Bejeweled Skimmer
Price: $3.99
Description The bejeweled skimmer is sparkling with fabulous pretend gems and gold-color embroidery. Richly napped cotton velvet upper with elasticized top line for a smooth fit that's both snug and comfortable. Flexible composition sole and smart little flat heel.

Bejeweled Skimmer 1971

Beret and Scarf Set
Price: $6.00
Description The beret and scarf set. American Indian motif pattern in brown, red, rust and shades of blue on off white ground. Orlon acrylic flat knit. Beret sports pompon. Fits all. Scarf is about six inches wide and six feet long including the fringe.

Beret and Scarf Set 1971

Bird Cage Umbrella
Price: $6.00
Description It's a must for your accessory wardrobe. Great for gift-giving. Combines good looks and good sense. Heavy-duty clear vinyl with white patent vinyl trim and wrist strap. White patent vinyl covering on hook handle. Sturdy 8-rib steel frame.

Bird Cage Umbrella 1971

Corduroy Shoes
Price: $2.99
Description Easy to wear and so easy on the feet...cotton corduroy uppers full lined with foot pampering cotton terry...ideal for all the men in a family. Soles and heels of soft-stepping vulcanized rubber. Choose from an array of colors to match all your casual wear. Colors come in red, black, blue, green, gray, or brown.

Corduroy Shoes 1971

Cossack Style Cap
Price: $5.00
Description Simulated Persian lamb Cossack-style cap. Made of a soft blend of 90% acetate and 10% cotton. Black quilted acetate-satin lining; wool melton turndown inband. Center creased crown. Rich black coloring.

Cossack Style Cap 1971

Crinkle Vinyl Granny Boot
Price: $7.97
Description Has a full inside zipper for easy on and off with skid-resistant soles and heel. It also has fabric-backed vinyl uppers lace to flatter legs. Comes in white, black, blue, or brown.

Crinkle Vinyl Granny Boot 1971

Double Strap Shoulder Bag
Price: $6.50
Description The double-strap shoulder bag is made of dark brown suede with leather front pocket. It has two outside zipper compartments and gold colored metal trim.

Double Strap Shoulder Bag 1971

Embroidered Boot
Price: $17.99
Description Over-the-foot style. Fourteen inches from insole to top of the boot. Soft, warm lining of cushioned nylon tricot. Vinyl upper with dainty panel of embroidered braid on each side of the full front zipper. Skid resistant composition sole and a nearly two inch tall heel. Choose from navy, black, white, bone, or brown.

Embroidered Boot 1971

Feed Bag Style Purse
Price: $3.50
Description The "Feed Bag" is made of hand woven rayon and cotton and comes in a red, black and white geometric pattern fabric. It is unlined and measures twelve by fourteen inches.

Feed Bag Style Purse 1971

Hand Crocheted Shawl
Price: $7.50
Description The hand crocheted shawl has lots of fashion mileage. It would team up beautifully with so many outfits and is made of cream white acrylic. It measures about 58 by 29 inches at the widest part and has novelty self fringe.

Hand Crocheted Shawl 1971

Interchangeable Buckle Belt
Price: $6.50
Description The interchangeable buckle belt has metal buckles that make it great for multiple outfits. One gold colored and one silver colored. The belt itself is made of deep brown cowhide with perforations.

Interchangeable Buckle Belt 1971

Leather Wallet
Price: $4.00
Description This leather wallet is made of soft leather in deep gold with multicolor appliques and a fold over flap. It also has an inside zipper pocket.

Leather Wallet 1971

Natural Leather Belts
Price: $6.00 each
Description These belts are laced, cut-out, grooved and metal-studded, made of natural leather.

Natural Leather Belts 1971

Open Toe Wedge Heel
Price: $5.99
Description Just slip in your toes and you're off and going in style. Smooth, fine-grained leather vamp and covered heel give a look of elegance. Vinyl covered and cushioned insole and flexible, composition sole give walking comfort. Color combinations include blue/white, pink/white, black/bone, or red/bone.

Open Toe Wedge Heel 1971

Satin Trimmed Slip On
Price: $3.99
Description The satin-trimmed slip-on with velvety cotton corduroy upper and corduroy covered low, wedge heel. On the toe, a tailored bow... around the slipper top, a neat binding... and inside, a quilted insole--all in shining rayon satin that's color coordinated to the slipper. Flexible composition sole. Color choices include red, green, gold, black, pink, or blue.

Satin Trimmed Slip On 1971

Side Zipper Boot
Price: $17.99
Description This men's side zipper boot is seven inches high. It has stirrup details with brass-color hardware. It has smooth leather uppers, composition sole and heel.

Side Zipper Boot 1971

Suede Shoulder Bag
Price: $5.90
Description This shoulder bag is made with suede and has two leather mock front pockets. It also has gold-color metal and lacing trim with turn lock closing. The flap of the bag is vinyl lined and the bag is unlined. Colors include rust brown and dark brown.

Suede Shoulder Bag 1971

Tapestry Boot
Price: $20.00
Description Foot and scalloped trim of rich sueded split-leather. A smart-stepping Italian import that's warm as well as fashionable. Over-the-foot style. The pretty tapestry uppers are woven of rayon and cotton. Inside, there's a light, warm lining of cushioned nylon tricot. Full center zipper for easy on and off.

Tapestry Boot 1971

Tyrolean Style Hat
Price: $6.00
Description Plush pile Tyrolean style hat. Rayon satin lining. Turndown inband accented by ribbon and feather.

Tyrolean Style Hat 1971

Velveteen Shoes
Price: $4.99
Description Cotton velveteen uppers... surround your feet in comfort. PVC vinyl platform. Split-leather sole adds flexibility. Faille lined with cushioned insole, another comfort feature for you lounging ease. Colors come in gold, black, blue, and red.

Velveteen Shoes 1971