September 5th
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India 1997 India Mother Teresa 5th Sept. 1997 : Mother Teresa, a Catholic nun who devoted her life to helping the poor, died at the age of 87

1921 Ireland Rejects Lloyd George Proposal Monday, 5th Sept. 1921 : The Irish President has rejected Lloyd Georges Proposal and has stated in a reply to Lloyd George that there is no voluntary Union with Britain and the Irish People choose as a fundamental right to set up an Independent Republic. The British government is now faced with the possibility of war between Ireland and England .
Lloyd George Public Domain Photo

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U.S. 1934 U.S.A. Striking Textile Workers 5th Sept. 1934 : Three Hundred workers who were besieged in a textile factory by 10,000 angry strikers in fall river Massachusetts were bought out from the factory today by police using tear gas and pistols on protesting strikers. The strike is expected to now go countrywide in an attempt by the Union to force Textile Factory owners to increase the wages and conditions of it's workers.

U.S. 1939 U.S.A. Announces It's Neutrality In European Conflict 5th September 1939 : The United States served a formal notice on the world that it is determined to maintain a strict neutrality in the European conflict.

UK 1942 England German Leaflet Drop 5th Sept. 1942 : The German Luftwaffe dropped thousands of leaflets on Southern Britain last night with pictures showing the prowess and superiority of German Forces

UK 1959 England New style direct dial pay phones 5th Sept. 1959 : The Post Office is introducing new direct dial pay phones in the UK which will not require connection via an operator, the new phones will accept 3d, 6d and 1s coins and payment will be needed only after the call is connected.
British Red Telephone Box Public Domain Photo

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Sweden 1967 Sweden Changes Over To Driving On The Right 5th Sept. 1967 : The changes to driving on the right hand side which came into law this weekend caused less problems and accidents than in a normal weekend due to the additional careful driving of Swedish Drivers becoming acquainted to the change.
Right And Left Hand Drive Public Domain Photo

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U.S. 1969 U.S.A. Lt. William Calley 5th Sept. 1969 : Lt. William Calley a platoon leader is charged with premeditated murder in the death of 109 Vietnamese civilians at My Lai in March 1968. He had led his men in a massacre of Vietnamese civilians, including women and children, at My Lai. The incident was covered up, but eventually came to light a year later.

Germany 1972 Germany Black September Attack Israel Athletes During Olympics 5th Sept. 1972 : Arab Guerillas members of the Arab terrorist group known as Black September attack the Israel Athletes Compound in Munich Germany during the Olympic games killing two athletes and demanding the release of 236 Arab prisoners and a plane. During the transfer of the terrorists and their captives from helicopters to the aircraft German police mounted an attack during which all the Israeli hostages were killed and 3 of the terrorists.

UK 1975 UK London Hilton Bombing 5th September 1975 : IRA terrorists bomb the Park Lane London Hilton Hotel killing two and injuring 60 more. The bomb had been left in the lobby of the hotel and the coded warning did not provide sufficient time for the hotel to be evacuated.

UK 1978 UK New state of Sealand Declared 5th Sept. 1978 : In England just off the coast of Harwich Roy Bates has declared that the new state of Sealand is outside British jurisdiction, The new state he has declared is an old abandoned steel antiaircraft fortress built during the second world war 7 miles out to sea. He plans to build a radio station which will also be outside British jurisdiction which will become one of the ever growing Pirate Radio Stations providing entertainment to the British Public.
Principality Of Sealand Public Domain Photo

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Pakistan 1986 Pakistan Aircraft Hijacked 5th Sept. 1986 : Pan Am Flight 73 was hijacked by four armed men dressed as security guards demanding to be flown to Cyprus at Karachi International Airport in Pakistan. The hijack ended after the aircraft lost power causing the hijackers to fire indiscriminately killing 22 passengers and injuring 150 others.
Pan Am 747 Public Domain Photo

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U.S. 1988 U.S.A. Savings and Loan Bankruptcies 5th Sept. 1988 : Following a number of smaller savings and loan bankruptcies the largest American Savings and Loan Association the Robert M. Bass Group signed off on a deal to acquire the nation's largest bankruptcy backed by $2 billion in Federal aid.

