • 1932 Pontiac
    1930's Pontiac 1932
    Prices From $875
    Get a kick out of driving and let a Pontiac show you how to enjoy life

  • 1936 Pontiac
    Pontiac 1936
    prices range from $675
    The big economy Pontiac 6 with the best value in cars

  • Studebaker 1936
    Studebaker 1930's
    Prices from $665
    New automatic hill holder and new automatic gas overdrive helping you to save gas on the Dictator and President models

  • Studebaker 1935

    Prices From $1330
    President 4 door sedan with planar suspension

  • Studebaker Truck 1934

    prices range from $625
    Studebaker trucks power and performance handsome brutes

  • Studebaker Champion 1939
    Studebaker Champion
    The result of two years extended research to provide the best value for money and engineering in a car that will keep you going in the 40's

  • Willys 2 passenger coupe 1931

    prices range from $673
    Cars of Luxury and brilliant action , one button on the steering wheel starts the car , provides the horn and lights for finger tip action where you need it

  • Willys 1933
    1930's Willys
    The new Willys 77 has many new unique features and is streamlined through out

  • Willys 1934
    1934 Willys
    prices range from $450
    Model 77 4 door sedan

  • Willys 1937
    Willys 1937
    Drive the new Willys , the low price , style sensation over 30 MPG

  • Chevrolet 1939 - 1940
    Chevrolet 1939
    Price $659
    The new Chevrolet with exclusive vacuum power shift , silent valve in head engine, synchromesh transmission, new sealed beam headlights

  • Chevrolet 6 1932
    1932 Chevrolet 6
    From $475
    Performance thrills 0 to 35 mph in 6.7 seconds 60 horsepower silent synchromesh gearbox experience the joy of open top driving without stress or strain. Wide Range of Models included in The Chevrolet 6 Series

  • Chrysler 1938 Imperial
    1938 chrysler
    Prices From $1125
    110 HP
    All Steel Bodies
    Phenomenal Value at a remarkable price , gold seal engine 3 inch longer wheelbase hydraulic brakes, dual carburation, airflow weight distribution and split second performer

  • Chrysler 8 5 passenger Coupe 1932
    1932 Chrysler Coupe
    125 HP
    floating power ( Rubber Engine Mounts ), gear selecting, automatic clutch, centrifuge brake drums,

  • Chrysler Imperial Custom Roadster 1930
    Chrysler Imperial Roadster 1930
    Prices from $2995
    For those who really care about the cars they drive

  • Chrysler 6 1936 4 Door Sedan
    1936 Chrysler
    Longer Lower Sturdier and Speedier with the new Airflow design , with more elbow room , more comfort and quieter riding

  • Chrysler 1932
    1932 chrysler
    Prices from $1125
    the Six Line included the 4 door sedan shown

  • Dodge 1935
    Dodge 1935
    Prices From $645
    The new dodge with airglide ride with new leaf springs and lowered floor for more headroom

  • Dodge 1933

    The DO Model with rumble seat and 100 HP engine with new streamlined radiator

  • Dodge 1936 4 Door Sedan
    1930's Dodge
    Prices from $640
    New headlights assure them safe driving at night and improved spring suspension and improved steering

  • Dodge 1931

    The DG 8 Combines beauty , quality and dependability with 84 HP

  • Dodge Eight 5 passenger Coupe 1932
    Dodge 1931
    All the convenience of the sedan with smaller wheels and larger tires with overall great reliability

  • Ford 1934 V8

    Ford	1934 V8

    Price from $535 --- $610
    The Car of the modern age , with carburetion, and clear vision ventilation, with a newly designed chromium plated grill , increased springs and swivel type sun visors

  • Ford 1932

    V8 Tudor Sedan 65 HP

  • Ford 1936 V8

    Price from $510
    A beautiful ford car with new style new driving ease and new safety and includes easier steering and new design steel wheels

  • Ford 1935 V8

    The finest safest most dependable ford ever built the ford V8 engine gives power and performance

  • Hudson Straight 8 1934

    Hudson	Straight 8 1934

    Price from $695
    Hudson Straight 8 with it's dynamic streamlining 108 full HP enclosed baggage compartment and 3 beam headlights

  • Hudson 112 Deluxe Touring Sedan 1939

    Price from $835
    The best for economy and performance made to drive in the 40's and with 29 mpg it's the best in its class for economy built in radio grille

  • Hudson Great 8 1937

    1930's Hudson

    with its beauty and rich distinction powerful 8 cylinder engine the Hudson Great 8 is the car to own

  • Nash 1939
    Nash 1939
    The great new Nash Terrific pickup from 15MPH to 50MPH in less than 15 seconds sealed beam lights and all helps this car to say goodbye to winter and arrow straight steering

  • Nash 1936
    1930's Nash
    Price from $995
    Nash Super Eight the only fine car priced under $1000

  • Nash Coupe 400 1934

    The new Nash 1934 Coupe with newly designed airfoil design massive chrome bumpers with carpeted floors oil and fuel filters just some of the latest advances for this car

  • Nash 1932

    Now there are 8 Nash Convertibles to choose from with the new Nash slip stream profile with slanting windscreens

  • Packard Light 8 5 passenger Sedan 1932

    110 HP on 126 inch chassis include silent synchromesh transmission quiet in all 3 speeds hydraulic shock absorber and shatter proof glass
  • Packard 1930
    Packard 1930's
    Deluxe 8 Roadster and a rear mounted spare wheel with a rumble seat

  • Packard 1931

    Packard 1931
    Custom 8 club sedan

  • Plymouth 6 1933

    prices range from $445 to $545
    Plymouth 6 made in the following models 2 door sedan, 4 door sedan, rumble coupe,

  • Plymouth Roadking 5 passenger sedan 1938
    Plymouth Roadking
    New Riding comfort with airplane style shock absorbers an all steel body , double action hydraulic brakes ,

  • Plymouth Deluxe 4 door touring Sedan 1936
    1930's Plymouth
    50 new improvements for the new Plymouth , from the sweeping radiator and the built in trunk in the rear , and have been made much more roomier and more luxurious
  • Plymouth 1934

    The Worlds lowest priced car with individual springing four rings per piston an engine oil filter for better lubrication and an independent hand brake operating independently for extra safety

  • Plymouth 5 passenger sedan 1932

    Vibrations less floating power four cylinder with the smoothness of an 8 completely insulated

  • Willys 1936

    prices range from $395
    Willys 77 the best value car in production starting below $400 for the Coupe

  • Willys 2 passenger roadster 1931
    Willys 2 passenger roadster
    prices range from $573
    Willys 2 passenger roadster with non shattering safety glass and big four wheel brakes . and comfort provided by 4 hydraulic shock eliminators

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1930's Cars Information
Some of the type of advertising for cars available in the 1930's
Buick Cars with luxurious cars from $1200 to $2000 based in Michigan
Pontiac New Series BIG SIX available in 7 distinctive body styles from $745
Plymouth Six starting from $445
Studebaker Truck starting from $625
Hudson Straight 8 from $695
Arvin Car Radio from $44.95
Studebaker starting from from $665.00
De Soto, $695.00
Pontiac Eight, $730.00

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