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Some Basic Build Your Own Home Kits you could order

Our new Twenties homes page featuring new homes and existing houses that were for sale during the decade, the page is designed to provide examples of some of the fixtures and furnishings you may have found in a 20s home together with examples of self build kits. Sizes varied, and ranged in prices from a few thousand dollars to about ten thousand dollars for a four to six room home. Some were designed for one family but quite often they were designed for more than one family to live next to one another. Many built from Self Home Build Kits, sold through home shopping catalogs or via newspaper and Magazine Adverts.

1920's Florence Self Build House

Florence Self Build House and Florence Floor Room Layout

Price: $1,198

Florence Cozy 5 Room Cottage comes with everything needed to complete your property including Full Plans, Lumber, Roofing Shingles, Doors, Windows, Hard Wood Flooring, Moldings plus the varnish and paint to complete your house. The Florence is a Cozy 5 room cottage featuring 2 bedrooms ( 9ft 6" X 5ft 6" ) , Bathroom, Living Room ( 11ft 3" X 13ft 3" ), Dining Room ( 11ft 3" X 9ft 3" ) with A Kitchen ( 11ft 3" X 9ft 3" )and a front porch

Sears Self Build Homes from the 1920s

Sears Self Build Home Examples

Honor Bilt homes were sold through the Sears shopping Catalogs, these two examples are from the 1927 Catalog, Honor Bilt self build were one of the most popular self build homes in the nation and about 100,000 were sold through out the nation

Sear Catalog Honor Bilt Crescent 5 rooms and a bath

Sear Catalog Honor Bilt Crescent 5 rooms and a bath

Price: $2,436

Sear Catalog Honor Bilt Gladstone featuring 6 rooms and a bath

Price: $2,025

The Gladstone was a 2 floor home featuring 3 Bedrooms, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen and Bathroom sold via the Sears Roebuck Shopping Catalog as "Honor Bilt"

Self Build 7 Room Aladin Dutch Colonial Barn Style Home

Self Build 7 Room Aladdin Dutch Colonial Barn Style property

Price: $1,298
Description Dutch Colonial with full ceilings first and second floor with a large living room, large dining room, 3 bedrooms, Kitchen, Bathroom, Linen and a clothes closet

Twenties 2 Bedroom Country Cottage Self Build

Two Bedroom Country Cottage

Price: Ready Cut $1,213
Price: Sectional $2,205

This Country Cottage with 2 Bedrooms, Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom comes in two options ready cut or as Sectional which allows 2 people with little experience to assemble the kit in a short time.


Oak hardwood flooring was a hit in the 1920s as well. This is a classic type of woodworking that is often used and admired to this present day. It was most likely used in the kitchen dining room and/or living room, but could have also been used in other rooms of the house as well. Linoleum Floor Patterns were also very popular during the early twenties (1924). Linoleum is the same floor material that is used in many kitchens today.

Bedroom Furniture

A large number of bedroom dresser and vanity furniture pieces were made of sturdy materials such as oak, walnut, cedar, or mahogany woods. Dressers and vanities both were usually made of an elegant yet simple carved wood design The styles of beds used during the 1920s varied. For example, in 1923 simple metal beds with two-inch posts that came with mattresses and springs were placed in rooms. In 1928 double beds were made out of similar carved wood frames along with corresponding bedroom dresser or vanity pieces.

Living Room Furniture

In the early 1920s, living room furniture sets often included a number of coordinating pieces, such as an arm chair, reception chair, arm rocker, tabourette, bookend, and table. Another very popular item that was displayed during the early 1920s (and perhaps later) is the very distinct wrought iron bridge lamp. One eight piece dining set that was created during this decade was one that included a 60-inch buffet, oblong extension table with a cut-cornered edges, five dinner chairs and host chair. The picture that appeared along with the description of this ad very strongly leads one to believe that the seats of the chair were covered with either velour or tapestry upholstery.

Drapery Materials Including Curtains

Cretonne, Silk, or Pongee Materials were often used to make draperies, especially for the living room or family room. It is most likely that curtains were made for the kitchen and bathroom from similar materials which more than likely of a lighter grade.

Kitchen Furniture and Appliances

Since the invention of electricity towards the end of the 19th century, new household items have been invented. Numerous appliances were made to help ease the burden of house chores. For instance, there was a unit called the Universal chafing dish, flat iron, and washing machine. Vacuum cleaners have been invented by this time, and have become more modernized. Another common unit used during this time was the ice box, however it is noted that this unit was most likely not electrical at this time. This unit was the early version of a modern-day refrigerator. It acts as a huge cooler, which is filled with ice.Cooking appliances that were considered state-of-the art during this time include the 16-inch oven and broiler.

Some Examples Of Existing Property For Sale During The 1920's

1920 Green Bay Wisconsin
Four-room Bungalow w/one acre land


1921 Green Bay Wisconsin
Eight Room two-family Home, Partly Modernized ,


1921 Oakland California
New Partly Modernized Bungalow


1924 Syracuse New York
Lower two Bedroom Flat for Rent

$40.00 per month

1924 Green Bay Wisconsin
Seven-Room property for Sale (All Modern, with Garage, Lot 53x264, Fruit Crop Land)


1924 Milwaukee Wisconsin
Seven Room property w/ light water and gas (Large Lot)