U.S. 2002 U.S.A. Whatever Is Necessary 5th Sept. 2002 : President Bush has promised to seek congress approval for "whatever is necessary" to oust Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq, Democrats in the senate are concerned that the president has not yet proved his case to go to war with Iraq
President George W. Bush Public Domain Photo

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U.S. 2003 U.S.A. Toyota Overtakes Chrysler 5th Sept. 2003 : Toyota has overtaken Chrysler to become the third best selling cars in America with 12% market share, but still some way behind Ford with 19% of the market and even further behind the market leader General Motors who have a whopping 27% share of the market.

Bermuda 2003 Bermuda Hurricane Fabian Strikes Bermuda 5th September 2003 : Hurricane Fabian with winds in excess of 125 mph has struck the tiny island of Bermuda creating havoc on the island as power cuts affect more than 25,000 homes, and flying debris and downed trees blocking roads.

U.S. 2004 U.S.A. New Threat to the Worlds largest temperate rainforest 5th Sept. 2004 : The current administration under George Bush is pushing through new laws which end many of the environmental protections put in place under the Clinton administration and maybe the most affected could be the worlds largest temperate rainforest "The Tongass Forest" in Alaska. Under earlier environmental controls "roadless rule" large areas of forestry were protected but there are new large scale logging plans not only for Tongass but other national forests .
Tongass National  Forest Public Domain Photo

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Australia 2005 Australia Kazaa Held Liable 5th Sept. 2005 : The continuing war between file-sharing services and the record labels has moved to Australia where the Australian Federal Court ordered Kazaa's owners, Sharman Networks, to modify the software to prevent further piracy. This is just another one of the many court cases the record labels are bringing in the US and around the world to protect their music. Earlier in the year the US Supreme Court ruled that file-sharing services could be held liable for copyright infringement under certain circumstances.
In the ongoing war between File Sharing Services and the Record Industry as the industry targets one file sharing company others become more popular with Bit Torrent now 4 times as popular as Kazaa. It is thought that nearly 50% of all traffic on the Internet is Peer to Peer traffic.

United States 2006 United States New Ford CEO 5th Sept. 2006 : Ford Motor company named former Boeing employee Alan Mulally as their chief executive, replacing Bill Ford. Bill Ford stated that the company needed someone to take them in a new direction after they faced large losses in early 2006. Bill Ford was to remain the executive chairman.

U.S. 2007 U.S.A. Apple Launches Itouch 5th Sept. 2007 : Apple has launched it's latest product the Itouch a mixture between an Iphone ( touch screen ) and an Ipod which has built in wi-fi and a web browser allowing the device to download music via the onboard wi-fi iTunes store, prices have been announced as $299 with 8 gigabytes of memory for Apples latest gadget.
Apple Itouch

South Korea 2007 South Korea First Astronaut 5th Sept. 2007 : Thirty year old Ko San was chosen as South Korea’s first astronaut. The engineer spent time training in Russia and was set to visit the International Space Station with two Russian cosmonauts in 2008.

Macedonia 2009 Macedonia Tourist Boat Sinking 5th Sept. 2009 : A boat carrying some fifty-seven tourists sank while crossing Lake Ohrid in Macedonia on this day. Fifteen passengers died as a result and reports say that overcrowding on the boat meant for forty-five people could be a cause.

Germany 2011 Germany Samsung Pulls Tablet From Electronics Show 5th September, 2011 : Samsung pulled its Galaxy Tab 7.7 from the IFA Electronics Fair in Germany after sales of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 were banned in the country amid accusations of copyright infringement against Samsung by Apple.

Spain 2012 Spain Ban Ends on Live Bullfighting
5th September, 2012 : A six year ban on broadcasting live bullfighting on television in Spain ended. A bullfight in Valladolid was broadcast on public television in the country after conservative Prime Minister Rajoy lifted the ban.

2013 Afghanistan Mosque Attacked in Kabul

5th September, 2013 : Two men dressed as police attacked a Shia Mosque near Kabul in Afghanistan. At least two people were injured in the attack and the two gunmen were killed after a gun battle with authorities.