Amulet Pendant
Price: $25.00
Description Amulet pendant by Kenneth J. Lane courts good luck with dangling charms, symbols and coins. Thirty inch coarse-link chain is gold-color metal.

Amulet Pendant 1974

Bermuda Bag
Price: $14.00
Description A Bermuda bag for every outfit. Button-on cotton cover by Pappagallo. Choice of pink, navy, yellow, green, red or white. With wood handles. A charming gift. $6.00 each for additional covers.

Bermuda Bag 1974

Cap and Mitten Set
Price: $8.00
Description Cap and mitten set made of Norse-look acrylic fabric in blue, brown, camel-tan and ginger.

Cap and Mitten Set 1974

Chevron Pattern Purse Mates
Price: $15.00 - $35.00
Description Chevron patterned purse mates in snakeskin and calf made by Lodis. Types include a clutch bag ($35.00), French purse ($25.00), glasses case ($17.50), card case ($17.50), and key case ($15.00).

Chevron Pattern Purse Mates 1974

Costume Jewelry
Price: $15.00 - $22.00
Description Lovely earth tones to accent your fall costumes are captured in these plastic stones strung in a 30-inch necklace and interspersed with gold-colored beads. Made by Miriam Haskell. Matching bracelet ($15.00) with stones set in gold color metal. Hinged with a safety chain.

Costume Jewelry 1974

Cresaux Tiger Eye Watch
Price: $975.00
Description Cresaux tiger-eye dial ladies' watch with fine seventeen jewel Swiss movement. Made with 14K gold mesh bracelet.

Cresaux Tiger Eye Watch 1974

Cuffed Hat
Price: $28.00
Description Cuffed hat made of dyed Tuscany lamb, made in Italy. Choice of raccoon-look, white, black or dark brown mink-look. One size fits all.

Cuffed Hat 1974

Dome Ring
Price: $10.00
Description Domed ring opens to change six synthetic stones: lapis, ivory, turquoise, amber, jade and bloodstone. A seven piece set made by Trifari.

Dome Ring 1974

Double Band Bangle Watch
Price: $150.00
Description Double bangle silver bracelet securely hold the seventeen jewel Swiss movement. It has a silver mirror dial.

Double Band Bangle Watch 1974

Hiking Shoes
Price: $27.00
Description Lug-soled hiking shoes. Brown leather with saddle-stitched trim and leather lacings.

Hiking Shoes 1974

Leather Evening Sandals
Price: $30.00
Description Gold or silver kidskin leather evening sandals made by Amalfi. They feature a simple T-strap design with a low heel.

Leather Evening Sandals 1974

Leather Handbag
Price: $56.00
Description Leather handbag made by Susan Gail. Comes in green, tan, black or navy. Get the matching leather belt by Calderon in green, black, tan or navy.

Leather Handbag 1974

Moccasin Slipper
Price: $15.00
Description This comfortable moccasin slipper comes in brown or black leather and features a soft leather sole. A perfect give for the fashionable man.

Moccasin Slipper 1974

Pulsar Computer Watch
Price: $295.00
Description Pulsar computer flashes month and date or hour and minutes, plus it has a second read-out. Accurate within a minute a year. Made of a stainless steel case and bracelet.

Pulsar Computer Watch 1974

Silk Paisley Tie
Price: $11.00
Description Silk paisley tie made by Liberty of London. Shows of subtle shadings of predominantly burgundy, navy or brown.

Silk Paisley Tie 1974

Silk Scarf
Price: $8.00
Description Silk scarf in fashionable stirrup-and-check print by Echo. Scarf measures fifteen by forty-seven inches.

Silk Scarf 1974

Snakeskin Handbag
Price: $115.00
Description Chic snakeskin handbag is enhanced by wood rings and a rope shoulder strap. Made by Morris Moskowitz. Colors include toast or pine green. Bag measures eleven by ten and a half inches.

Snakeskin Handbag 1974

Striped Cotton Velvet Purse
Price: $8.50 - $15.00
Description Striped cotton velvet and leather purse accessories from Italy. Several types to choose from include the coin purse ($8.50), cigarette case ($10.00), glasses case ($12.50), and cosmetic case ($15.00).

Striped Cotton Velvet Purse 1974

Tano Tote
Price: $48.00
Description Tano tote or briefcase is made of cut velvet and has removable vinyl shoulder straps. Features two pockets on the front.

Tano Tote 1974

Vinyl Pants Boot
Price: $10.00
Description Trim vinyl pants boot made by Winig. Shows off a small platform sole and black heel in women's sizes. Colors include black, white, brown or bone.

Vinyl Pants Boot 1974