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February 7th significant News Events

  1. 1945 Leaders Meet To Plan End of War
  2. 1962 U.S. embargo ordered by President Kennedy on Cuba
  3. 1964 The Beatles first visit to the United States
  4. 1971 Switzerland Women Get The Vote
  5. 1975 Canada 55 MPH Speed Limit
  6. 1984 Astronaut Bruce McCandless Becomes First Human To Fly In Space
  7. 2008 Congress has approved the stimulus package

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1964 U.S.A. The Beatles

1964 : The Beatles arrive on their first visit to the United States, where Thousands of fans greet them at Kennedy Airport in New York in what can only be described as Beetle Mania. The Beatles' first scheduled appearance was on American television on Sunday on the Ed Sullivan show ( 73 million people or 40% of Americans tuned into watch the Beatles sing All My Loving, Till There Was You, She Loves You, I Saw Her Standing There and I Want To Hold Your Hand. )

1984 First Human To Fly In Space

1984 : Astronaut Bruce McCandless unhooked a lifeline and became the first human to fly free in space , using a gas-powered jet-pack to propel himself nearly 300 feet away from the Earth-orbiting U.S. space shuttle Challenger and back again

1945 Leaders Meet To Plan End of War

Allied Leaders Prime Minister Winston Churchill, US President Franklin D Roosevelt and Marshal Joseph Stalin, meet at a secret location in the Black Sea area planning the final phase of the war against Germany and the future of Europe now that the end of the war is assured.

1926 U.S.A Shooting

Charles B. Metcalfe was said to have been connected with shootings that had taken place on his farm located in Texas. These shots were said to have taken place on purpose with the intent to murder four youth.

The four young people that had been shot were mildly to seriously wounded. One was already out of the hospital, while another was facing the possibility of amputation at this time. As of this date, none of the wounds appeared to be fatal.

Metcalf's counsel (presumably his legal representation, lawyer) stated that his gun had accidentally discharged as Metcalf went to find out what the youth were up to. Metcalf's lawyer had also said that one youth had "grazed" (either brushed against him gently, or lightly scratched him) Metcalf with a vehicle at the time that the gun had gone off.

Metcalf was able to be released as of the posting of a $1,000 bail. A grand jury investigation was pending.

1937 Red Cross

Colonel H.P. Williamson, the chairman of the local Red Cross Chapter advocates for more donations on this day. He made his appeal to the citizens in Calhoun County of Alabama to contribute additional money to be used for flood relief-and for those who have not donated to so.

The money requested by Williamson had been originally requested by the Red Cross Headquarters. A total of $5,535 had been raised as of this time.

1950 Strike

After at least a few day of negotiating with federal mediators, a CIO Communication Workers of America walkout was postponed until the 24th. It was originally scheduled for Wednesday, 8th.

The CIO union's president Joseph A. Beirne mentioned that executives had voted on the decision to postpone the walkout. The hope was that the postponement would provide more time to help settle an agreement between CIO and the Bell Telephone System.

The strike scheduled to take place as of this date would involve at least 300,000 workers (100,000 would in the first walkout, the other 200,000 in the second walkout). Western Electric, Pacific, and Mountain State Bell telephone companies were to possibly be involved, as this strike was intended to shut down the entire Bell operation.

Born This Day In History February 7th

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Garth Brooks

Born: Troyal Garth Brooks 7th February 1962 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Known For : Garth Brooks is an American country music singer who has a number of number 1 country music hits, a multiple Grammy Award Winner and numerous other awards during his career. Hit top hits include "If Tomorrow Never Comes" ( 1989 ), "Unanswered Prayers" ( 1990 ), "Shameless" ( 1991 ) and "More Than a Memory" ( 2007 ). In total he has had 20 number 1's in the US Country charts. In 2000 he made an announcement that he was going to retire but in October last year he announced that he was coming out of retirement to do weekend performances at Steve Wynn's Encore Hotel in Las Vegas in 2010.

Ashton Kutcher

Born: Christopher Ashton Kutcher 7th February 1978 Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S.

Known For : Ashton Kutcher began his career in TV and is best known for his role as Kelso in that 70's show, Since leaving the show he has appeared in the movies Dude, Where's My Car?, Cheaper by the Dozen, Just Married, and What Happens in Vegas. He is married ( 2005 ) to the well known actress Demi Moore who is 16 years older

1951 Bowling

A Chicago bowler had received second place in the $48,000 Peterson Bowling Classic. He had only bowled 16 pins behind the first place winner on the night before this report was made. This tournament was scheduled to conclude on the following Sunday.

