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U.S. 1957 U.S.A. UFO's November 2nd, 1957: Residents of Levelland, Texas reported sightings of unidentified flying objects with bright lights. After the sightings, Jim Lee, head of the Interplanetary Space Patrol, predicted that the UFOs will soon come in large numbers for all to see and the skeptics will have no choice but to agree.
Pictures Of UFO's

UK 1917 Great Britain Jewish homeland Nov. 2nd, 1917: British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour "The Balfour Declaration" submits a declaration of intent to establish a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine.

France 1920 France Elections Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, 1920: The nature of American presidential elections was of great interest to France. Along with information about current elections, French news publications displayed portraits of past presidents from Washington to Wilson. The purpose of this was to compare and contrast French and British presidential branches of government with that of the executive branches of America.

U.S.A. 1920 U.S.A. Warren G. Harding Wins Presidential Election November 2nd, 1920: Warren G. Harding ( Republican ) Wins Presidential Election beating James M. Cox ( Denocrat ) with a landslide victory.

Ethiopia 1930 Ethiopia Haile Selassie Nov. 2nd, 1930 : Haile Selassie is crowned Emperor / "King of Kings of Ethiopia" at Addis Ababa's Cathedral of St. George in a lavish ceremony attended by royals and dignitaries from all over the world.
Haile Selassie I Public Domain Photo

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Russia 1931 Soviet Union Wheat Shortage Nov. 2nd, 1931: The Soviet Union announced that the country would not export wheat during this year, and most likely not the following year either. This decision was announced after a recent trade agreement signing between France and the Soviet Union.

UK 1932 Great Britain Hunger Marchers November 2nd, 1932: The march to London by the Hunger Marchers Army has been broken up by police in Trafalgar Square and the marchers have been dispersed and escorted out of London . The main communist organizers have been charged with sedition and are currently in jail.

UK 1936 Great Britain BBC Television Service Nov. 2nd, 1936 : The BBC Television Service, launches becoming the world's first regular public television service with a high level of image resolution from Alexandra Palace transmitter in London with a radius of 25 miles, later renamed BBC TV and finally as it is today BBC One . The service has been in continual service since 1936 except during World War II ( 1939 - 1946 ) when it was taken off the air.

Germany 1940 World War II Bombing Raids Nov. 2nd, 1940 : Reports of bombings, raids, attacks, and more were made. These particular violent actions occurred in places such as Berlin, Germany as well as in Greece. It was predicted during this time period that World War II was not likely to end soon (would be a “long war”).

U.S. 1947 U.S.A. Howard Hughes November 2nd, 1947 : The worlds largest aircraft Howard Hughes Flying Boat ( The Spruce Goose ) which took 5 years and cost 25 million to build was floated into the harbor for the first time today.
Howard Hughes Public Domain Photo

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Egypt 1951 Egypt Anti British Disturbances Nov. 2nd, 1951 : 6,000 British troops have arrived at Fayid in the Canal Zone of Egypt and many more are on the way in an effort to quell anti-British disturbances in the region, the fighting continued for the next 2 years when a military coup in 1952 ended the period of constitutional monarchy in 1953 and Arab nationalist Abdel Nasser came to power in 1954. In 1954 Nasser nationalised the Suez Canal taking it into Arab control provoking an invasion by Israeli and Anglo-French forces, which were forced by the UN to withdraw.

U.S. 1953 U.S.A. Arab Israeli Conflict Nov. 2nd, 1953: Even if Middle Eastern countries such as Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon could not reach an agreement with Israel, the United States agreed to sign treaties with these countries. Likewise, the U.S. also planned on signing a separate pact with Israel that would most likely not include Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon. An agreement was needed before the development of both sides of the Jordan River could take place. The Arabs refused to negotiate directly with the Jews regarding this project.

UK 1959 UK The M1 Motorway November 2nd, 1959 : The first section of the M1 motorway, the first of it's kind in the UK, is opened between Watford and Crick/Rugby along with the motorway's two spurs the ( M10 motorway to St Albans ) and ( M45 motorway Coventry )

U.S. 1960 U.S.A. Lady Chatterley's Lover Nov. 2nd, 1960: Penguin Books is acquitted of the charge of publishing obscene material in the case over Lady Chatterley's Lover, by D.H. Lawrence.
Public Domain Lady Chatterley's Lover Book Cover
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UK 1961 British Honduras Hurricane Nov. 2nd, 1961 : A total of 100 people had already been counted dead while rescue workers carried on. Thousands more were found homeless. The hurricane occurred along the British Honduras coast, and hit against areas such as Belize, Stancreek, Turneffe Cay, and Caulker Cay. Waves as high as 20 feet had hit government buildings and had destroyed a prison

Saudi Arabia 1964 Saudi Arabia King Deposed By Half Brother November 2nd, 1964 : Saud bin Abdul Aziz, King of Saudi Arabia is deposed by a family coup and forced into exile in Geneva, Switzerland. His replacement is his half-brother Faisal ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud, King Faisal.

U.S. 1965 U.S.A. Vietnam War Protest Nov. 2nd, 1965: A man dies when he sets himself on fire to protest Vietnam War in front of the Pentagon. His widow said he gave his life protesting our government's deep military involvement' in Viet Nam,"

U.S. 1966 U.S.A. Cuban Adjustment Act Nov. 2nd, 1966 : Cuban Adjustment Act comes into force . The full act is shown below.

U.S. 1973 U.S.A. Watergate November 2nd, 1973 : Vice-president Gerald R. Ford had approved the decision to investigate President Nixon. This investigation would determine whether or not the president should be impeached. Nixon was believed to have participated in the Watergate Scandal, along with at least a handful of other governmental leaders.

