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Homes in the 1960s

The 1960s for the most part was considering a very prosperous times, despite the happenings of the time (i.e. U.S. involvement in Vietnam). Many large homes were constructed during these times.
Features Included in 1960s Homes
Of course, every home was unique for the most part-or at least as unique as it could be without violating building standards. Some of the features that were implemented into floor plans during this period in history include concrete driveways, squeak proof flooring, as well as lath and plaster walls (instead of drywall).
The living rooms of many 1960s homes were quite spacious as well, and normally the bedrooms had ample closet space. Furthermore, the lot of these homes usually provided adequate place for social entertainment and facilities.
For example many homes were built with a swimming pool in the yard. Furthermore, houses built in the 1960s were often well-landscaped around them, and/or a garden was planted on the premises.
You will find photos to view in the next section which will help you picture in your mind more clearly how homes and yards were constructed in the 1960s. Please refer to the next section.
Sample 1960s Homes
One type of home that was significant of the late 1960s includes the Mediterranean split level home (priced at just under $40,000). A sample drawing of this home is displayed below:

Notice the sophisticated landscape artistry that surrounds this home. Also, take note of the scenic view that surrounds this home, which makes it a dwelling that the inhabitants of the times most likely had appreciated (and perhaps still do).
Another home model that was popular in the year 1967 was one such as this one advertised in a Hayward, California local newspaper (Hayward Daily Review). Take a look at this particular photo below:

Other luxurious homes are described in local California news publications as well. The following is a sample photo of the outside of a 2350 square-foot home that rests on one-third of acre of land. Note the trees and shrubbery landscape on the front and sides of this home.
This home sits in front of mountain ranges, which allowed the occupant of this dwelling with a year-round tourist-like view. Take a look below:

Another unique home is this one. The photo was printed in a black and white newspaper, so the quality is a bit low. However, if you look very carefully you will notice the covered patio area. Please refer to the photo of a California home with patio:

Note that there are spaces in between each beam that runs from the house outward. This most likely indicates unfinished construction on a home to be purchased soon. This particular piece of real estate was advertised in a local Van Nuys, California newspaper.
Other homes advertised in classified ads during this decade came with a screened porch, garage. Most homes came with at least two bedrooms, and quite often these homes were built with three or four bedrooms.
State-of-the-art kitchens were designed in the 1960s. One of the signature materials that was used to make the cabinets in kitchens of this decade is Formica, which was used to make a large number of cabinets and counter tops.
Different types of durable wood such as walnut, oak, cherry, or fruit wood were also frequently used in kitchen cabinet construction, as well as in the building of other kitchen furnishings. Additionally, the placement of magnetic catches on doors (presumably for cabinet doors) and the use of nylon rollers with ball bearing drawer glides was quite popular during this time.
Styles of kitchen designs that were popular in the 1960s include those representative of Colonial times or those representative of Venetian, Provincial, or Riviera Tastes. These historical kitchen designs still proved to be very attractive even when combined with modern-day conveniences and gadgets of the times. Examples of what kitchens looked like during this time include the following (photos below):

Note that the above 1965 kitchens came equipped with appliances such as an electric stove with four range burners (usually), a refrigerator, and a dishwasher. Of course, these kitchens usually also included a sink as well. Furthermore, a large number of kitchens during this decade came with hidden soft lighting and each kitchen was properly insulated.
Family Room Bedroom, or Living Room Furnishings
You can take a look at the picture below to get a better idea of how a 1960s living room or family room would be decorated. Coffee tables, end tables, and/or comfortable seating sat in each these homes, which were typically lived in by growing families. Many of the furniture pieces were made with the same quality of materials used in kitchens.
Additionally, bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms more often than not were lined with nylon carpeting on the floor. Each room was also equipped with either electrical outlets or phone outlets in order to use household devices such as the television or telephone.
Additional Attributes of 1960s Homes
Many of them were adequately insulated and they also used a heating system, such as the forced air type that was very common in earlier times. Bathrooms often were built with both a shower and a bath, and many homes also included a dressing room and/or wardrobe space. Yards were often very carefully and artistically landscaped.