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1950's Collector Cars including Prices

History and Prices for Models for Autos in the 50s

  • Austin A40 1952
    Austin A40 1952

    A completely new Austin A40 with the features you asked for , new improved hydraulic brakes , gear shift on the steering column , full air conditioning and new distinctive body styling

    Prices From $1,895
  • 1953 Austin A30
    1953 Austin A30

    The new 4 door Austin A30 Sedan

    Prices From $1,495
  • Austin Healey 3000 1959
    Austin Healey 3000 1959

    The popular Austin-Healey 3000 sports roadster is a British sports car built from 1959 to 1967 with a a 3-litre BMC C-Series engine, bodywork was made by Jensen Motors and assembled at BMC's MG Works in Abingdon

    Prices From £1362
  • 1958 Austin A55
    1958 Austin A55

    Cambridge A55 get all the best new ideas all in one car

    Prices From £685
  • Austin Healey 1958 Austin Healey 1958
    Price: ??
    Powerful twin Carb, 102 HP, Hydraulic Brakes, 4 speed synchromesh transmission 2 occasional rear seats

  • Buick 1955
    1955 Buick Special

    The 1955 Buick Special pure thrill backed by highest V8 horsepower in Buick History

    Prices From $2,263

  • 1956 Buick
    1956 Buick

    Roomy Rugged construction with new power and performance

  • Buick Lesabre 1958
     Buick Lesabre 1958

    Safety Plate glass, Electric Windshield Wipers, easy power steering and automatic heat and air control
    Prices From $1,495

  • Buick Electra 1959
    Buick Electra 1959

    Named as best looking car of the year with the latest greatest engine and every conceivable extra

  • Buick 1952
     Buick special 4 door sedan 1952

    Buick special 4 door sedan with luxury and beauty and a redesigned front end for an even cleaner look

  • Buick Super 1950
    Buick 1950 Super
    Prices From $2,139

    1951 ----- All Buicks get restyled front end
    1955 ----- Tri Tone Paint option offered
    1957 ----- All Models have restyle
    1959 ----- Buicks sport Delta Wing canted fins

  • Cadillac 1957
    Cadillac 1957
    With air conditioning power steering and adjustable seating for the best in comfort and styling

  • Cadillac Convertible 1959
    Cadillac Convertible 1959
    Tailfins the ultimate car with tailfins produced by Cadillac with the chrome to go with it and a 325 Horsepower engine and power anything and everything

    Prices From $5,400

  • Chrysler Saratoga 1951
     Chrysler Saratoga 1951
    Saratoga with 180HP engine 125 inch wheelbase power steering in this 6 passenger sedan

    1950 --- Ignition Key Starter switches replace former pushbuttons
    1951 ----- The complicated Hemi V8 engine is the most powerful engine on sale
    1957 ----- V8's engines gain in power and Horsepower
    1958 ----- Automatic speed control offered on Chrysler
    1959 ----- Chrysler Windsor Sedans top selling model

  • Desoto 1952
    Desoto 52 Fire Dome Eight
    Desoto 52 Fire Dome Eight 4 door sedan with power steering power brakes and no shift driving

  • Desoto 1955
     Desoto 1955
    The car with power you can boss around a V8 that does all you ask and more and wherever you go people will just admire your car

  • Desoto 1956
     Desoto Station Wagon
    Desoto Station Wagon for the ladies with automatic power steering and room for all the children and shopping and power and style
  • 1951 Desoto
    1951 Desoto
    Desoto completely restyled and option of more powerful engine

  • Desoto 1958
    Desoto Firesweep Convertible
    Desoto Firesweep Convertible with our new more powerful V8 engine

  • Dodge 1957
     Dodge 1957 custom Royal Sedan

    The new custom Royal Sedan the family car that has taken on the sports car look with swept wing rear fenders 310 HP V8 engine

  • 1959 Dodge
    1959 Dodge
    Swivel Seats and Jet Age styling set this car apart

