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1957 - Egypt Suez Canal
1957 : The Suez Canal which connects the Mediterranean and the Red Sea is reopened to international traffic by Egypt after Israel withdraws from occupied Egyptian territory.

1917 - Russian Revolution
1917 : The beginning of the Russian Revolution ( Often Called The February Revolution March 1917 in the Western Calendar ) against Czarist Rule following the lack of food in Petrograd leading to the abdication by Nicholas II and the beginning of the communist party rule in Russia.

1936 - U.S.A. Daytona Car Racing
1936 : For the first time ever, car racing was done in Daytona. This first race was organized specifically for stock car racing participants, and was considered an early start of what people now know as the Daytona 500.

1969 - U.S.A. Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
1969 : The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am the epitome of the American muscle car is introduced.

1921 - Spain Eduardo Dato
1921 : Eduardo Dato, the Spanish Prime Minister, is assassinated.


1942 - Java Dutch Surrender
1942 : This was the day of the Dutch surrender to the Japanese, which lead to the beginning of the end of Dutch power in the East Indies. The Dutch army had officially given in to the Japanese on the island of Java, and two months of fighting had come to an end.

1920 - kidnapping in Mexico
1920 : An editorial regarding the possibility of kidnapping in Mexico (or anywhere else) was thought of as not far from the truth. This article was awareness that anybody could be held for ransom.

1951 - U.S.A. Lonely Hearts Killers
1951 : The Lonely Hearts killers, were executed in Sing Sing Prison's electric chair. They had deceived lonely widows to gain access to their money when Fernandez seduced the women and then stole their possessions.

1964 - U.S.A. Chicago Black Hawks
1964 : The Chicago Black Hawks bumped the Montreal Canadians out of their first-place National Hockey League Spot. This feat was accomplished upon Chicago’s 4-3 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs on this evening.

1965 - U.S.A. Civil Rights March
1965 : On the evening of March 7, 1965 a peaceful demonstration was planned on the road to the Montgomery capitol building. The next day, a report was made regarding the unfortunate turn of events that took place which had resulted in the sudden termination of this civil rights march. About 450 African-Americans had shown up to participate in this civil rights march which was organized by major figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr. King (not physically present at March, but a major influence). About a mile into the march, a group of state troopers bearing night sticks, tear gas, shotguns, gas masks, and grenades had broken up the march. About 40 African-Americans involved in the march were injured-some very critically. In fact, John Lewis (head of the Student Non-Violent Co-coordinating Committee) had suffered considerable damage to the skull. Another march was scheduled for the upcoming Tuesday. This second marching attempt was to be lead by Martin Luther King, Jr.

1972 - U.S.A. TWA Plane Blown Up
1972 : On this day, a bomb was planted inside an unoccupied TWA Boeing 707 jet plane. This bomb went off at approximately 3:55 a.m., in the vicinity of the airplane’s cockpit. The bomb was planted aboard this plane in order to gain a 2 million-dollar ransom from the airline. At this time, it was a mystery how the bomb was planted, even though this passenger jet had been search thoroughly before arriving in Las Vegas from New York about a half a day beforehand.

1982 - U.S.A. Poison Gas
1982 : The United States accuses Soviets of using poison gas in Afghanistan.

1983 - U.S.A. Nuclear Freeze
1983 : The House Foreign Affairs Committee called for a freeze of all U.S. and Soviet nuclear arsenals.

1985 - Lebanon Car Bomb
1985 : A car bomb in Beirut, Lebanon leaves 175 injured and 45 people dead, the target of the bomb was thought to be a fundamentalist Shia Muslim cleric, Sheikh Muhammad Husain Fadlallah.

1988 - Philippines Corazon Aquino
1988 : An account of the Corazon Aquino case that took place in the Philippines was given again. A soldier who worked for President Ferdinand Marcos admitted to firing the shot that had taken the life of Aquino.

1991 - U.S.A. New Jack City
1991 : New Jack City, a movie about Harlem street gangs, had aired on this day. Ice-T and Wesley Snipes had starred in this film.

1999 - U.S.A. Joe DiMaggio
1999 : Joe DiMaggio dies at age 84.
He played his entire MLB career May 3, 1936 ---- September 30, 1951 for the New York Yankees. The only break he had was to join United States Army Air Forces from 1942 - 1946 during World War II
He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1955
He was married to Marilyn Monroe in 1954, but they were married for less than 12 months.

