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1969 Popular Vintage Toys Part Of The 1960s

1969 Provided great opportunities from manufacturers to sell anything related to the Moon Landing, plus there were plenty of boys car models from Corgi, Hot Wheels and Matchbox. Girls Barbie Dolls continued market dominance with new styles and ideas. Because I had neglected popular books so far in this decade I decided to include them with Peanut Cartoons, The Hardy Boys selection and Nancy Drew.

8 Track Cartridge Player
Price: $9.99
Description You can tell your in the late 60s when you find 3 different tape formats including this Portable 8 Track Cartridge Player for sale, in just a few years 8 track tape cartridges disappeared and cassettes became the dominant choice for music players.

Portable 8 Track Cartridge Player From The 1960s

Aerobat Fun Children's Exercise
Price: $16.99
Description This Aerobat looks fun, I must admit I do not remember them but it was shaped like an egg and you used your body weight to make it go, plenty of places to use your hands and weight distribution to make it roll without losing control.

Aerobat Fun Childrens Exercise  From The 1960s

Apollo Saturn Moon Rocket Model
Price: $10.49
Description Simulate Moon Missions with this 4 ft high Apollo Saturn Moon Rocket Model. Kit includes command module, escape tower, lunar module and all three stages of Saturn 5 plus base, amazing detail includes decals. Although the moon landing did not happen till 1969 1960s Toys space related toys were popular from early in the decade.

Apollo Saturn Moon Rocket Model From The 1960s

Ballerina Doll
Price: $17.99
Description Comes with her own 33 1/3 RPM record to dance to, dressed in fluffily tutu, dancers tights and laced toe shoes, she is controlled by battery and a knob you turn in her back to direct her to each ballet step.

Ballerina Doll From The 1960s

1960s Barbie Fashion Clothes
Price: From $1.99
Description Fashion sets include
For Ken -- Snazzy Blazer, Bell bottoms and Pullover
For Barbie -- Brocade evening jump suit and silver color slippers
For Barbie -- Jersey Top, Leatherette Skirt and Shoes

1960s Barbie Fashion Clothes

Barbie and Ken Dressed Up for a night out
Price: From $8.99
Description Barbie and Ken Dressed Up for the Prom in California inspired outfits with their friend Julia who is a TV star.

Barbie and Ken Dressed Up for a night out From The 1960s

Cassette Player/Recorder
Price: $34.25
Description Cassette Player and Recorder, uses 1/2 hr or 1 hr bland tapes to record your favorite music from the Radio or records.

Cassette Player / Recorder From The 1960s

Junior Chemistry Set
Price: $24.99
Description Junior Chemistry Set from 1969 with all the chemicals and equipment you need to perform more than 900 experiments.

Junior Chemistry Set From The 1960s

Real Working Baking Oven For Children
Price: $18.99
Description Working children's Double Bake Oven includes see through windows, outside of oven never gets hot enough to burn little fingers, comes with baking pans, cookie cutters, cookie sheet, muffin tin, rolling pin, measuring spoon, recipe book and instructions, also comes with 15 mixes and icing mix.

Real Working Baking Oven For Children From The 1960s

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Model
Price: $4.99
Description The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Model from the movie of the same name, your very own magical car with flip out wings.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang model From The late 60s movie of the same name

Doctors and Nurses Kit
Price: $4.99
Description Traditional Doctors and Nurses Kit. Children have been playing pretending to be Doctors and Nurses for decades and each decade the changes are only minor but they have and will always continue to sell because it allows a child's imagination to prosper.

Doctors and Nurses Kit From The 1960s

1960s Suburban Dolls House
Price: $14.99
Description Each decade Dolls houses change to reflect popular trends but the basic premise allowing a little girl to create her own dream home has always been popular.

1960s Suburban Dolls House From The 1960s

Dress Up Costumes
Price: $5.99
Description Children dress up in the heroes and heroines of the day in the late 60's these included Batman, Spiderman, Bozo the Clown and a Nurses Uniform.

Dress Up Costumes of 1960's Super Heroes

Elden Car Racing Set
Price: $13.99
Description Elden were one of the many companies making and selling electric auto racing sets, this set features a track of 5ft by 9ft with two lanes and banked turns, bridges, cars included a Ford GT, Camero or a Sting Ray.

Elden Car Racing Set From The 1960s

Electric Ride In Cars
Price: From $31.99
Description Electric Ride In Cars with rechargeable batteries. Batteries charge overnight so kids can start driving around again the next day.

