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1959 - US Barbie Doll
1959 : Barbie doll makes debut at the American Toy Fair in New York, Toys From the 1950s, the doll was designed by Ruth Handler and introduced by Mattel Toy Company costing $3.

1916 - Francisco "Pancho" Villa
1916 : Several hundred Mexican guerrillas under the command of Francisco "Pancho" Villa cross the U.S.-Mexican border and attack the small border town of Columbus, New Mexico Additionally, the center of the town was burned. Villa was also influential in various attacks made during the Mexican Revolution.

1920 - Germany Allied Forces
1920 : Allied forces of World War I (France, Belgium, and Great Britain) moved into three major German cities. The cities entered into by these Allied Forces include Düsseldorf, Duisburg, and Ruhrort.


1933 - US Emergency Banking Act
1933 : President Franklin Roosevelt submits the Emergency Banking Act to Congress to ease the run on small banks causing them to go into bankruptcy.

1935 - Canada Hockey
1935 : John Taylor, a 16-year old junior hockey player, was recognized in a local newspaper for his superior performance on the ice. He was the highest scorer in his league during the most recent season as of this date. Moreover, he stayed out of the penalty box during play. In fact, both John and his brother Fred did not receive one penalty during the entire hockey playoffs during this year.

1945 - Japan US Offensive
1945 : This was the day of a new American offensive on Japan. The U.S.A. had dropped approximately 2,000 bombs on Tokyo from now until approximately two days from this date. It was estimated that at least 80,000 Japanese residents and/or citizens had died, and at least 16 square miles of Tokyo had been burned.

1955 - U.S.A. James Dean
1955 : James Dean’s first performance in a major film started as of this date. He starred in a movie entitled East of Eden, for which he had won an academy award nomination.

1956 - Cyprus Archbishop Makarios
1956 : In a hope to ease tensions in Cyprus British authorities have ordered the deportation of the Greek Cypriot leader, Archbishop Makarios. Instead of easing tensions in Cyprus more violence broke out on the Island and Britain worked with him and other leaders over the next few years to achieve a peaceful settlement and in 1960 he became president when Cyprus gained its independence.

1962 - Canada Company
1962 : An announcement was made regarding a meeting scheduled to discuss the future of the Brandon Packers manufacturing company. This company was soon to be bought out by another one.

1967 - U.S.A. Stalin Daughter
1967 : The daughter of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin requests political asylum at the United States Embassy in India. She did enter the United States, married an American architect and gained US citizenship in 1970 But now lives in England.

1973 - Northern Ireland Referendum
1973 : In a referendum in Northern Ireland over the future of the province people vote to remain within the United Kingdom. But a boycott by the Roman Catholic population meant only 59% of the population had taken part in the vote.

1974 - U.S.A. Alaska Oil Pipeline
1974 : Work on the 800 mile long Alaska Oil pipeline connecting oil fields in northern Alaska to the sea port at Valdez. It is completed in just over two years in 1977 and transports up to 2 million barrels of oil per day.

1976 - Italy Cable Car
1976 : The steel line supporting a cable car snaps in the ski resort of Cavalese and 43 skiers aboard crashes into Mt. Cermis.

1977 - Romania Earthquake
1977 : As hard as rescuers and trained dogs had searched, hope diminished as many people still remained trapped beneath earthquake rubble. One family was found the night before but did not make it long enough in order to be pulled out of the mess of collapsed apartment building debris.

1980 - Jordan Peace Talks
1980 : According to a report dated March 9, 1980, Jordan had agreed to the United States initiative towards peace. However, this country demanded that the PLO be involved in negations that would lead towards the goal of peace.

1997 - U.S.A. Notorious B.I.G. Shot
1997 : A rapper known as Notorious B.I.G. (Christopher Wallace) was shot to death in a drive by shooting while sitting at a stoplight in Los Angeles. This murder was thought to be brought upon by a rift between rival rappers from both the East and West Coast. Notorious B.I.G. was killed only a few weeks before his latest album entitled Life after Death was scheduled to be released. A similar incident occurred in Las Angeles only six months prior (rapper Tupac Shakur killed by drive-by shooter).

