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Television Shows From The 50s

Below you will find a number of TV shows that were popular back in the Fifties, many are available via streaming services or you can find them being repeated on specialist TV stations ( Terrestrial and Cable ) that feature popular old 50s TV Classics. Great fun , while doing the research it bought back many fond memories of my childhood. I wonder how many others found themselves humming along with the theme music.


Rawhide was an American television Western about cattle drives featuring Trail Boss "Gil Favor" played by Eric Fleming and ramrod "Rowdy Yates" played by Clint Eastwood. The theme music "Rawhide" performed by Frankie Laine. Series ran from 1959 till 1966.

Perry Mason

Perry Mason based on a fictional defense attorney "Perry Mason" played by the actor Raymond Burr and his faithful secretary, "Della Street" . Series ran from 1957 till 1966.

The Phil Silvers Show

The Phil Silvers Show a comedy television series based on the fun and antics of Sergeant Bilko a master sergeant in the United States Army . Series ran from 1955 till 1959.


Lassie an American television series featuring the adventures of Lassie and his human companions which started with 11 year old boy Jeff Miller (1954–1957), seven-year-old Timmy Martin (1957–1964) after that she spent some time with forest rangers and the final years as a companion at a children's home. Series ran from 1954 till 1973.

The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger an American television series featuring The Lone Ranger ( masked Texas Ranger ) with his White Horse Silver and his Indian sidekick, Tonto fighting the bad guys. Best remembered for the words "Hi-yo, Silver, away!" . The series originally was a Radio series dating back to 1933 . TV Series ran from 1949 till 1954.


Bonanza American cowboy television series featuring the adventures of the Cartwright family headed by Ben Cartwright played by Lorne Greene with his new wife and three sons Hoss, Little Joe and Adam, who lived on a cattle ranch called Ponderosa. . TV Series ran from 1959 till 1973.

Wagon Train

You can not include westerns from the TV shows of the fifteis without including the most popular of them all "Wagon Train" , This Webmaster is close to 60 years old and still remembers the opening song ". The first series aired from 1957-1962, and the second series aired from 1962-1965.


Dragnet was one the many shows from the period that began on radio and moved over to television, Dragent was about police and parts of the show still remain in the memories from those old enough to have seen the series including part of the opening title and these words "Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent." The series ran on Television from 1951 - 1959, a new series was created and shown from 1967 - 1970 .

77 Sunset Strip

77 Sunset Strip American private detective series set in Los Angeles, featuring Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., Roger Smith, and Edd Byrnes. The show was a major hit and soon actors and actresses were vying for the chance to appear as guest spot , the list of those who had a guest appearance included William Shatner, Mary Tyler Moore, Shirley MacLaine, Dyan Cannon, Susan Oliver, Roger Moore, and Diane Ladd. TV Series ran from 1958 till 1964.

The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin

The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin American children's television series about a young boy Rusty played by Lee Aake and his German shepherd dog, Rin Tin Tin in the American West helping to bring law and order to the area. This was one of many fifties TV shows of the period which were focussed on pets and other animals. TV Series ran from 1954 till 1959.


Gunsmoke American Cowboy Western drama series adapted from Radio show based in Dodge City, Kansas, during the settlement of the American West. The start of the series featured James Arness playing the role of Marshal Matt Dillon which he continued to play for the shows 20 year run and Milburn Stone playing Dr. Galen "Doc" Adams. The programme held the number 1 slot for TV audiences for four years from 1957 to 1961 and was the last of the western cowboy series to end. Series ran from 1955 till 1975.

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone is an American TV series based on fantasy, science fiction, suspense, and horror usually with an unexpected twist at the end of the show. The series was reintroduced in 1985 and again in 2003. Original Series ran from 1959 till 1964.

American Bandstand

American Bandstand originally began as a show on WFIL-TV Channel 6 in Philadelphia just called "Bandstand" in 1952 but changed to "American Bandstand" when it moved to the ABC television network in 1957 where it was hosted by Dick Clark and seen by millions across the US, The years the show were on range in all it's forms went from 1952 - 1989 . The list of groups and music stars reads like a whose who of music over 35 + years and includes some of the biggest stars in the industry including ABBA, The Bay City Rollers, Chuck Berry, David Bowie, Sheena Easton, Aretha Franklin, Bill Haley & His Comets, I could fill five pages just with those stars who appeared.

The $64,000 Question

The $64,000 Question was one of the most popular of the quiz shows in the fifties, like many off the TV shows of the time they had a single sponsor ( which started as Revlon cosmetics in 1955 ) . The show did not last long after Revelations in the press that quiz shows were made that many of the shows were fixed to ensure the contestant the sponsors wanted to win did win. Original Series ran from 1955 till 1958. .

Perry Como Show

The Perry Como Show featuring Perry Como was a variety show which ran first as "Perry" on NBC filmed live from the "Chesterfield Supper Club" in 1948. The show moved slots and Times over the year featuring the music of Perry Como and the other popular stars of the day and finally ended in 1963. .