1962 Embargo Imports From Cuba

A U.S. embargo ordered by President Kennedy will go into effect on all imports from Cuba including tobacco, seafood, fruits and vegetables

1965 Vietnam US Retaliation

U.S. had retaliated against North Vietnam on this day, shortly after an attack took place against the U.S. at Camp Holloway. The Holloway attack had killed U.S. military men and had wounded 109 others. Moreover, 20 aircraft were damaged.

Two men, John T. McNaughton and McGeorge Bundy were reported as waiting for a chance to attack North Vietnam. They were very instrumental in urging President Johnson to allow the retaliatory attack against the North Vietnamese at Dong Hoi, which is a training camp.

A North Vietnamese military communications center was also attacked by the U.S. This all took place in hopes that it would end the war, but instead the war had escalated.

1967 Australia Bush Fires Kill 62

1967: 125 separate bush fires in southern Tasmania claim 62 lives, 900 injured and over seven thousand homeless The city of Hobart is encircled by fire leaving 52 dead just in that area, in total the fires burned over 1/2 million acres of land

1971 Switzerland Women Get The Vote

Women in Switzerland were granted the right to vote today there are only five other countries who still continue to bar women from the polls, the Arab states of Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and tiny Liechtenstein.

1974 Grenada Independence

Grenada is given independence from Great Britain

1974 UK Miners Strike

1974 : Following the announcement of the miners strike The Prime Minister Edward Heath calls an early general election hoping to get the countries voters to stand behind him and provide support for his battle against the unions. ( The voters did not provide the support he badly needed to stand up against the unions and a Minority Labour Government headed by Harold Wilson Labour's won the election )

1975 Canada 55 MPH Speed Limit

A speed limit of 55 mph was mandated by Canada. This action took place two years after Nixon had required a 55 mph speed limit in the United States.

One of the reasons that Nixon had lowered the speed limit was to conserve on gasoline. He also lowered this speed limit to help reduce the amount of highway way traffic deaths.

1990 Soviet Union Communist Party

The Central Committee of the Soviet Union's Communist Party agrees to endorse President Mikhail Gorbachev's recommendation that the party give up its 70-year long monopoly of political power

1992 Maastricht Treaty

The Maastricht Treaty calling for greater economic integration, common foreign and security policies, and cooperation between police and other authorities on crime, terrorism, and immigration issues is signed by ministers foreign and finance ministers of the EC member states of the European Community.

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2002 U.S.A. Social Services

President George W. Bush introduced faith-base initiative plans. He proposed a plan which would encourage faith-based organizations to provide more social services without breaching the separation of church and state.

2005 Round The World Record

2005 : Ellen MacArthur sets a new single handed round the world voyage in the record-breaking time of 71 days and 15 hours.

2005 Defrocked Priest Sentenced

A judge sentences Paul Shanley to 12 to 15 years in prison for child rape, condemning the defrocked priest for using his status to prey on a vulnerable little boy. The case involved Shanley repeatedly raping and fondling the boy at his suburban parish in the 1980s, beginning when he was 6 years old.

2005 Wisconsin Tornado

An EF3 tornado strikes the town of Wheatland in Kenosha, very unusual for the time of year destroying over 100 homes , in total 4 tornado's touched down in Wisconsin that day fol owing a dramatic change in weather and temperatures setting new highs of 62 degrees in early January

2006 Abu Hamza al-Masri is found guilty in London

Abu Hamza al-Masri has been found guilty at the Old Bailey of using his sermons to incite murder and race hate. Al-Masri was found guilty of most of the charges he faced. Muslim leaders have welcomed his conviction, and the prominent British Muslim Dr. Ghayasuddin Siddiqui has described al-Masri as 'an embarrassment to the Muslim community.'

2008 Rebel Uprising Crushed

2008 : Government forces are once again in full control of Chad after three days of fierce fighting between government troops and rebels leaving many of the rebels lying in the streets for days the dead bodies are now bloated and covered in flies.

2008 Congress has approved the stimulus package

Congress has approved the $168 billion economic stimulus program, and sent it to President Bush for signature. From this, it is safe to assume that millions of Americans will be receiving government checks in the mail. The House gave its final approval to the package by a vote of 380 to 34..