  • Ford 1956
    Ford Fairlane 1956
    Wayfarer 3 passenger Coupe
    Priced From $1,611

  • 1950 Ford
      Ford Crestliner 1950
    Ford Crestliner the most exiting car of the year now available in two tone color

  • Ford T-Bird 1957
     Ford T-Bird 1957
    Prices From $3,151

  • 1958 Ford Pickup
     1958 Ford	 F100  Pickup
    Ford F100 Pickup with dual headlights

  • Cadillac 1956
     Cadillac 1956  Elderado Seville
    With 2 new models Sedan De Ville and Elderado Seville

  • 1952 Cadillac
    1952 Cadillac
    With new 190HP engine and new hydra-matic drive. and the best in power steering

  • 1953 Cadillac
    1953 Coupe Deville
    1953 Coupe Deville with latest styling and the new 210HP engine with all the refinements you would expect from a Cadillac and now a 12volt electrical system

  • 1950 Cadillac
    Cadillac Series 62 Ragtop
    Prices From $3,654
    Cadillac Series 62 Ragtop with leather interior as standard

    1950 --- All Cadillacs get 1 piece windshield
    1952 ----- All cars fitted with dual exhaust outlets tips in rear bumpers

  • Chevrolet Corvette 1954
    Chevrolet Corvette 1954
    The only American made open top sports car

  • Chevrolet Skyline 1952
    Chevrolet Skyline 1952
    Striking in Performance and appearance

  • 1954 Chevrolet
    1954 Chevrolet
    Lasting Good Looks you will always be glad you bought a Chevrolet Power brakes for easier stops new automatic window and seat controls,

  • 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air
    1955 Chevrolet Bel Air
    Longer Lower Silhouette giving a low slung appearance

  • Chevrolet 1958
     Chevrolet Impala 1958
    Impala Sports Coupe with our new more powerful engine

  • Chevrolet 1959
    Chevy Impala Hardtop 1959
    Chevy Impala Hardtop Edition with improved brakes and suspension

  • Chevrolet Corvette 1955
    Chevrolet Corvette 1955
    The new Corvette with V8 power

    1957 ----- New Fuel injected Corvette manages 0 to 60 in 5.7 seconds
    1958 ----- The new designed Corvette proves to be a selling success
  • Chrysler Imperial 1957
     Chrysler Imperial 1957
    Imperial New feel new look luxury automobile

  • Chrysler New Yorker 1950
     Chrysler New Yorker 1950
    The Finest car in the fine car field the New Yorker

  • Chrysler New Yorker 1958
    Chrysler New Yorker 1958
    The most magnificent chrysler ever built with power steering dual headlights V8 engine and the most comfortable ride ever The car of your life for the time of your life

  • 1953 Chrysler
     1953 Chrysler
    Americas First family of fine cars now you can drive highway fashion

  • 1958 Dodge Pickup
     1958 Dodge Pickup
    Easy shift V8 right for your job D100 carry up to 1,585 lbs

  • Dodge Wayfarer 1950
    Dodge Wayfarer 1950
    Wayfarer 3 passenger Coupe
    Priced From $1,611

  • 1953 Dodge
     1953 Dodge
    The action car for action Americans styled for action engineered for action a power packed beauty

  • 1952 Dodge Diplomat Hardtop
    1952 Dodge   Diplomat Hardtop
    Prices From $2,602

  • Dodge 1954
     Dodge Royal V8 1954

    Dodge Royal V8 Convertible and Royal V8 Saloon

  • Dodge 1951 Dashboard

    Easy to read dials and controls close and easy to use

  • 1955 Ford Fairlane
    1955 Ford Fairlane
    Ford new power , beauty, and economy
    From $1,960

  • New 1952 Ford
    Ford 1952 120HP V8
    1952 120HP V8 wider longer lower and stronger and the best value for any car available full circle visibility and new coach bodies

  • Ford Trucks 1953
    Ford Trucks 1953
    Tough trucks for working jobs

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