Imagine you could go shopping for electrical goods and appliances in the 1930's

These are some of the things you may have seen advertised Below and how much electrical goods and appliances cost in the 30's
Electric Toaster $9.95 New York 1932
Electrolux gas Refrigerator $144.50 North Carolina 1939
Westinghouse Cleaner with attachment kit $39.95 North Carolina 1939
Automatic Iron $4.95 Westinghouse Wringer washing machine $59.95 North Carolina 1939
Tappan Gas Range $69.95 North Carolina 1939
All Electric 6 tube Radio $28.95 Emmerson 5 tube bedroom radio $9.95 Ohio 1938
Philco Auto Radio $24.95   Ohio    1938
Electric Flat Iron $1.49 North Carolina 1935
Electric Movie Projector $3.95 North Carolina 1935

Kelvinator Washer Wringer
 1930's Kelvinator Washer Wringer
With our Washer Wringer home laundry becomes an easy task
Price $54.95
Tappan Gas Range
30's Tappan Gas Range
With glass door which allows you to see your cooking , split oven and flexo speed baking

New GE Thrifty Six
30's  New GE Thrifty Six Fridge
Fridge Six Cubic Feet all steel cabinet stainless steel super freezer
Philco Radio
30's Philco Radio
With built in Ariel Tuning system with ultra high fidelity and able to pick up stations from countries around the world and Police, Air, and shipping