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1966 Popular Vintage Toys Part Of The 1960s

Outdoor Trampoline
Price: $7.88
Description Outdoor Trampoline doubles as a raft. What surprised me with this was there was No Safety Warning. Looks like great fun but would have expected to have read something about safety, this appears to be a theme running through many of the toys from the sixties though.

Garden Trampoline ( Looks a Little Unsafe in todays world ) From The 1960s

Racing Track
Manufacturer: Aurora
Price: $39.95
Description 4 lane racing track with 4 separate controllers, HO scale model cars include the Porsche 906, Cobra GT, Ford GT and the the Chapperal racing cars (2 1/2 inches long), includes lap counters. I can remember as a kid playing for hours against my dad and brother on a car racing track very similar to this in the 60's.

Aurora 4 track Auto Racing Set From The 1960s

Barbie Skipper and Pony
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $8.20
Description Play set includes Barbie and her outfit, Skipper and her outfit and the palomino pony, Barbie is teaching her younger sister Skipper to ride a pony.

Barbie Teaching Skipper to Ride a Pony From The 1960s

Batman and Robin Set
Price: $4.99
Description Batman and Robin Models including Bat cave, Batmobile and Bat Plane and Gotham City.

Batman and Robin Models including Batcave, Batmobile and Bat Plane and Gotham City From The 1960s

Board Game Selection From The 1960s
Price: From $3.19 to $5.88
Description Selection Of Board Games including Life, Sorry, Go For Broke, Clue and Risk.

Selection Of Board Games including Life, Sorry, Clue and Risk From The 1960s

Price: $16.95 Wagon
Price: $5.95 for Hoss and Little Joe
Description The TV series was at the height of its popularity in the mid 60's ranking number 1 in top TV viewing ratings. Of course this meant children wanted Bonanza toys, these are just a couple of examples.

Bonanza Models From The Popular 60s TV Series From The 1960s

Boucin Bronco Swing
Price: $22.88
Description Boucin Bronco Swing

Bouncin Bronco Swing From The 1960s

Child's Typewriter
Price: $22.99
Description Includes all the things you expect from a real typewriter, caps and small characters, space bar, back space, includes carrying case and ribbon.

Childs Typewriter From The 1960s

Child's Drum Set
Description Drum Set just like pop groups of the 1960's.

Drum Set with 21 1/2 inch base drum foot operated, high hat cymbal, 2 cowbells and drum sticks just like pop groups of the 1960's

Electric Organ
Description Electric Organ with 18 notes for left hand, 6 bass tones for rhythm plus 6 major and 6 minor chords for accompaniment, right hand plays the melody, loud and soft volume control, 3 Octave Keyboard.

1960s Electric Organ

Large Erector Construction Set
Price: $13.88
Description Build hundreds of models using this fully equipped kit including powermatic motor with remote control, 14 page instruction kit for hundreds of different models.

Erector Construction Set from the 60's

Francie is Barbie's Trendy Cousin
Price: From $1.67 to $2.69
Description Barbie's Trendy Cousin Francie with all her MOD fashion gear including GO GO gaitors, Fake Fur Coat, hood mittens and shoes, High Waisted Skirt and Textured Hose, Polka Dots and Raindrops Plastic Coat with Zip Pockets, Clam Diggers, Leather Limelight Mix and Match the Floral Tricot Blouse, Skirt, Boots with Vinyl Capris.

Barbie's Trendy Cousin Francie with all her MOD gear From The 1960s

GI Joe Land Vehicles
Price: From $3.79 to $9.99
Description GI Joe Land Vehicles including a Jeep, Motorcycle with Sidecar, Helicopter, Staff Cat and Friction Powered Jet to help GI-Joe on his heroic missions.

GI Joe Jeep From The 1960s

GI Joe Space and Underwater Models
Description With the announcement of Man's Quest to Get to the Moon, GI Joe joins the space race with his Space Capsule and Space Suit, also shown are his underwater gadgets needed to fight the enemy.

GI Joe Space Capsule  From The 1960s

Electric Hockey Game
Price: $11.66
Description Royal Canadian Hockey with 24 players making 6 teams Electric Hockey Game from the Mid 60's.

Electric Hockey Game from the Mid 60's

Lego Construction Set
Price: Ranging From $2.99 to $9.99
Description Lego Construction Sets ranging from 151 pieces to 565 pieces.