Electric Ride In Cars From The 1960s

Hoppity Hops
Price: $5.88
Description Hoppity Hops the inflatable ride a ball popular with all ages.

Hoppity Hops From The 1960s

Hot Wheels Car Racing Set
Price: $9.99
Description Hot Wheels Car Racing Set, one of the most popular car racing sets and cars in recent times, simple easy and fun for boys of all ages, I remember my hot wheels cars do you?

Hot Wheels Car Racing Set From The 1960s

Jaguar Pedal Car
Price: $22.99
Description Jaguar Pedal Car hood raises to show engine, doors open, trunk opens, 42 inches long.

Late Sixties Jaguar Pedal Car From The 1960s

Range Of Matchbox Cars
Manufacturer: Matchbox
Price: $4.99
Description 3 sets of Matchbox cars to choose from
10 piece race and rally set with 2 inch die cast models
8 piece farm vehicle set with 3 inch die cast models
8 piece Commercial Truck set with 3 inch die cast models

Range Of Boys Matchbox Cars From the 60s

Valkyrie 2 Rocket goes up to 1000 ft high
Price: $14.99
Description Liquid gas propellent sends your Valkyrie 2 Rocket up to 1000 ft and an automatic parachute brings it safely back to Earth.

Moon Rocket goes up to 2000 ft From The 1960s

Moon Scope Telescope
Price: $19.99
Description The new Moon Scope Telescope designed especially for observation of the moons surface, includes a 50 power reflector lens and a 150 power booster lens for detailed observation of the moons craters, mountains and Moon Landing Sites.

Moon Scope Telescope From The 1960s

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Books
Price: $1.37
Description Popular Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys adventure story books, I have included these because children's books were an important part of growing up and Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys were popular adventure story books in the 1960's.

Late 1960s Popular Childrens Books including Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys

Pan Am Jet Plane Toy Cockpit
Price: $15.99
Description I included this because of the new TV series "PAN AM" that is set in the sixties, Pan Am was an iconic company in the 60's and toys featuring Pan Am were fairly common, this is just one example others included models of the planes.

Pan Am Jet Plane Toy Cockpit from the 60's

Children's Playhouse
Price: $16.99
Description Children's Playhouse for indoor or Outdoor Use includes a table and 4 chairs and will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Childrens Playhouse for indoor or Garden Use From The 1960s

Reel to Reel Tape Recorder
Price: $28.95
Description Childrens Reel to Reel Tape Recorder includes microphone.

Reel to Reel Tape Recorder From The Late 1960's

Short Wave Radio
Price: $22.88
Description Short Wave Radio, receive radio signals from as far as 7,500 miles away from London, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo and many more cities around the world, these short wave radios were popular in the sixties as they received radio from around the world and the Amateur Radio Enthusiasts around the world.

Short Wave Radio From The 1960s

Snoopy and Peanuts Pennants
Price: From $2.99
Description Snoopy and Peanuts Wall Pennants

Snoopy and Peanuts Pennants From The 1960s

Tyco Train Sets
Price: From $17.99
Description Tyco Train Set includes 4ft by 3ft track layout, long haul tender, flatbed car transporter, and 6 other freight cars.

Tyco Trainsets From The 1960s

Walkie Talkies
Price: $25.00
Description Walkie Talkies 100 milliwatt power, fully transistorized, battery powered for clear reception.

Set Of Walkie Talkies From The 1960s

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Model
Price: $3.99
Description The Beatles Yellow Submarine Model with John, Paul, George and Ringo produced by Corgi Toys in England.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Corgi Model From The 1960s

Zig Zag Sewing Machine
Price: $24.99
Description Zig Zag Sewing Machine allows girls to sew Zig Zag or Straight Stitches.

Little Girls Zig Zag Sewing Machine  From The 1960s

1969 was the last year in the 60's decade and dominated by MOD fashions and anything related to Mans Landing on the moon with rockets and telescopes. Car model manufacturers were abundant with Matchbox, Hotwheels and Corgi all producing model cars. Outdoor fun included Hoppity Hops, Unicycle and the Aerobat. Tape recorders and players were in a transition period with 8 Track players, reel to Reel tapes and Cassette players all on sale, just a few years later the others would fall by the wayside leaving Cassette as the dominant tape player, and just three decades later the cassette is all but dead as the CD takes over. While looking back to earlier years in the decade I realized I had not included any books and have tried to address that this year, books and magazines were an extremely integral part of growing up in the 60's so I hope I have redressed the balance slightly.