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1961 Popular Vintage Toys Part Of The 1960s

It is fun to look back in time to the 1961 toys we played with when we were children. Included on this page are many popular examples including Disneykins, Dolls, Early Barbie Dolls, Betsy Wetsy Doll, Cap Guns and More.

17-inch Doll
Price: $12.97
Description 17 inch doll with big wardrobe and trunk to carry all her clothes.

17 inch doll with wardrobe

Selection Of Dolls
Price: $9.49
Description Selection Of Dolls from the early 60's featuring 25 inch high Kewpie Doll, 31 inch high Pollyanna and 22 inch high Brikette.

Selection Of Popular Dolls From The Early 60's From The 1960s

Astronaut Robot
Price: $3.79
Description Astronaut Robot, I love this because it is described as an Astronaut, just a few years later from the mid 60's as America is making progress on space travel Astronaut toys were much better matched to the Astronauts that we saw on the TV.

Astronaut Robot From The 1960s

New Barbie Fashion Dolls
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $2.26
Description Introduced in March 1959 these Popular Early New 11 1/2 inch Barbie Fashion Dolls now offer different fashion outfits you can dress your doll in Fashion sets cost from 77 cents. Barbie Dolls Took off with 1960s Toys and are still bought by little girls today, early Barbie Dolls from this year and the other early years are very collectable and sought after.

Early New Barbie Fashion Dolls From The 1960s

Betsy Wetsy Doll
Price: From $4.57
Description Betsy Wetsy Doll with Layette Gift Box.

Betsy Wetsy Doll From The 1960s

Cornerstore Play Shop
Price: $3.88
Description Cornerstore Play Shop features everything you need to run your own corner store with shelves, cash register and check out counter.

Cornerstore Play Shop From The 1960s

Price: $3.39
Description Disneykins includes 34 of your favorite Disney characters including Mickey, Minnie, the 7 dwarfs, Goofy, Donald and many more all in miniature.

Disneykins From The 1960s

Electric Stove Makes Real Cakes
Price: $17.88
Description Electric Stove Makes real cakes and allows little girls to cook cookies and cakes just like mother.

Electric Stove Makes Real Cakes From The 1960s

The Flintstones
Price: $4.77
Description Town Of Bedrock Stone Age Suburbia with all your favorite characters from The Flintstones including Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty plus lots of prehistoric animals.

The Flinstones From The 1960s

Giant Bulldozer
Price: $4.77
Description Giant Bulldozer runs on 2 D batteries and will lift loads, push loads and works just like a real road building earth mover.

Giant Bulldozer From The 1960s

Girls Dress Up Clothes
Price: From $3.77
Description Girls Dress Up Clothes includes Skater, Drum Majorette, Visiting Nurse and Story land Princess.

Girls Dress Up Clothes From The 1960s

Play House
Price: $12.99
Description Play House with 3 walls, windows and doors, back is open to against a wall.

Play House From The 1960s

H2O Car and Pump
Price: $3.66
Description H2O Car and Pump, when you fill with water it activated the D battery and will run for up to one minute on each water fueling.

H2O Car and Pump From The 1960s

Johnny Reb Cannon
Price: $7.87
Description Big 30 inch Johnny Reb Cannon fires plastic cannon balls up to 35 ft.

Johny Reb Cannon From The 1960s

Marx Toys Cap gun and holster
Price: $4.73
Description Marx Toys Cap gun and holster from 1961 .

Marx Toys Cap gun and holster From The 1960s

Model Planes
Price: From $3.79
Description Model Planes includes Passenger Jet, Helicopter and a fighter jet.

Model Planes From The 1960s

Raggedy Ann and Andy
Price: $2.77 each
Description Everybody's favorite dolls 15 inches high Raggedy Ann and Andy.

Raggedy Ann and Andy From The 1960s

Rocking Horse
Price: $64.95
Description Brush and comb his genuine hide, flowing mane and tail looks and feels like a real horse includes western style removable saddle, blanket and stirrups 24 inches high.

Rocking Horse From The 1960s

Sewing Machine
Price: $11.88
Description Little girls battery operated Sewing Machine ready to sew just like a real sewing machine.

Sewing Machine From The 1960s

Shirley Temple Dolls
Price: From $3.57 to $24.95
Description Range of Shirley Temple Dolls ranging from 9 inches high to 36 inch high, Shirley Temple Dolls were popular from the mid 30's to the late 50's due to the popularity of the young child actress Shirley Temple. This is one of the last years the dolls were still popular.

Shirley temple dolls From The 1960s

Red Spinning Wheel
Price: $5.22
Description Little Red Spinning Wheel can be used to make hats, bags rugs and scarves.

Little Red Childrens Spinning Wheel From The 1960s

Vanity Set
Price: $3.33
Description Little Girls Vanity Set just like mother's with mirror, drawers and shelves.

vanity set From The 1960s

Price: $6.96
Description Big two foot rescue helicopter with motor driven hoist to pick up small army of stranded men and machines from the jungle.

whirleybird From The 1960s

1960 was a great year at the beginning of the Swinging Sixties, boys toys were soldier sets were popular and I love the 2.2 HP engine you fixed to your bicycle to make it motorized, Pinball and Pitching Machines make a great range of popular gift ideas.