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1965 Popular Vintage Toys Part Of The 1960s

Record Player and Popular Music 45's Singles
Price: $19.66
Description Fully Transistorized Record Player and 5 Popular Music 45's Singles Hits from The Beatles, Hermans Hermits, Gene Pitney, Dion and The Four Seasons.

Record Player and Popular Music 45's Singles From The 1960s

Stingray and Cord Car Models
Price: $4.99 and $6.99
Description 1937 supercharged Cord 1/12 scale, 16 inches long, doors open and close, working steering wheel, concealed headlights, V8 Engine with chrome colored supercharger, whitewall tires, red with chrome colored trim.
Early 1960s Corvette Sting Ray 1/8 scale model 21 inches long from Monogram.

60s Stingray and Cord Car Models  From The 1960s

Honda Pedal Bike
Description Chain Driven Honda Pedal Bike looks and sounds like a real Honda with training wheels which can be removed when confidence allows. The children's nike was based on the popular Honda C50 moped also shown below.

Honda Pedal Bike  From The 1960s
Honda C50 Motorbike 1965 From The 1960s

Mattel Talking Hand Puppets
Price: $3.94
Description Mattel Talking Hand Puppets, pull the string and move their mouths, choose from Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, Porky Pig and Mister Ed puppets.

Mattel Talking Hand Puppets  From The 1960s

Archery Set
Price: $4.95
Description Archery Set with plastic suction cups offering safe play, comes with double sided target, 2 bows and 6 arrows.

Archery Set From The 1960s

Barbie and Her Little Sister Skipper
Price: From $1.20 to $2.40 for each fashion clothes set
Description Barbie and her little sister Skipper are matchable for dress alike sisters.

Barbie and Her Little Sister Skipper From The 1960s

Barbie Elegant Fashion
Price: From $2.43 Each
Description Barbie's Elegant Fashion Collection includes Junior Prom Dress, Holiday Dance Outfit, Mink Stole, Campus Queen and Special Date.

Barbie Elegant Fashion From The 1960s

Barbie Board Game
Description Barbie Board Game, play to become elected as Prom Queen.

Barbie Board Game From The 1960s

The Beatles Board Game
Price: $2.22
Description The Beatles Board Game, play as John, Paul, George or Ringo.

The Beatles Board Game From The 1960s

Bewitched Board Game
Price: $1.57
Description Bewitched Board Game, play the board game based on the popular television show.

Bewitched Board Game From The 1960s

Electric Organ
Price: $29.99
Description Electric Organ, play 4 chords and 4 notes with the left hand right hand plays melody with the help of an easy numbered note system and helpful guide to learning how to play electric organ.

Electric Organ From The 1960s

Fisher Price Chatter Phone
Price: $1.42
Description Fisher Price Chatter Phone with colorful smiley face helps children learn co-ordination, teach colors, chatters and rolls its eyes when pulled along.

Fisher Price Chatter Phone  From The 1960s

Fisher Price Train
Price: $3.64
Description Colorful Fisher Price Train featuring 27 inches of color, sound and animation, eyes roll as it is pulled along, pistons pump and the brakeman swings his lantern.

Fisher Price Train  From The 1960s

Getaway Motorized Chase Game
Price: $7.88
Description Getaway Motorized Chase Game, battery run police car and gangsters Duesenberg speed through city streets, use buttons to control cars and touch the other cars bumper to win.

Getaway Motorized Chase Game From The 1960s

Price: $4.89
Description GI-Joe is ready for action with his 27 piece machine gun emplacement kit.

GI-Joe From The 1960s

James Bond Board Game
Manufacturer: MB Games
Price: $1.32
Description James Bond Board Game

James Bond Board Game From The 1960s

Man From U.N.C.L.E. Board Game
Price: $2.22
Description Man From U.N.C.L.E. Board Game

Man From Uncle Board Game From The 1960s

Marx Landscaped Train Set
Price: $29.88
Description 75 piece HO Train set from Marx Toys includes full color 3-D scenic base with town setting including people, cars, buildings and fences, 34 ft of track, freight train and carriages.

Marx Landscaped Train Set From The 1960s

Mary Poppins Board Game
Price: $1.97
Description Mary Poppins Board Game lets you team up with Bert in this 2 to 4 people board game.

Mary Poppins Board Game From The 1960s

Mattel Power Shop
Description Mattel Power Shop works with real wood runs on real power use your power shop as a drill press, a lathe, a sander and a jig saw, comes with pre marked pine wood kits to make planes, cars, boats, a jeep and a racing car.

Mattel Power Shop From The 1960s

Pedal Cars
Price: From $14.44
Description Children's Racing Pedal Cars with oversize tires and chain guard lets you race round your back yard like a racing pro.

Pedal Cars  From The 1960s

Ride on Horse and Buggy
Price: $10.88
Description Pedal Drive Horse and Buggy

Ride on Horse and Buggy From The 1960s

Spectrascope Set
Price: $18.88
Description Spectrascope Set includes centrifuge to separate liquids and solids, powered agitator to mix solutions, super accurate laboratory balance, spectrascope to identify unknown chemicals by their color when burning over a Bunsen burner.

Spectrascope Set From The 1960s

Strombecker Slot Racing Cars
Manufacturer: Strombecker
Description Choose from 15 different Strombecker Slot Racing Cars including Ferrari, Jaguar, Ford GT, Lotus and more for your slot car racing track.

Strombecker Slot Racing Cars From The 1960s

Strombecker Slot Racing Set
Manufacturer: Strombecker
Price: $89.95
Description Strombecker Formula 4 Slot Racing Set includes 27ft of 4 lane track or can be used for 54ft of two lane racing track plus 4 racing cars ready to go.

Strombecker Slot Racing Set From The 1960s

Tinker Toys Construction Sets
Price: From $1.26 to $4.99
Description Tinker Toys Construction Sets allows for hours of fun and learning sets range from 120 piece non motorized set up to the battery motorized tinker set to make toys, cranes and other fun stuff.

Tinker Toys Construction Sets  From The 1960s

Tressy Doll
Price: $2.94
Description New 11 1/2 inch Tressy Doll you can pose any way you want and with hair you can grow or shorten to give her a different look.

Tressy Doll From The 1960s

1965 was a great year in the middle of the Swinging Sixties with Beatles Based Toys and Music, Board Games were all the rage with popular TV series having a board game, Movies and Music also had multiple board games based on them.