2008 Abu Hamza al-Masri to be extradited

The British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has approved for the extradition of Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri to the United States. This has been done for the terror charges he faces, which include providing support to al-Qaeda. The Egyptian-born preacher is already serving a seven-year jail term in Britain for the incitement of murder and race hate. Al-Masri's lawyer has said that he will appeal, but if that fails he will be handed to American authorities within twenty-eight days.

2009 Australia Black Saturday Bushfires

The fires were the result of some of the worst bushfire-weather conditions ever recorded with temperatures in the mid to high 40s °C and wind speeds in excess of 100 kilometres per hour (62 mph). The worst fires were in the north-eastern area of Melbourne where a single fire accounted for the loss of 120 lives. Due to the strong winds bush fires were turned into firestorms which moved and burned with incredible speed and ferocity. Some of the worst effected towns which were almost completely destroyed, included Kinglake, Marysville, Narbethong, Strathewen and Flowerdale.

2009 Thunderbirds and other memorabilia for sale

2009 : Gerry Anderson has closed his offices and will be selling items from them at auction. The show will be in Battersea, South London. The auction will consist of models from the Captain Scarlet show as well as more recent projects. Not many of the classic Anderson items will be for sale, but the solid silver FAB 1 car, a pewter Thunderbird 2 spacecraft, a 24 inch prop version of Lady Penelope's pink Rolls Royce and Mr Anderson's office chair will be available.

2010 First US Tea Party Convention

The former vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, has spoken at the first US Tea Party convention, where she has urged for a return to conservative principles. Speaking in Nashville, Mrs. Palin called President Obama's 2011 budget 'immoral' and said it would raise the U.S. debt. The Tea Party movement includes many people who oppose Obama's plans for healthcare reform and stimulus package. Mrs. Palin has said that future generations will be paying for his spending.

2010 Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has called for jihad

The Yemen-based offshoot of al-Qaeda has called on Muslims to wage holy war on the U.S. and its allies. A purported audio statement by Said al-Shihri, the deputy leader of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, has warned that the 'American and Crusader interests are everywhere,' before urging his followers to 'attack them and eliminate as many enemies as you can.' Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has said it was behind a failed bomb attack on the U.S. passenger jet that flew into Detroit on Christmas Day.

2010 Super Bowl XLIV breaks viewing records

The New Orleans Saints' Super Bowl win over the Indianapolis Colts has become the most watched TV program in U.S. history. A record 106.5 million people watched the game. This figure tops the 1983 finale of M*A*S*H, which drew 105.97 million viewers. The previous Super Bowl record was 2009's game between Pittsburgh and Arizona, which was watched by 98.7 million.

2010 Britain Clampdown On Student Visa's Announced

The government has announced a clampdown on issueing student visa's into the UK following reports that a number of militant extremists have used the system to enter the country and the counter-terrorism operation last year where police arrested 12 people including 11 Pakistani nationals, all but one of whom were in the country on student visas.

2011 Rapa Nui Clan Removed from Hotel by Police

A group of Rapa Nui, Easter Island natives, were removed from the Hangaroa Eco Village and Spa by the police after occupying the hotel since August of 2010. The Rapa Nui had been protesting over the ownership of the land, saying that the land was illegally taken from their relatives long ago, they had also been protesting over plans to further develop the island

2012 Jamaica Melts Down Illegal Firearms

Jamaica has melted down about 2,000 illegal guns in the capital of Kingston as government officials watched. The event came as part of a program meant to reduce violent crime and gun trafficking in the country. Officials also stated that nearly half of a ton of ammunition would be destroyed as well.

2013 Papua New Guinea Woman Burned Alive

A twenty-year-old woman was tortured and then burned alive in Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea. The woman had been accused of sorcery after the death of a young boy. Police were unable to interfere and officials stated they would treat the case as a murder.

2014 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Ends

After twenty-two years of hosting The Tonight Show, 63 year old comedian Jay Leno retired from his position as talk show host. The show was set to be taken over by Late Show host Jimmy Fallon, a 39 year old comedian who had grown in popularity among younger viewers. Leno had previously left the Tonight Show for comedian Conan O'Brien to take over in 2009 as per contractual obligations, but made his return to the show the next year.

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Twenties Kids Clothing 1925 Boys Clothes
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These boys suits from 1925 offer a few different styles from a more modern adult style jacket with long pants to a child-like belted coat with knickers. The suits feature all wool fabrics with a variety of patterns and colors.

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These frilly little girl dresses from the year 1925 are all of a similar shape but represent a different assortment of details. Some have embroidery while others feature cute neck ties and contrasting details like pockets. Some show off a floral pattern and another displays polka dots.