1998 - Serbia / Kosova Fighting
1998 : Fighting continues in the Serbian province of Kosovo as Kosova continues in it's fight for independence from Serbia. Kosova is made up of 90% Ethnic Albanians who are an Islamic minority in Serbia. The Kosovo Liberation Army ( KLA ) has committed a number of attacks on Serbia over the past few months pushing for independence but Serbian forces are now carrying out reprisal attacks against ethnic Albanian rebels causing many to flee the country.

2004 - 2002 Beltway Sniper Attacks
2004 : John Allen Muhammad was sentenced to death in Virginia for the murder of Dean Harold Meyers in Prince William County, Virginia as part of the so called 2002 Beltway sniper attacks, killing 10 people over 8 states Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas and Virginia.

2005 - U.S.A. Michael Jackson Case
2005 : The child at the center of the case against Michael Jackson took the witness stand, saying he once considered the pop star being tried for allegedly molesting him "the coolest guy in the world." (Jackson was later acquitted.)

2009 - President Obama ends restrictions on stem cell research
2009 : President Barack Obama has lifted the restrictions that were placed on federal funding for research into new stem cell lines. Obama's executive order is a major reversal of U.S. policy, and he has pledged to support the new research. George Bush had blocked the use of government money to fund it. Scientists have said that the research will lead to medical breakthroughs, but religious groups are opposed to the development of embryonic stem cells.

2010 - Pennsylvania woman is charged with terror offences
2010 : A Pennsylvania woman has been charged with terror offences that include using the Internet to recruit militants for overseas attacks. Colleen LaRose, who is also known as Fatima LaRose and 'Jihad Jane,' was arrested in Philadelphia in October, 2009. A federal indictment has accused her of agreeing to kill a Swedish citizen, and for traveling to Europe to do that.

2011 - Illinois Abolishes Death Penalty
2011 : Illinois became the sixteenth state in the United States to abolish the death penalty. A ten-year moratorium on the death penalty in Illinois was made permanent after governor Pat Quinn signed a bill ending all executions in the state. The moratorium was put in place in 2000 by former Illinois governor George Ryan after many death row inmates were released from death row when journalists had found proof they had been wrongly convicted.

2012 - United States Bigamy Discovered Through Facebook
2012 : The wife of a man in the US state of Washington uncovered her husband's bigamy after a Facebook feature exposed her to her husband's other wife. The second wife was featured in the "People you may know" section of the woman's facebook feed. The couple had been estranged but not legally divorced and the woman saw wedding pictures of her husband and his new wife on the social networking site.

2013 - Malta General Election Ends
2013 : Polls in Malta closed after the general election ended. There was a high turnout and experts expected that the Nationalist party which had been in power for fifteen years might be losing its grip on voters despite economic success.

2014 - Yemen Migrant Boat Sinks
2014 : A migrant boat carrying African migrant workers sunk off the coast of Yemen. Forty-two people drowned and at least thirty people were saved by a Yemeni naval patrol.

Born This Day In History 9th March

Celebrating Birthdays Today
Yuri A. Gagarin
Born: March 9th 1934 Klushino, RSFSR, Soviet Union
Died: March 27th 1968 Novosyolovo, RSFSR, Soviet Union
Known For : Colonel Yuri A. Gagarin became the first human to orbit Earth in the spacecraft, Vostok 1 on 12th April 1961, unlike many of today's astronauts / Cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin flew only one space mission which took mans space travel to the next level. As the first human being to view the earth from a spacecraft his words included "The Earth is blue, How wonderful. It is amazing". Nearly all human space explorers from the US and other countries who now participate in space travel utter similar sentiments. Colonel Gagarin died when the MiG-15 airplane he was piloting crashed near Moscow. Mans quest for exploration and new discoveries is part of human nature and what makes man special. Because of the space race during those important years between the worlds two super powers at the time man not only flew in space but also managed to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade. Many consider he was the modern day "Columbus of the Cosmos" because of that special day in mans history. PS Note from webmaster --- I try very hard to remember that mans ability to innovate, experiment and push the bounds of science is not down to any one culture, race or country and have featured men and women from every corner of the globe during my research Steve.