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1967 Popular Vintage Toys Part Of The 1960s

It is fun to look back in time to the 1967 toys we played with when we were children. Included on this page are many popular examples plus many more from the 60's for other years. The popular toys included Build A Transistor Radio Kit, Daktari Jungle Set and portable 8 track cartridge player

8 Track cartridges Pop Music
Price: $1.29
Description I was so pleased to see these, I could not find anywhere else that not only included some of the 8 tracks for sale but prices as well, So here you go below, I hope these bring back fond memories as they did for me ( I was a teen in 1967 ) so had most of these as 45 RPM singles to play on record player and on 8 track for the car. ( Well maybe not Sinatra but my parents loved him so I had to listen in silence )
Mamas and Papas - California Dreamin, and You Baby and Got a Feelin
Mamas and Papas - Monday Monday, and Go Where You Wanna Go
Hermans Hermits - Leanin On A Lamppost and I'm Henry The VIII I am I am
The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun, and We Got to Get Out Of This Place
The Righteous Brothers - Soul and Inspiration and Hey Girl
Bobby Rydell - Wild One and Kissin Time
Frank Sinatra - I've Got You Under My Skin and Strangers In The Night
Petula Clark - Downtown and You Belong To Me
Trini Lopez - Puff ( The Magic Dragon ) and Lemon Tree
Hank Williams - Your Cheatin Heart and Hey Good Lookin
Herb Albert - It Was a Very Good Year and The Shadow Of Your Smile

8 Track cartridges Popular Music  From The 1960s

Aurora Auto Racing Set
Manufacturer: Aurora
Price: $39.88
Description Aurora 4 lane Car Racing Set complete with 4 cars, 19 ft of track, transformer, speed controllers, bridge supports, guard rails, lap counter.

Aurora Car Racing Set From The 1960s

Build A Transistor Radio Kit
Price: $4.88
Description In the late 60's Building a Transistor Radio From A Kit was pretty common. I remember before Tandy became the place for computer kits in the 80's they were best known for electronics and electronics kits, A Build Your Own Transistor Radio Kit was one of the most popular.

Build A Transistor Radio Kit From The 1960s

Classical Folk Guitar
Price: $9.94
Description With the growth of popular music every kid wanted to become a pop star so musical instruments were popular Christmas or Birthday Presents. A Classical Folk Guitar together with a how to book and popular sheet music allowed the budding pop star to learn how to play a guitar, of course a Folk Guitar was a more popular choice than a set of drums because with parents because of how noisy and loud drums can be.

Classical Folk Guitar From The 1960s

Popular Example From Our Toys From the 1960s are these Corgi Car Models
Manufacturer: Corgi
Price: From $5.69
Description Corgi Toy Car Models were popular because of the attention to detail many other model cars did not have including working suspension, doors open and close, trunks and hoods opened and closed. For example, in the Fire Engine ($5.69) the Boom Rotates, the Cage Swivels, and it has retractable stabilizers etc.

Popular 60s Corgi Toys

Daktari Jungle Set
Price: $5.99
Description Daktari Jungle Set as featured on the TV series of the same name featuring veterinarian Dr. Marsh Tracy and his daughter Paula, relive some of their adventures and add your own as they battle to protect the wildlife of the local game preserve from poachers and other threats.

Daktari Jungle Set From The 1960s

Dolls Furniture From The 1960's
Price: From $6.29
Dolly's High Chair
Bunk Or Twin Beds for two dolls
Musical Cradle to send dolly to sleep

Dolls Furniture From The 1960's

GI Joe Green Beret Models and Kit
Description Two GI Joe Green Beret Models and Jungle Outpost Kit with Bazooka, Machine Gun, Grenades and Radio to call for helicopter support.

GI Joe Green Beret Models and Kit From The 1960s

Hipster 8 Track Portable Cartridge Player
Price: $24.95
Description Hipster 8 Track Portable Cartridge Player, 8 track players were popular in cars first but as more music appeared on 8 track and before the cassette player became the dominant tape. Most of us had dozens and dozens of 8 track cartridges for playing in the car, so a portable player powered by batteries became an essential. I do remember having something very similar but the BIG BIG PROBLEM with them was eating the tapes when they became jammed up, I am sure this was the biggest reason 8 Track died and cassette tapes ruled it was much easier to get a cassette tape out and sort of fixed because on most players you could get to the tape mechanism on 8 track it was a nightmare.

Hipster 8 Track Cartridge Player From The 1960s

Jet Gas Propelled Jet Plane
Price: $3.99
Description Jet Gas Propelled Jet Plane zooms 50 ft up in the air and glides up to 600 ft after fuel runs out.