U.S. 1982 U.S.A. Unemployment at 7.4 percent Nov. 2nd, 1982 : The economy continued to be a major concern with unemployment at 7.4 percent and the jobs being created being lower paid in the service industry and not the traditional manufacturing jobs

Afghanistan 1982 Afghanistan Salang Tunnel Nov. 2nd, 1982 : Following an accident between a fuel truck and a truck carrying explosives midway in the Salang Tunnel in Afghanistan, a firestorm starts enveloping a number of busses carrying Russian Soldiers and kills an estimated 3,000 people, mostly Soviet soldiers traveling to Kabul.

U.S. 1983 U.S.A. Martin Luther King Day November 2nd, 1983 : President Ronald Reagan signs a bill in the White House Rose Garden designating a federal holiday honoring the civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., to be observed on the third Monday of January.

Grenada 1983 Grenada Diplomats Nov. 2nd, 1983 : The deadline for the removal of Cuban, Soviet, and Libyan diplomats from Grenada was scheduled for this date. One major problem regarding this plan, however, was that a Havana official announced that Cuban delegation members would stay until Cuban prisoners of war captured by the U.S. were set free. The United States had invaded the island of Grenada about two weeks prior to this time. This attempt was made in order to put an end to a pro-Cuban Marxist regime that had seized this island.

Lebanon 1986 Lebanon Hostage Nov. 2nd, 1986 : The American David Jacobsen is held hostage in Beirut by Muslim fundamentalists who are members of Islamic Jihad of has been released after 17 months of captivity

Israel 1988 Israel General Election November 2nd, 1988: The general election in Israel has returned a hung parliament, with just one seat separating the main right and left wing parties in the Knesset.

U.S. 1990 U.S.A. Saddam Hussein Nov. 2nd, 1990 : President George Bush rallied in Ohio for the removal of Saddam Hussein from Kuwait without a single shot being fired. He also promised the return of troops very soon.

1996 Zaire Tutsi Rebels Nov. 2nd, 1996: Tutsi Rebels and Rwandan forces attacked Goma in Zaire hoping to gain control of the airport. This is in response to Hutu extremists who earlier had slaughtered 50,000 Tutsus and then fled to Zaire when the Tutsis took control of the country .

Space 2000 Space International Space Station November 2nd, 2000: One American astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts became the first to move into the international space station, preparing for a four-month stay.
International Space Station

Iraq 2003 Iraq U.S. Helicopter Shot Down Nov. 2nd, 2003 : A U.S. helicopter was shot down while heading home with a few dozen troop members. A total of 16 persons were killed and 20 more were wounded as a result of this incident.
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United States 2006 United States Donald Rumsfeld Nov. 2nd, 2006 : President Bush has said he wants Donald Rumsfeld to stay in his job as Defense Secretary until the end of his presidency. There have been rumours that Rumsfeld would leave after the mid-term elections and some Republicans have suggested he should go. Politicians are distancing themselves from Rumsfeld over the way the war in Iraq has been handled.

Vietnam 2006 Vietnam US Spies To Be Tried November 2nd, 2006 : Vietnamese prosecutors have said they intend to charge three US citizens, and four others, with terrorism, accusing them of trying to overthrow the government. The US embassy in Hanoi has confirmed that the three US citizens are Nguyen Thuong Cuc, alias Cuc Foshee, Huynh Bich Lien, alias Linda Linh and Le Van Binh.

Afghanistan 2009 Afghanistan The UN Secretary-General visits Afghanistan Nov. 2nd, 2009 : The United Nations-Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon arrives in Afghan capital of Kabul. His visit their takes place in the wake of the previous week's Taliban attack on a UN guesthouse that left more than a dozen people dead, and coincides with an electoral crisis. During his stay in Kabul, he will be holding talks with President Karzai and the UN officials that are stationed there.

United States 2009 United States Mexican-American talks on extradition Nov. 2nd, 2009 : Mexico's attorney general meets his American counterpart in Washington. The US had just announced a record number of extraditions from Mexico. Arturo Chavez and Eric Holder are expected to discuss further cooperation in the extradition of suspected criminals to the US. Eleven fugitives were transferred over the Mexican border on the 1st of November, which makes a total of 100 being extradited this year.

United Kingdom 2011 United Kingdom Wikileaks Founder, Julian Assange, Loses Appeal 2nd November, 2011 : Wikileaks' Julian Assange who is accused of rape and molestation of two women in Sweden lost his appeal against extradition from the United Kingdom to Sweden. Assange's lawyers stated that they would try to appeal to the Supreme Court on the matter.

China 2011 Two Chinese Space Vehicles Dock in Orbit China 2nd November, 2011 : Two Chinese spacecraft have joined together while in orbit, marking a first for the country. The Shenzhou 8 spacecraft joined with the Tiangong-1 space lab. This event is critical to China's plans for a space station in the future.

United States
2012 United States Secret Service Agent Commits Suicide

2nd November, 2012 : US Secret Service agent of twenty years, Rafael Prieto, killed himself after coming under investigation for failing to report a relationship with woman from Mexico. Another agent had revealed his Prieto's relationship after coming under scrutiny for the Cartagena scandal.

2013 Pakistan Taliban Leader Killed

2nd November, 2013 : Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud was killed in a drone strike according to a high-ranking member of the Taliban. Mehsud and four others were killed in North Waziristan after a drone targeted his vehicle and sent four missiles.