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For Those With Birthdays 6th May looking for specific year these years are Included on this date
1882, 1910, 1924, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1945, 1954, 1960, 1966, 1967, 1976, 1979, 1987, 1994, 1996, 1997, 2001, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, Born This Day,

1937 U.S.A. Airship Hindenburg 6th May 1937 : The German airship Hindenburg the largest dirigible ever built burst into flames and collapsed to the ground while attempting to moor at Lakehurst, New Jersey. As the airship burst into flames it crashed 200 feet to the ground and the hull of the airship incinerated within seconds as the hydrogen core ignited.

1954 England Four Minute Mile Broken 6th May 1954 : Roger Bannister becomes the first man to run a mile in less than 4 minutes, making the new record in 3mins 59.4 seconds at the Iffley Road track in Oxford, England.

1882 U.S.A. Chinese Exclusion Act 6th May 1882 : Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act, which barred Chinese immigrants from the United States for 10 years.

1910 England King Edward VII Dies 6th May 1910 : King Edward VII dies after being Britains King for 9 years following the death of his mother Queen Victoria died . ( You will often see him referred as Bertie ) which was the name the royal family used for him.

1924 China Japanese Warships 6th May 1924 : Japanese warships have entered Chinese waters and Chinese troops are being rushed to coastal areas to fend off possible attacks

1935 U.S.A. Works Progress Administration (WPA) Opens 6th May 1935 : The Works Progress Administration (WPA), opens allowing thousands of unemployed Americans decent-paying jobs on a wide range of public works projects including parks, playgrounds, major infrastructure projects, schools and post-offices. During it's existence the WPA was responsible for employing 8.5 million Americans during its eight-years
Although most politicians here and around the world use the quote that this is the worst recession since the great depression of the thirties by comparison the current thinking is unemployment is below 10% or 1 in 10 but in the worst period of the great depression that number was nearer to 25% or or 1 in 4

1936 Airship Hindenburg 6th May 1936 : The Airship Hindenburg on its first flight from Europe to New York in the United States is near the Azores, the Hindenburg is like an ocean liner with an elegant interior and 15 of the passengers are Americans.

1945 Germany World War II Europe Ends 6th May 1945 : The war in Europe is over when German forces are to sign full surrender on 7th May 1945 President Truman and Prime minister Churchill will make public radio broadcasts and speak to the people tomorrow and and VE day has been announced for the 8th May . The war in Europe has cost over 8 million lives.

1960 England Princess Margaret 6th May 1960 : Princess Margaret marries Anthony Armstrong Jones, a commoner, at Westminster Abbey.

1966 England Moors Murderers 6th May 1966 : The Moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley are jailed for life. They were tried and found guilty for the murder of three children ( Edward Evans, 17, Lesley Ann Downey, aged 10, and 12-year-old John Kilbride ). The pair preyed on children by luring the children into their home in Manchester then torturing and killing them, they performed terrible acts on them prior to murdering them and dumped them on Saddleworth Moor in the Pennines.

1967 Vietnam B52 Bombers 6th May 1967 : B52 Bombers dropped tons of explosives on North Vietnamese bunkers and troop positions

1976 Italy Earthquake 6th May 1976 : A powerful earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale strikes in the small town of Maiano in north-east Italy leaving at least 60 people dead and many more buried under rubble.

1979 U.S.A. Anti Nuclear Power Demonstrators 6th May 1979 : Over 65,000 anti-nuclear power demonstrators marched on the capitol in protest against more nuclear power plants , the consumer advocate Ralph Nader describes nuclear power as "our countries technological Vietnam" . The group was formed after the accident at The Three Mile Island nuclear plant

1987 South Africa Elections 6th May 1987 : President PW Botha's national party increased it's majority in parliament , meanwhile 1 million blacks joined a nationwide strike protesting against the white only elections.

1994 England / France Channel Tunnel 6th May 1994 : The Queen and France's President Francois Mitterrand formally open the Channel Tunnel during two ceremonies in France and Britain.

1996 Netherlands War Crimes Trials 6th May 1996 : The first war crimes trials for Bosnian Serbs opens in The Hague , this is the first war crime trials since world war II

1997 England Bank of England Independence 6th May 1997 : The Chancellor, Gordon Brown, gives the Bank of England independence from political control, the Bank of England's current Governor is Eddie George. This will mean that The Bank Of England will decide interest rates when dealing with inflation targets and not the House Of Commons.

1997 U.S.A. Hemophiliacs / Aids Cases Settled 6th May 1997 : Bayer and the other three manufacturers of blood products agree to pay $660 million to settle cases on behalf of more than 6,000 hemophiliacs infected in United States in the early 1980s, paying an estimated $100,000 to each infected hemophiliac.

2001 England Bomb at London Post Office 6th May 2001 : A bomb explodes at a north London postal sorting office believed to be part of a campaign of terror by the Real IRA.

France 2007 France Sarkozy Wins Presidential Election 6th May, 2007 : Nicolas Sarkozy wins France's presidential election. The conservative Sarkozy won 53.06 percent of the vote beating the socialist candidate Sengolene Royal. The presidential race was highly competitive and and some smaller riots broke out after the election results were announced.

Japan 2008 Japan Chinese President Visits Japan 6th May, 2008 : President Hu Jintao of China began a five day visit to Japan, the first of such a trip in over ten years between the two countries. The main goal of the trip was to improve relations between the two nations which had faced a few conflicts and tension over the past ten years. Amongst other planned events, the Chinese president and Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda were set to play a game of ping-pong.

United States 2009 United States Maine Allows Gay Marriage 6th May, 2009 : The United States state of Maine became the fifth state to allow gay marriage. The bill allowing gay marriage was passed in the state's legislature and then signed by the governor, John Baldacci.

Japan 2010 Japan Japan Reactivates Nuclear Reactor 6th May, 2010 : The Monju nuclear reactor in Tsuruga, Japan was reactivated after over fourteen years of inactivity. The reactor was originally shut down in 1995 after a fire broke out, and the plant was expected to reach full output in 2013. The move to reactivate the reactor drew harsh criticism from nuclear power opponents and locals due to the previous scandals and incidents that had surrounded the reactor in the past.

United States 2011 United States US Unemployment Rises 6th May, 2011 : The United States unemployment rate rose to 9 percent despite and increase in the employment figures. The US Labor Department state that in April of 2011 more than 244,000 jobs were created but at the same time the unemployment rate rose from 8.8 percent to 9 percent.

France 2012 France Francois Hollande wins French Presidency
6th May, 2012 : Socialist candidate Francois Hollande won France's presidential election with about fifty-two percent of the votes. Defeated incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy wished Hollande good luck. Hollande has become the country's first socialist leader since Francois Mitterand ran the country in the 1980's. Hollande stated that when he won he would raise taxes on big corporations and wealthy citizens as well as raise the minimum wage, hire thousands more teachers and lower the retirement age.

United States
2013 United States Three Abducted Women Found Alive

6th May, 2013 : Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, who all went missing in the early 2000's, were discovered by a neighbor as one of the women tried to escape with a baby. Their captor was identified as Ariel Castro, and is accused of keeping the women captive in his Cleveland, Ohio. Knight, now thirty-two, went missing in 2002 at the age of twenty, Berry was sixteen when she went missing in 2003 and DeJesus was fourteen when taken in 2004.