Jet Gas Propelled Jet Plane From The 1960s

Electronic Laser Jungle Target Gun and targets
Price: $18.44
Description Use your Electronic Laser Gun to shoot the targets down, hit the target and the Jungle Animal Falls down and a bell sounds.

Laser Jungle Target Gun and targets From The 1960s

Popular Lassie soft toy
Price: $7.99
Description The popular Childrens TV series Lassie based on a Rough Collie named Lassie ran for 19 years, so what kid would not want a Lassie dog of their own.

Popular Lassie soft toy From The 1960s

Lego Building Set
Manufacturer: Lego
Price: $9.97
Description This Lego Building Set included over 500 pieces making it large enough to build any number of models including homes, bridges, cars, boats and much more.

Lego Building Set From The 1960s

Lionel Train Sets
Manufacturer: Lionel
Price: From $18.66 to $22.66
Description Lionel Train Sets featuring choice of a 5 unit diesel freighter or a Steam Locomotive with 6 units, forward and reverse, headlights, complete with track and transformer.

Lionel Train Sets From The 1960s

Little Girl Loves To Clean appliances
Price: From $1.99
Description I do not know what to say about this except that it does not surprise me that the Feminist protests in the late 60's happened. This combined with another selection which had Nurses Kits for Girls and Doctors Kits for boys plus other ads in for women's clothes that said things like "Look good for when your man comes home from work" help you understand why feminist activism happened.

Little Girl Loves To Clean appliances From The 1960s

Lost In Space Gun and Helmet
Price: $3.99
Description Lost In Space was a popular 60's science fiction TV series broadcast on CBS featuring the Robinson Family which ran from September 15, 1965 to March 6, 1968.

Lost In Space Gun and Helmet From The 1960s

Matchbox Car Selection
Manufacturer: Matchbox
Price: From $2.88 to $6.99
Description Matchbox Cars were one of the most popular and cheapest boys toys around in the late sixties selling by the millions. Just about every boy had at least one set and if you were lucky many more. Together with Matchbox Car City, Service Stations and Gas Stations etc. could provide hours of fun.

Selection Of Popular 60's Matchbox Cars

Matchbox Carry Case Car City
Manufacturer: Matchbox
Price: $7.44
Description Matchbox Carry Case Car City including 12 set of car and truck set featuring roads, buildings, streets and scenery where you could move your matchbox cars around.

Matchbox Car City From The 1960s

Microscope Lab Kit
Price: $19.99
Description Microscope Lab Kit includes microscope that zooms from 30 times to 750 times power, includes slides with 5 animal specimens, 12 prepared plant specimens and a shrimp hatchery.

Microscope Lab Kit From The 1960s

Transistorized Phonograph
Price: From $16.95
Description Transistorized Phonograph to play popular swinging sixties music with speaker choice of red or blue with front mounted 4 inch speaker or top mounted 4 inch speaker. As Transistor technology entered music players (Tapes and Records), the prices and the weight came down, plus because of the decreased power tape players also could become more portable using batteries instead of AC.

Transistorised Phonograph to play popular swinging sixties music with speaker From The 1960s

Pool Table
Price: $45.95
Description 54 inch Pool Table with wall rack suitable for Pool, Billiards or bumper pool.

Pool Table From The 1960s

Puffball Game
Price: $6.99
Description Aim puffer and squeeze to send the cork ball in the direction you point the puffer.

Puffball Game From The 1960s

Auto Service Station Model
Price: $9.99
Description 3 level service station with motorized elevator and a ramp to roll them down to the ground, gas pumps, lube bays, tire change bays, battery charger, and air pump.

Auto Service Station Model From The 1960s

Steam Engine
Price: $15.99
Description Whistle Blowing Steam Engine two speeds, 10 inch by 8 inch base, polished brass boiler with water check window, uses the latest Esbit Dry fuel pellets to heat the water.

Steam Engine From The 1960s

Little Girls Play Tea Set
Price: $4.99
Description Metal and plastic service set for 6, Little Girls Play Tea Set with 6 goblets, cups, knives, spoons, forks. A tea tray, sugar bowl and creamer.

Little Girls Play Tea Set From The 1960s

V8 Engine Model shows working parts
Description Battery Powered V8 Engine Model shows working parts including pistons, valves, rods, rocker arms and cooling fan.

V8 Engine Model shows working parts From The 1960s

1967 was a great year towards the end of the Swinging Sixties with wide range of Models and kits, transistorized Phonograph and 8 track players, dolls furniture and tea sets etc.