Lego Construction Set From The 1960s

Lost In Space Robot
Price: $7.59
Description The Trusty Robot from Lost in Space, another popular TV science fiction TV series from 1966. Robot was powered by battery and could walk and had flashing lights to warn of danger.

Lost In Space Robot From The 1960s

Mary Poppins with Jane and Michael
Price: $8.99
Description The Musical Movie Mary Poppins Came out in mid 1964 and by Christmas 1966 every little girl wanted a Mary Poppins Doll. This one features Mary Poppins and the two children. The movie produced by Walt Disney won 4 Academy Awards including one for best actress (Julie Andrews).

Mary Poppins With the Children Jane and Michael From The 1960s

Fashion Mod Dress Dolls
Description Fashion Mod Dress Dolls Wearing Swinging Sixties Fashion Clothes.

MOD Dressed Dolls with 1960s style Fashion Clothes

NFL Electric Football Game
Description NFL Electric Football Game

NFL Football Game From The 1960s

Pinball Game
Description Electric Interceptor Pinball Game with ringing bells, Blinking Lights and high score.

Electric Pinball Game From The 1960s

Pinocchio Puppet
Price: From $7.69
Description Handmade Puppets From England including Pinocchio, Wicked Witch, Muffin the Mule and The princess.

Pinocchio Puppet From The 1960s

Pogo Sticks
Price: From $4.99
Description Choice of Pogo Sticks

1960s Pogo Sticks From The 1960s

Popeye Ball Toss
Description Like many toys from the era Popeye was sold on the popularity of the TV Cartoon, get the ball in his hat to gain points and he winks his left eye.

Popeye Ball Toss From The 1960s

Raggedy Anne and Andy
Price: $2.97 Each
Description 15 inch Raggedy Anne and Andy Rag dolls.

Raggedy Anne and Andy From The 1960s
More about Raggedy Ann and Andy

Rock Em Sock Em Robots
Price: $9.44
Description Rock Em Sock Em Robots popular games for more than 20 years.

Rock  Em Sock Em Robots From The 1960s

Roy Rogers Guitar
Price: $3.59
Description Roy Rogers Guitar endorsed by Roy Rogers, finished in Ivory Color with maple tone shadings, 29 inches long.

Roy Rogers Guitar From The 1960s

Samantha From Bewitched
Price: $3.99
Description What little girl did not dream on Being Samantha the Witch who meets and marries a mortal named Darrin Stephens in the Popular TV Series Bewitched which ran from 1964 to 1972.

Samantha From Bewitched From The 1960s

Skata Skooter
Description Unsure how to describe this Skata Skooter, go forward, backward, do fancy stunts, it's like walking on wheels but with you in full control.

Skata Skooter From The 1960s

Barbie's School House
Price: $4.99
Description Barbie's School House With Skipper and Skooter, Barbie is the teacher and two of her pupils are Skipper and Skooter.

Barbies School House With Skipper and Skooter From The 1960s

Space Walker Shoes
Price: $4.99
Description Space Walker Shoes make you feel like your walking on a cloud or a trampoline, unsure what to think about these but they do look pretty cool if they work.

Space Walker Shoes From The 1960s

Spy Guns
Price: From $3.49
Description Spy movies and spy TV shows were all the rage in the mid 60's with James Bond 007 and The Man From U.N.C.L.E., these are a selection of the Spies' Guns from Bond, U.N.C.L.E. and Thrush you could buy for kids from our Sixties Toy Selection

Spies Guns from Bond, Uncle and Thrush very 1960's

Talking Mattel Dolls
Price: From $5.94
Description Talking Mattel Dolls, they ranged from the basic pull the string type which said a few sentences to the sophisticated doll who would record back your words or singing and play them back to you.

Talking Mattel Dolls From The 1960s

Fun Game of Twister
Manufacturer: Hasbro Games
Price: $3.88
Description Fun Game of Twister which came out in 1966 and gained in popularity after being featured on the Tonight Show when Eva Gabor played it with Johnny Carson.

Game of Twister From The 1960s

1966 was a great year in the middle of the Swinging Sixties with MOD fashions and pop groups including the Beatles ruling the airwaves and TV, also a number of TV series were still popular including Bonanza and Popeye. Movies and TV shows featured spies including James Bond and Mission Impossible. Barbie and GI-Joe from earlier years were adapting to the changing times, all these together offered great scope for the toy manufacturers, So it was a great year to be a kid and a supplier as can be seen in the range of popular toys above.