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1968 Popular Vintage Toys Part Of The 1960s

It is fun to look back in time to the 1968 toys we played with when we were children. Included on this page are many popular examples plus many more from the 60's for other years. The popular toys included Christina Doll, Matchbox Cars, Talking Barbie, Hot Wheels racing track, Tiny Tears Doll and Motorized Meccano.

Christina 1960s Fashion Doll
Price: Doll $7.99
Price: Outfits $4.99 each
Description Christina Doll with 60s fashion clothes, notice the mini skirts and colors reminds me of the fashions coming out of Carnaby Street in London in the late 60's.

Christina Doll with 60s fashion clothes

Corgi Crime Fighters Cars
Manufacturer: Corgi
Price: $3.97
Description Corgi Crime Fighters Cars including Batmobile, James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 and the Green Hornets Black Beauty.

Corgi Crime Fighters Cars  From The 1960s

Air Force 1
Price: $5.44
Description The U.S. Presidents Air Force 1 Jet, a Boeing 707 SAM 26000 used from 1962 to 1998.

Air Force 1 From The 1960s

Baby Steps Mattel Doll
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $11.99
Description Mattel Baby Steps Doll, she can walk on her own (Batteries Required), she can also skate on non skuff skates.

Baby Steps Mattel Doll From The 1960s

Sports Car for Dolls
Price: $2.97
Description Sports Car for Dolls including Barbie and other similar sized dolls.

Barbie Doll Sports Car From The 1960s

Girls Beauty School Kit
Price: $8.99
Description Girl's Beauty School Kit includes all the tools and kit to learn how to style hair like a professional.

Girls Beauty School Kit From The 1960s

Portable Cartridge Tape Player
Price: $14.95
Description Hipster Portable Cartridge Tape Player with 3 1/2 inch speaker to to play the latest Pop Music. Cartridges available include The Beatles, Supremes and The Animals.

Portable Cartridge Tape Player to play Popular Music From The 1960s

Dennis the Menace and Friends
Description Dennis the Menace and Friends stuffed toys, Dennis The Menace, Ruff and Margaret.

Dennis and Friends Stuffed Toys From The 1960s

Funtronics Electronics Building Kit
Price: $16.66
Description New Funtronics Electronics Building Kit lets you build 32 different projects including Radio, Baby Room Monitor, Phonograph, 2 way intercom, telephone amplifier, Public address system and much more.

Funtronics Electronics Building Kit From The 1960s

Toy Grand Piano
Description Toy Grand Piano: every kid wanted one, most did sound pretty awful but they were still fun to play with.

Grand Piano From The 1960s

HiFi Record Player
Price: $39.95
Description Fully Transistorized Solid State Hi-Fi Record Player From The 1960s includes 3 top chart music hits. Choose 3 from Aretha Franklin, Mamas and Papas, The Rascals, The Supremes and The Four Seasons.

Hi Fi Music Player From The 1960s

Historic Model Ships
Price: $3.44
Description Choose from Santa Maria, Mayflower or the U.S.S. Constitution (Old Ironsides). American Historic Model Ships all are over 13 inches long and are replicas of the famous American Ships.

Build American Historic Model Ships From The 1960s

Home Movie Projector
Price: $13.88
Description 8 MM Home Movie Projector with Movies including Popeye, Superbowl Highlights, Our Gang, Charlie Chaplin, Betty Boop and Laurel and Hardie to create your own Movie Festival.

Home Movie Projector and Movies From The 1960s

Hot Wheels Racing Track
Price: $4.88
Description Hot Wheels loop-the-loop 2 car Racing Track includes a Ford Mustang and a Couger for racing at the highest speeds for any steel car.

Hot Wheels Racing Track and cars From The 1960s

Price: $2.99
Description Game of Kerplunk insert 30 plastic sticks into holes in the tower, rest 40 marbles on top of the nest of sticks, take one stick out at a time the one who lets the least marbles fall wins.

Game of Kerplunk From The 1960s

Matchbox Cars
Manufacturer: Matchbox
Price: From $3.99
Description Matchbox Car Sets choices include transporter set, farm set and race and rally set.

