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1960 Popular Vintage Toys Part Of The 1960s

It is fun to look back in time to the 1960 toys we played with when we were children Included On This Page are many popular examples including Pelham Disney Puppets, Daisy Rifles, Light Up Twirling Baton and Pitching Machine
2.2 HP Gasoline Engine For Your Bicycle
Price: $29.99
Description I love this little engine 2.2 HP Gasoline Engine For Your Bicycle, not sure how well it worked or what happened when you went down hill, but seems pretty cool to me, when I was talking about it to my wife she told me her brother had one on his bike and loved it.

2.2 HP Gasoline Engine For Your Bicycle From The 1960s

Twirling Light Up Baton
Price: $1.69
Description Twirling Light Up 28 inch Baton flashes red, white and blue beams, wonder if it put the girls off though when twirling.
Twirling Red, White and Blue Light Up Baton From The 1960s

Transistor Radios
Price: $4.99
Description Transistor Radios comes with crystal earphones, fits easily in your pocket to let you listen to all your favorite stations. A good example of the changes that would happen with Toys in the 1960s as the electronic revolution begins with basic transistor replacing earlier valves used for TV's and Radio

Transistor Radios  From The 1960s

Play Ben Hur Set
Price: $7.98
Description 132 piece Ben Hur Set includes everything to simulate the chariot race made famous in the movie Ben Hur (The Ben-Hur movie came out the year before starring Charlton Heston in the title role winning eleven Academy Awards, including Best Picture). I remember seeing it at the movies and it was a great movie.

Play Ben Hur Set From The 1960s

Price: $3.29
Description Popular Game Of Bingo including the bingo cards, wooden markers and globe for turning the balls.

Bingo From The 1960s

Build A Working Clock
Price: $4.49
Description This is another of the toys from 1960 that I like and would loved to have played with as a kid. The Build A 12 inch high Working Clock allows you to take a part and put back together a working clock that keeps accurate time.

Build A Working Clock From The 1960s

Cape Canaveral Set
Price: $5.66
Description Build your own Cape Canaveral with launchers, rockets, observation and control tower, satellites, scientists, astronauts and everything else needed to build a space center.

Cape Canaveral Set From The 1960s

Carroms Game
Price: $7.99
Description Play 84 games including Carroms, Checkers, Backgammon, Crokinole plus many others.

Carrooms Game From The 1960s

Civil War Soldiers
Price: $5.99
Description Replay The American Civil War with the Blue and The Grey War Soldiers.

Civil War Soldiers  From The 1960s

Coke Dispenser
Price: $2.49
Description Coca Cola Dispenser allows little ones to dispense Coca Cola from large bottles into small cups for friends and family.

Coke Dispenser From The 1960s

Daisy Guns
Price: From $3.79
Description Daisy Target Shooting Cork Ball Guns, choose between the Cork Ball Pistol up to the Cork Ball Shooting Telescopic Rifle.

Daisy Guns From The 1960s

Price: $1.89
Description The good old game of Dominoes with 91 hardwood pieces, I can remember playing Dominoes as a kid with my parents together with Jigsaw Puzzles and Gin Rummy (I think one of the things we have lost over the years from the faster pace of life and the increase in Computer Games etc. is the time children spent with parents -- my own personal view, Steve Webmaster).

Dominoes  From The 1960s

Electric Cart
Price: $22.88
Description Races along at 5 MPH goggles and Helmet included, just over 1 ft wide and 3 ft long uses 12 volt car battery.

Electric Kart From The 1960s

Gunsmoke Cowboy Models Set
Price: $5.49
Description Gunsmoke Cowboy Models Set based on the television Western series in and around Dodge City, Kansas starring James Arness as the lead role of Marshal Matt Dillon.

Gunsmoke Cowboy Models Set From The 1960s

Happi Time Racer
Manufacturer: Happi-Time
Description Happi Time Wagon Racer 36 inches long by 18 inches wide by 4 inches deep with ball bearings, semi-pneumatic tires, rugged axle braces and 10 inch wheels.

Happi Time Racer From The 1960s

Huckleberry Hound and Friends Soft Toys
Price: $7.44
Description Huckleberry Hound and Friends Soft Toys including 28 inches tall Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear and BooBoo.

Huckleberry Hound and Friends Soft Toys From The 1960s

British Made Pelham Disney Puppets
Price: $6.49 each
Description British Made Pelham Disney Puppets including Pinocchio, Gretel, Hansel, Donald Duck, Jiminy Cricket, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, each includes all the necessary controls for lifelike tangle proof animation.

British Made Pelham Disney Puppets From The 1960s

Electric Pinball Machine
Price: $18.88
Description Electric Pinball Machine with flashing lights, scoring mechanism that registers when bumpers are hit, ringing bells, hand activated kickers to keep the ball in play just like commercial machines found in arcades.

Electric Pinball Machine  From The 1960s

Pitchback Practice For Baseball Players
Price: $7.49
Description Pitchback Practice For Baseball Players sharpens up the pitching eye, great for batting field practice.

Pitchback Practice For Baseball Players From The 1960s

Electric Pitching Machine
Price: $7.77
Description Electric Pitching Machine, requires batteries.

Electric Pitching Machine From The 1960s

Gas Powered Remote Control Plane
Price: $14.88
Description Giant P-40 30 inch wingspan Flying Tiger Gas Powered Remote Control Plane (detailed replica of the Curtis P-40) comes with glo-plug engine with rotamatic starter, remote control, pull the stick up and the plane soars up.

Gas Powered Remote Control Plane From The 1960s

Popcorn Maker
Price: $7.88
Description Electric Popcorn Maker, watch corn pop under heat proofed safety glass top to serve friends and family.

Popcorn Maker From The 1960s

Racing Pedal Car
Price: $32.99
Description Racing Pedal Car.

Racing Pedal Car From The 1960s

Rifles to Fire Plastic Bullets
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: From $5.99
Description Rifles to Fire real Plastic Bullets.

Rifles to Fire Plastic Bullets  From The 1960s

Price: From $2.99
Description Children's Scooters were popular in the early 60's with kids scooting up and down the walkways or in parks, most often because of the very different times from today parents let children go all over the place without having to worry about weirdos, shame how times have changed and limited kids play.

Scooters From The 1960s

Surrey With The Fringe On Top Pedal Cart
Price: $39.88
Description Surrey With The Fringe On Top Pedal Cart, I included this just because I thought it was pretty cool, the reference "Surrey With The Fringe On Top" is a tune from the 1943 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, Oklahoma! the movie Oklahoma which features a "four wheel covered carriage pulled by two horses". The price seems quite high as a children's toys as $39.88 in 1960 is equivalent to $300.00 today.

Surrey With The Fringe On Top From The 1960s

Old Fashioned Dial Telephone
Description Old Fashioned Dial Telephone, I included this not as much as a toy which it is but as a reminder that every telephone was designed like this, you dialed the number by turning the dial.

Old Fashioned Dial Telephone From The 1960s

Remember The Alamo Soldiers Set
Price: $5.88
Description Remember The Alamo Soldiers Set includes soldiers, fort allows you to defend the fort against the Mexicans and their cannon.

Remember The Alamo Soldiers Set From The 1960s

1960 was a great year at the beginning of the Swinging Sixties, boys toys were soldier sets were popular and I love the 2.2 HP engine you fixed to your bicycle to make it motorized, Pinball and Pitching Machines make a great range of popular gift ideas.