The People History Home

Imagine you could go shopping for furniture for your home in the 1930's

Mattress $15.98 New Jersey 1930

Inner Spring mattress $12.95 Texas 1939

Lounge Chair and otterman $28.95 Indiana 1937

Table Cloth Cotton Filet Lace $1.89 North Carolina 1935

End Table $2.98 New York 1933

5 Piece decorated kitchen Suite $10.95 Texas 1933

Bedroom suite, maple, 6 piece, $169.99 New Jersey

Floor Lamp $12.95 New Jersey

Living Room Suite 3 piece

3 Piece Angora Mohair Suite with comfort thickness and beauty


10 Piece Bedroom Suite

Rich Walnut bedroom Suite plus cotton mattress , coil springs and more


2 Piece Deskset

Desk with matching chair


Colonial Design Bird Cage

1930's Colonial Design Bird Cage

Ye Wayside Inn


Secretary Desk

Rich Walnut Secretary Desk , reproduction of a classic style