2001 - US Tax Cuts
2001 : The Republican controlled House voted for the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act ( EGTRRA ) which would create a tax cut of nearly $1 trillion over the next decade.
EGTRRA generally reduced the rates of individual income taxes:
New 10% bracket was created for single filers with taxable income up to $6,000, joint filers up to $12,000, and heads of households up to $10,000.
The 15% bracket's lower threshold was indexed to the new 10% bracket
The 28% bracket would be lowered to 25% by 2006.
The 31% bracket would be lowered to 28% by 2006
The 36% bracket would be lowered to 33% by 2006
The 39.6% bracket would be lowered to 35% by 2006
Additional changes related to the act were passed in 2003.
Like any major changes in a taxation system there are many more complications way beyond a simple few sentences including changes to estate taxes, gift taxes, (IRAs) including 401(k) and 403(b) plans , dividend income taxes just to name a few.

2001 - England Bluebird Recovered
2001 : The wreck of Donald Campbell's boat, Bluebird, has been raised from the bottom of Coniston Water in Cumbria. The wreck had been there since the attempt to break the world water speed record in 1967 in which killed Donald Campbell had died.

2004 - Iraq Abul Abbas
2004 : Abul Abbas, the Palestinian guerrilla leader involved in the hijacking of the Achille Lauro passenger liner in 1985 off the coast of Egypt, died while in U.S. custody in Baghdad, Iraq.

2006 - Iran refuses to stop its nuclear work
2006 : Iran has said that it will continue its nuclear research program with no regard to the actions that the U.N. takes against it. It has also provided a statement to the U.N. Nuclear Watchdog that warns of the U.S. facing 'harm and pain' if it opposes the program. The U.S. has said that Iran has enough nuclear material for ten atomic bombs.

2008 - U.S.A. Waterboarding
2008 : President Bush has vetoed a bill that would explicitly prohibit the Central Intelligence Agency from using interrogation methods including include Waterboarding.

2010 - U.S.A. Eric Massa resigns
2010 : After less than two years in office, a Democratic congressman from New York is resigning in the latest of a series of embarrassments for the party, who had promised to run 'the most ethical Congress in history.' Eric Massa had entered politics after a career in the Navy, and has told staff that he will step down after admitting he had made improper advances towards one of his male staff members.

2010 - E.U. Goes On Offensive Against Somali Pirates
2010 : The French Navy, supported by European Union aircraft and vessels, seizes 35 suspected pirates off the coast of Somalia in the EU's most successful mission.

2011 - France Stolen Jewels Found in Drain
2011 : Nineteen million dollars worth of jewelry that was stolen from a Harry Winston boutique, in a 2008 armed robbery, was found in a drain in a Parisian suburb. Police stated that they found three sets of earrings and nineteen rings in a plastic container set in concrete in a home in Seine-Saint-Denis. Nine people had been charged in connection to the theft in 2009 after police found part of the stolen jewelry in another Seine-Saint-Denis home.

2012 - Toyota Recalls Over 600,000 Vehicles
2012 : The Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota, has recalled another 681,500 vehicles in the US further hurting its reputation in the country have facing massive recalls in the previous few years. The recall effects 70,500 Camrys, 116,000 Venzas, and 495,000 Tacomas for various serious problems.

2013 - South Dakota Gun Law
2013 : The US state of South Dakota passed a law that would allow teachers to be armed in schools. The law, aimed at preventing mass shootings, would allow schools and districts to choose whether or not to allow their staff to carry firearms.

2014 - Malaysia Flight MH370 Goes Missing
2014 : Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 went missing while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The flight disappeared as it was passing between Malaysia and Vietnam. There were 227 people on board the plane and it gave no indication that it was in distress. The airplane was a Boeing 777 and there were weeks of searching for the missing plane and much confusion surrounded it as details and information was constantly changing. The wreck was never found and it was still unknown what happened on the flight (as of July 2014).

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Micky Dolenz
Born: George Michael Dolenz, Jr. March 8th 1945 Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Known For : Michael Dolenz best known as the drummer vocalist of the television sitcom "The Monkeys" which appeared on American television from 1966 to 1968. He also wrote a number of the songs which later became hits including "Last Train to Clarksville" and "I'm a Believer". He has also toured at various times since with reunion tours for "The Monkeys" . Micky stage name ("Micky Braddock" ) had TV experience prior to the formation of The Monkeys TV show from his time as the 10-year-old star of the Circus Boy series in the 1950s