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20 examples of 1950's Fashion Shoes and Hats with Pictures with Prices, Descriptions and Images

Fashionable Hats and Shoes from the Fabulous Fifties Decade with 20 examples shown Remember or Imagine you could go shopping for latest fashions for your on the Sears Catalogs in the 1950's

Two examples From Each Of Our 1950s Fashion Accessories Pages Below is a selection which includes two examples from each year of fashion accessories from each of our 1950 to 1959 years. There are 2 styles of hats or shoes shown for each year. As you go down the page you can see the styles change during the decade.

  • 1950 Bustle Bow Calot 1950 Bustle Bow Calot
    Price $3.69
    Bustle-Bow Calot has gleaming sequins and a rayon veil. Fine wool felt. Colors include dark brown or dark green with gold color sequins, gray with silver color sequins or all black.
  • 1958 Saddle Oxford 1958 Saddle Oxford
    Price $5.98
    Choice of popular saddle oxford in black and white, or all white. Ivy buckle back. Graceful, versatile styling for all year 'round wear. Made of soft leather. Gently, softly cushioned crepe soles and heels pamper your every step for the utmost in walking pleasure. Slender tapered toes.
  • 1950 Dressy Homburg 1950 Dressy Homburg
    Price: $3.88
    Dressy homburg made with a lustrous rayon satin ribbon band and lavishly gathered rosettes. Novelty plastic ornament. Fine wool felt. Very flattering and easy to wear. Colors include black, cocoa brown, navy blue, dark green, wine red or medium gray.

  • 1951 Cavalier Hat 1951 Cavalier Hat
    Price: $4.98
    The cavalier hat in always-rich rayon velvet is dashing, as flattering as its namesake. Magnificent regal coque feathers... iridescent and lustrous are a fabulous side flourish. A prized accent because it is so feminine. Colors are black, dark brown, navy blue, wine red or dark green.
  • 1951 Open Toe Covered Back Shoe 1951 Open Toe Covered Back Shoe
    Price: $8.90
    The finest quality open-toe covered back pump with a foot-revealing vamp. Leather sole. Colors include black calfskin, black suede, brown calfskin, or brown suede.

  • 1952 Bracelet Sandal 1952 Bracelet Sandal
    Price: $3.98
    Bracelet sandal; dainty vamp stripping. Has a quarter inch platform and a three inch heel. Composition sole. Colors and styles include brown alligator-grained imitation leather, red alligator-grained imitation leather, green alligator-grained imitation leather or black imitation suede.

  • 1952 Flannel Accent Pump 1952 Flannel Accent Pump
    Price: $6.98
    Gray flannel accented with black calf; brown or black suede, calf-trimmed. Round throat pump, two heel heights, leather sole. Choose from two and and one-eighth inch heels or two and three-quarter inch heels.

  • 1953 Metal Colored Platform 1953 Metal Colored Platform
    Price: $3.49
    Glamorous gift. Metal colored kid with rayon satin. Platform scuff, composition sole, two and a half inch heel. Colors are gold with black trim or silver with black trim.

  • 1953 Satin Slipper 1953 Satin Slipper
    Price: $1.89
    Soft, smooth, lustrous. Rayon satin peaked vamp slipper in red, black or royal blue with gold color circle design. Plain platform and padded sole.

  • 1954 Zip Saddle Oxford 1954 Zip Saddle Oxford
    Price: $4.98
    It's exciting news! The glistening white piping surrounding plug on original new Kerrybrooke saddle oxford. Adds a fresh, special touch, a foot-whittling detail to this side-zippered saddle. Cushions and comforts your step, too, with black Sear-O-Foam crepe sole and heel. White midsole adds more smart contrast to this truly different shoe. Smart suede leather uppers, strongly sewn with nylon thread. Roomy last for utmost walking comfort. Easy for you to slip into and out of. Colors are black, gray, or blue.
  • 1954 Leather Sandal 1954 Leather Sandal
    Price: $5.98
    Handsome looking, heavenly feeling pump. Girds your feet in the closest, gentlest fit. Wonder walker for busy days but party-pretty from heel to toe. Deep black suede...flaring rows of gunmetal patent meet at a dainty center vamp ornament. Foam-cushioned underfoot. Gunmetal patent-covered platform, smooth high two and a half inch heel. Long wearing Searosole.

  • 1955 Beehive Bonnet 1955 Beehive Bonnet
    Price: $2.98
    Beehive bonnet with rows and rows of tiers. In wool felt with self bows. Tie-back rayon veil. Colors are beige, navy, black, red, white or medium gray.

  • 1955 Embracing Pillbox Hat 1955 Embracing Pillbox Hat
    Price: $2.98, $3.98
    Embracing pillbox has rhinestone-sparkled front clips for snug fit. Tie-back rayon veil. Colors are red, white, black, dark brown, or navy blue. Comes in wool felt ($2.98) or rayon velvet ($3.98).

  • 1956 Casual Boot 1956 Casual Boot
    Price: $5.79
    The girls have done it again! Stolen the casual boot fashion of the year right from the college men who made it famous. Kerrybrooke's bright new version is the lightest and softest. Wear it two exciting ways--with the collar turned up like the boys do, or if you like to be original wear the collar smartly cuffed.

  • 1956 Ponytail Cap 1956 Ponytail Cap
    Price: $1.98
    Ponytail cap changes to hood when you remove ring. Made of one-hundred percent wool jersey. Colors are red, white, beige, medium gray or black.
  • 1957 Beaver At a Peak Hat 1957 Beaver At a Peak Hat
    Price: $7.97
    Silky beaver fur felt tilted back and rising to smart height. An important fashion point. Bright pheasant feather. Colors are light gold, fawn (light brown), ivory white, red or black.

  • 1957 Cascade of Feathers Hat 1957 Cascade of Feathers Hat
    Price: $6.97
    Cascade of feathers almost covers a deep curved dome of lustrous Panne rayon velvet. Sure to turn even a simple dress into a dramatic dress-up triumph. Colors are white, light pink, mist blue or black.

  • 1958 Pointed Toe Sandal 1958 Pointed Toe Sandal
    Price: $8.98
    Pointed toe sandal. Dramatic style highlights your daytime outfits into evening ensembles. Leather soles. T-straps are the latest in fashion. Slender, flattering two and seven-eighths inch heels. Comes in black suede, black patent leather, or navy calf.

  • 1959 Bow Toque 1959 Bow Toque
    Price: $3.98
    Tailored beauty of finely sewn imported Milan-type synthetic straw braid. Harmonizing tri-color rayon grosgrain ribbon bows; band. Tie-back mesh veil. Choose from beige, white, red, gray, navy or black.

  • 1959 Dramatic Sailor Hat 1959 Dramatic Sailor Hat
    Price: $3.59
    Perfect topping for your Spring outfits. In linen-like weave synthetic straw cloth. Brim edged with nylon net ruffle. Rayon velvet band. Comes in white, beige, pink, red, ice blue or black.

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