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Our History

I created this website about in 2006 as a passion project. It was originally meant to be a place for people to share their own memories about historical events but was adapted to just be a history information source as the idea did not catch on. I now run it with my daughter who has a degree in Political Science/Sociology and we offer this website as a free public source.
We are not historians nor do we claim to be professionals in the field. However, many years of research have been put into creating this website and we try our best to continually expand on what we have. The original sources for information were local newspapers, history textbooks, old catalogs, and magazines. We also use online sources to expand the information and generally try to look at 2 to 3 websites to confirm that the details are the same. If we end up relying heavily on one source we also try to mention that in our description of the event.
Our website is quite large and has expanded over the years and we know that we make mistakes occasionally. We welcome anyone who kindly helps us improve the site by pointing them out when they find them and we try our best to make corrections when possible.
This website is a reflection of a personal interest in history and not meant to be an end all be all source, but if users find it useful in some way we are happy. I hope this helps give you more information about this site.

Design Update ( 3rd )

Our Old DesignWe are currently updating our website to be mobile friendly changing from our old design was like loosing an old friend after 10 years but we hope you like the new look and feel
We set out to create a site where a trip through time over the last 85 years from the 20's to today was both interesting and informative, and as the site has continued to evolve over the last six years we have tried to include cost of living, Prices, Events, Popular Social Culture, Inventions and changes to Technology.
"If a picture is worth a thousand words then a modern history site providing more than 5000 images of clothes, toys, furniture, appliances, homes and much more should be fun and informative. The site is split into decades and with each year with a dedicated page, there are also sections for Motoring, Homes, Computers, Toys, Fashion, Music and more.

Something about our Research Process

We have used newspapers and history textbooks. We also have a collection of old catalogs and magazines dating to the early 1900s that we will look for information on prices, what types of things were available and new, etc. We usually use a combination of websites to confirm dates and some details including university websites, websites specifically dedicated to certain historical topics (such as a biography section on historic figures), government websites with historical information especially related to laws (for example, The New Deal, Civil Rights Act, etc.), primary source type lists like Billboard,, and wikipedia (for more widely and commonly known events where there is less of a chance it will be wrong).
We usually try to use 2 to 3 different sources to confirm that they have the same details.
Some of it is subjective to experience and falls under shared human history/knowledge. For example, we don't need to find seven academic sources to say that the Beatles were a popular band in the 1960s or that World War II started in 1939.
If we have to use one specific source very heavily for something we try to give some sort of attribution. " An interesting statistic taken from the book, "From the Puritans to the Projects" by Lawrence J. Vale in regards to public housing affordability during the New Deal (with a focus on the city of Boston): " - in relation to 1934 Slum Clearance.

News Sections added in the last few years


2000s September 11 AftermathWhen we think of the Twenties we think of Flappers, Wall Street Crash and more but the 20's was also the birth of modern music with independent record labels, The Gramophone, Growth of commercial radio. . At the end of the 20's talking movies allowed for movie versions of Broadway musicals bringing music to a wider audience.

Find more on our History of Music Through The Decades page.

Calendars For each year

One of the projects we completed earlier this year was to include a Calendar for each year allowing people to find the day of the week they were born on

Sports History

2000s September 11 Aftermath I do not know that much about sports as it is not one of my passions although I enjoy watching, So I felt quite lucky when I found a Journalism major who is passionate about sports who was willing to spend his summer working on a new sports section during the summer. I believe it is great addition to The People History and our visitors like the new History and Origins of modern sports.

Fashion / Furniture / Toys and More

2000s September 11 Aftermath Over the last 2 years we have spent a great deal of Time and Effort in research to increase the examples of Fashions, Toys, Furniture and much more. We do this for each decade and are working our way through the decades. Each Decade can take up to 2 months to complete and we are currently only half way through an example of 1 completed section is our Toys Section 1000's of toys from the 20's to current.

Free to Print / Download Year In History Prints

These can be found on our Blog
Free to Print / Download Year In History Prints

Please share with others as these can be a useful resource for social studies or special family celebrations

A few years ago we created a series of free to download / Print
Year in History prints including each year from 1920 to 2010

Each print features Prices, Popular Movies and Music, Famous People Born That Year and News and Events from the year You can find them on our Blog

They can be used as Place-mats for a party by printing on Card-stock and Laminating or use any Photo Editing Photo and add your own photos to replace the standard public domain images
They are also ideal for those working on a scrapbook by printing off important years ( Births / Weddings ETC ) to go alongside

I am asked these questions via our contacts form quite regularly by students using the site for research so I thought it might be handy to include answers here
Author Of The People History:
Stephen Pearson

Author Location:
Wisconsin, United States

Original Creation Date:
The People History Created 2006

Research Sources:
Old Newspapers, Government Statistics plus hundreds of other additional resources .

This Day In History

By far the biggest section to create and maintain is Months and days history which we use to update our This Day In History

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