Matchbox Cars from the 1960's

Matchbox Motorized Motorway
Manufacturer: Matchbox
Price: $19.88
Description Matchbox Motorized Motorway Racing Set, now you can add a special adapter to any of your Matchbox car collection and race them round this 14ft track comes with 20 adapters for your matchbox car collection.

Matchbox Motorized Motorway Racing Set From The 1960s

Motorized Meccano Set
Price: From $9.88 to $19.88
Description Motorized Meccano Set build up to 72 different motorized models including helicopter, train, crane, cars, trucks, planes and much more.

Motorized Meccano Set From The 1960s

Home Planetarium
Price: $17.99
Description Home Planetarium projector and dome projects more than 250 stars and all major constellations onto a 4ft dome that simulates the sky at night.

Home Planetarium From The 1960s

Pop Music Tape Cartridges
Price: $1.29
Description Popular Pre-Recorded Music Cartridges from the late 60s including:
The Animals -- It's My Life
The Beatles --- Help
The Beatles --- Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
The Beatles --- Magical Mystery Tour
Stevie Wonder --- Place In the Sun
Four Tops --- Baby I Need You
Hermans Hermits --- Leanin On A Lampost
The Beach Boys --- Don't Worry Baby
Petula Clark --- Downtown
The Righteous Brothers --- Soul and Inspiration

Popular Music Cartridges From the late 60s including the Beatles

Remote Control Car
Price: $3.99
Description Remote Control Car comes complete with racing track, I do remember playing with these and felt jipped that they were not real remote control cars with radio control, but for all that I did play with them for hours.

Remote Control Car From The 1960s

Roller Skates
Price: From $3.59
Description Shoe Top Roller Skates, you wear your ordinary shoes and strap on the roller skates and away you go.

Roller Skates From The 1960s

Manufacturer: Kenner
Price: $2.87
Description Spirograph allows anyone to draw beautiful patterns with just a pencil and paper, provides hours of fun and entertainment for kids of all ages. Kenner began selling Spirograph sets as a creative children's toy 1966, but the basic concept does go back much earlier.

Spirograph From The 1960s

Spyder Bikes
Price: From $49.95
Description Spyder Bikes with a choice of number of gears from 3 speed to 10 speed gears, Billybar Steering and front and rear brakes.

Spyder Bikes with gears From The 1960s

Steam Roller
Price: $24.99
Description Old Smokey Steam Roller based on a working model of a steam roller and a remote control for steering.

Steam Roller From The 1960s

Steel Guitar
Price: $6.79
Description 8 string steel guitar with cutaway neck and narrow back to play the music kids love.

8 string steel guitar From The 1960s

Strombeckers's Car Racing Set
Manufacturer: Strombecker
Price: $32.99
Description Strombeckers's European Enduro hone raceway, features 1/32 scale Ferrari-P2 and Ford-J cars racing round the 24ft track with banked Monza Wall and 8ft long straightaway to get to top speed. Car racing sets were a popular toy in the 1960s and most homes with children would own one, sometimes as much for dad as it was for the children

Streombecker's Car Racing Set From The 1960s

Talking Barbie
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $7.97
Description Talking Barbie in her fur trimmed dinner suit, pull her chord to hear her say dozens of different sayings and words.

Talking Barbie From The 1960s

Mattel Talking Phone
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $8.77
Description Mattel Talking Phone, Listen to Linus, Lucy, Charlie Brown Snow White and many other characters. Includes 7 two sided Records with all your favorite characters.

Talking Phone  From The 1960s

Tiny Tears Doll
Price: $8.49
Description 12 inch tall Tiny Tears Doll waiting for a little girl to change her, feed her and wipe away the tears when she cries.

Tiny Tears Doll From The 1960s

Game of Twister
Manufacturer: Milton Bradley
Price: $3.66
Description Game of Twister came out two years earlier in 1966 after being featured on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.

Game of Twister From The 1960s

1968 was a great year towards the end of the Swinging Sixties with wide range of toys and more electronics used, popular TV shows also provided many of the popular children's toys for this year.